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Solar Flare = Blank

Another thing, I’ve noticed about today is my emotional detachment from just about everything. Part of me really doesn’t care. I don’t care about food, politics, working, thinking…especially thinking, or, what’s next. I don’t care… Sorry, I just don’t. Not today, at least. And, I embrace that. Do you know how exhausting emotions can be?

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En Fuego! (On Fire!)

So, finally I realized…”I’m just not going to sleep tonight… I’m just going to lay here, like I’m sedated, and allow this energetic surgery to take place. Yes, I’m utterly miserable, but, I understand, this is part of transformation.” Mind you, I’m aware that I’m being observed by my normal crew of lightbeings and angels that surround my bed every night. And, yes, they did what they could to help, but, there’s only so much the light can do, when an I AM is in a state of transformation. In that way, we are alone as the choice to continue is an individual one.

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Letters from the Void….

The wonderful thing about the void, is that it isn’t stationery. It isn’t in one place–but, many places. It’s within us, around us, above and below us. In our choices, we, too create a spark of creation in our void, and then allow it into our lives to travel attracting whatever it needs to become whatever it will be. And, then suddenly–we have inspiration for an idea to make something of substance and matter. We do this all the time, but, do not think about the “how” and the “where”.

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Disappearing Acts: This is Ascension

People are afraid of silence. They are afraid of being alone with themselves. Why? Simple: They don’t trust themselves. And, that lack of trust is the root-cause to a lot of ailments. It can be nerve-wracking, depressing and fear-inducing to walk around in the noise of your life, and never knowing your silence.

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The Seven Sisters 7/15/2012

So many question what the world will be like 10, 20, 100 years from now. But, the answer hasn’t really changed. It will be what you choose to create and act on. The only difference is now, you will understand, on a conscious level that it has been all of you that has been in charge, in co-creation the entire time. Things will not have to be as hap-hazard in the future. You will create from a place of joy, rather than of fear. You will not fear judgement, nor persecution, while radiating your signature light, or vibrating your signature song. How will life be when all of you are aware, and accept that you too are God? That God/dess was never lost, but, living well, and loving you —within you the entire time. “Hail to the jewel in the lotus.” It is a popular chant amongst some of you—yet, it is a gateway to the truth of who you, we, all of us are— The One thing, the only thing… All that was and will be.

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Infultration: Light up everything! 😉

Are we ever off duty? No. No. And, yeah, um… NO. There have been days where I’ve been at home thinking in my safe haven, my sacred space, my little temple that I would rest, and be safe from answering someone’s call. Nope. This doesn’t happen. On those days, I get phone calls, emails, telepathic messages, people knocking on doors… etc. Why? Because so many are waking up right now, that lightworkers are and must be seen. If you as a lightworkers are thinking there must be some sort of sign over your head, over your house that says, “Help is over here!!!” You are right! You are being seen, all the time, everywhere throughout the universe. So… get used to it! The light doesn’t go out, it only gets brighter as you become better. 😉 Do I ever get exhausted??? Hell yeah! But, I rest. I realize not all things will be done on the day a “call” for assistance comes in. I always take care of me, first. Do you understand? This is NOT about sacrifice. This is NOT about being a messiah, or a guru. This is NOT about ego-stroking. This IS about being of service.

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