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Wobble and Whirl… What lines?!

I’m talking about this, because I finally can. Like many of you, I’ve been on this wobbly, whirling cosmic energetic trip. Feeling dizzy, out of body, disconnected from EVERYTHING. My vision saw the everything as surreal. I was here but, I kinda wasn’t. It’s a lot different then the spin cycle that we’ve all sorta gotten used to. Where everything was moving so fast, you had to keep running to catch your breath–except, the truth is, you should have stopped to catch your breath. All of these energies are here from the universe to rip away what’s not real, what’s not working, what’s not serving you, or us, for our highest good. It must go! You cannot keep it, it’s no longer in energetic harmony of the coming of the new earth, the new human, the new you. Let it go, damn it!

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Weather you like it, or not.

According to spirit, everything will be happening next year. All elements will be making themselves known: Air, Fire, Water, Earth. And, all directions will be affected: North, South, East and West. I’ve seen visions of volcanoes exploding, the ring of fire will be once again erupting. The midwest will have those nasty snowstorms, while other parts of the world will have flooding like you wouldn’t believe. Where I live, the eastern sea board is going to have a very cold, and wet winter. We have maybe one or two real snowstorms aka blizzard, but, probably more susceptible to a Nor’easter than a huge white out. No need for the Ground Hog to talk to us about winter, it’ll be a long one. LOL…

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Hold up! Wait a minute!

But, this isn’t just my story is it? It’s the story of the human being. The moment we assert ourselves, the moment we emphatically, and strongly use our voices– our individuality, there will be someone, or, many there to accuse us of something. Whether it be, you’re “judmental”, “selfish”, “mean”, “rude”, etc… There will be those who wish you would shut the fuck up, because you’re bothering them. You are giving voice to the insecurities, inadequacies, self-loathing and fear that they have been hiding from both others and themselves. Now, you must pay! You must be stoned, burned, shunned, yelled at, berated, criticized… Any of this sounding familar?

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Harvest Time!

What I’ve learned so far from this energy, is that if you allow yourself to flow with it. If you do not resist, and try to make things “normal” again, or, try to create a fast pace, when it is no longer supported by the energies around you– you will find things are easier than ever before. It’s funny how, we are returning to the wisdom of being in a harmonious dance with nature. When for so long, we were told that we were somehow above it, in control of it–beyond it. But, the truth is– nature is far more massive than the trees, the skys, the waterways, or the animals that call earth home. Nature, is the universe, and it’s massive body creating, destroying, collapsing and expanding in perfection.

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Update: I don’t care… I love me!

So, here’s the thing… my tolerance for fuffy fuffy, puffy wuffy, illusionary, bullshit spirituality is at an all time low. Truly, I’ve developed a gag reflex to those spiritual “gurus” who are sooo image-conscious now that someone’s paying them a lot of money, that they forgot why they started doing what they are doing in the first place. Hello… your gig was to empower people! So, just because you wrote some books, got a few TV spots, are on some radio shows, and Oprah loves you— doesn’t mean the gig has changed… it may mean YOU have changed. Let me be clear, I am not mad at any of those who paved the way for me. My irritation is losing the message, distorting the clarion call for spiritual freedom, the recognition and release of each I AM walking the planet right now. My concern is that someone gets up on a podium to spread love, wisdom and light, and then they forget to have a friggin seat every once in a while.

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Divinity and it’s discontents.

So…if you insist…keep looking out your own eyes into nature, into animals, children, and people, with the delusion that you are better. It’s your choice. But, I promise you– this will NOT make the world a better place for you. It WILL NOT quell feelings of insecurity, fear, or fill any voids you may have within yourself. What it WILL DO is give you a lot of anxiety, paranoia and absolutely NO peace. You will most certainly miss the entire point of embodiment. Which is what?? For the divine to express itself in as many ways as possible, for the sheer joy of it. Again… the choice is yours.

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Light & Dark: Honor it!

So, if you hear me screaming fuck a lot… possibly accompanied by some Metallica, System of a Down, or Korn. I’m in the midst of moving energy and transformation. Frustration is good for you, it means you’re done with the spot you’re in, and it’s time to move on. If you hear me screaming, hell yeah! Dancing in the rain (with clothess or without), listening to Led Zepplin, DMB, Erykah, or Jay-Z –Yeah, I’m having a great time. I may have a drink to celebrate life, or, I may have cake–doesn’t matter. What I do, how I express myself– is my story, my creation, my I AM. Yours will be how you choose.

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Super Moon Energy Sweep

It was interesting watching people attempt to lose themselves, their money, their problems and their inhibitions to the point of hurting themselves all because of a wee little city in the desert. Why allow yourself to sweep that many problems under the table? Why let yourself repress feelings, desires, fears, etc? Why do that just so you can sort of lose your marbles, up-chuck your dignity, and, sometimes your lunch, when there’s always been an alternative? Just be you. Just be authentically, unapologetically you, so that you can enjoy that in excess.

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