Going down the rabbit hole doesn’t necessarily get  any easier, even when you’re familiar with some of the patterns. The clarity, when revealed can be more disturbing from a human perspective than ever before. It can be overwhelming unless, you are grounded in your divinity, your I AM. I’m so committed to living my life from my core, from my I AM. And, yet, the truth is, that living this way doesn’t make me less human, it means that I do not allow the reactions of  the human aspect to dictate how I react to the world outside of me.

I am disturbed by the overstepping of the lines of respect between us and nature, of the universe, of each other. I am disturbed that we, gifted with choice, with free will, continue to look for ways to feel superior to the planet, the universe, to one another. When the simple truth is: None of us would be here, if we weren’t supposed to be. Whether out of insecurity, a desire to control, or ignorance, we put entirely too much energy in maintaining the illusion of separation between ourselves, and all there is. But, why is that? We are separated from our divine selves– whether you call it, god, creator or what have you– You are separated from the very thing that told the lump of flesh that was you, to take your first breathe of life. You have forgotten yourself. In doing so, you become susceptible to forgetting us all. And, yet… I know that what called out to me from a young age, that implored me to remember, lives inside all of us. And, it will continue to call until we all answer, no matter how long, or how many lifetimes it takes. I KNOW THIS.

So much has happened to us as a species in such a short period of time. And, I imagine there will be more. But, ask yourself this: Why? Why is tragedy required for you to stop, and reflect? Why is it necessary for many to go without, so that a few have too much? Why? Whose benefiting from this idiotic, soul-less way of being?  And, what are they benefiting exactly? Do those with too much live better? No. They live in a constant state of fear that someone will come and take what they have. It’s called paranoia. Having too much stuff, doesn’t fill the void, of not knowing who you are, what you truly want from this experience called life. It only serves to distract you from going within to remember that your having or not having stuff is NOT what makes you, or life great. It’s having the level of consciousness to know, know, KNOW that you are great because you exist… period.  We don’t teach this to our children, we don’t teach this in our schools, and no… we don’t teach this in our religious places either. We teach: if you agree with me, you are good, if you look like me, you are good, if you believe what I believe, you are good. Anything else is bad, suspect, and something we should fear.  A lot of money is made from separation… A lot books, propaganda, films, clothes, homes, magazines, ad-space, food, medicine, etc… is sold from all this separation. And, yet… too few see it. So…we have create repeated crescendo(s) of tragedy to remind ourselves to stop, and look at how ugly we’ve allowed ourselves to become. Yes… this disturbs me.

The truth is: I’m responsible for my own actions. The truth is: You are responsible for your own actions. If you live on this planet, you will find yourself in dangerous situations. I live in NYC. I knew that because of its lack of space, it vast difference in socio-economic living, that I would have to understand–that safety is an issue. I have dealt with someone trying to rob people on a train, someone attempting to sexually harass me, I have even dealt with deciding whether or not, I’d speak up as I watched someone attempting to steal from a convenience store. And, yet… here I am writing this blog. And, I still choose to live in NYC. I have dealt with horrible landlords, trying to rob me for rent, while doing their best to make sure, my apartment verged on squalor. To NONE of these things, did I yield. I do not chose fear, people. I do not yield to the ego-driven, insecurities and greed of others. I choose not to play this game that mass consciousness  is having the damnedest  time waking up from. My divine knows that there’s no one and nothing superior to me in this entire universe! So, I do not choose to behave inferior.  I do not choose to take someone else’s definition of me, make in my own, and then become offended. You are allowed to think whatever the hell you want about me, and, I’m allowed to ignore your very existence.  In this life, I am a woman, a woman with brown skin and a interesting ethnic background. I wake up everyday, happy to be in this body. Simply because it’s mine! And, it embodies my infinitely bright, happy, and beautiful spirit. I am grateful for it–so, you won’t convince me to hate it in any way shape or form. This knowing I have– I’ve worked my entire life for it. I chose to wake up, and answer the call the divine within me had been whispering, shouting, screaming for possibly the first 20 years of my life.

So…if you insist…keep looking out your own eyes into nature, into animals, children, and people, with the delusion that you are better. It’s your choice. But, I promise you– this will NOT make the world a better place for you. It WILL NOT quell feelings of insecurity, fear, or fill any voids you may have within yourself. What it WILL DO is give you a lot of anxiety, paranoia and absolutely NO peace. You will most certainly miss the entire point of embodiment. Which is what?? For the divine to express itself in as many ways as possible, for the sheer joy of it. Again… the choice is yours.






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