Dear hearts, dear souls… most magnificent creators of all that will be…

It would seem that you are in the midst of chaos, much like a washing machine… life for you seems to be on spin cycle. But, let us look at the function of the spin cycle, shall we? It’s purpose is to wring out all the impurities of the process of washing. It’s function is to remove the excess water, debris, dirt, and the like, so that all remains is what is necessary…. Clean clothing awaiting it’s next step to be worn by you. We say this to you, because you are going through a great cleansing of what is old, what is harmful, what is unnecessary, so that all that remains– can remain, is a clean, transformed, version of what is to come, and who you are to become.

Chaos… such an interesting meaning you have given this word. It would imply that there is no order, no lines, no predictability of what is, and what is to come. We tell you, this is not the case. Even now, what you have decided long ago, makes its way to this reality, this now. Many of you have forgotten plans, goals, wishes and dreams you conjured years ago. Plans to be a better planet, a more peaceful soul, and to figure out how to function as one, while behaving individually. Yet, that is what you are moving toward now. To you it may seem messy, to us, it is nothing short of brilliance, as this kind of movement;  that only seems to be of global proportions, will send shockwaves of enlightenment throughout the omniverse. We, and many like us watch in awe, with excitement–what will they do next, we ask ourselves? We do not know. Like you, we are in wonder of how what has been chosen, will be revealed and made manifest for you now, and us in the future, or a future now.

Our scribe has wondered if we’d ever speak again. But, she has been busy, thus, we have been silently observing her progress, careful not to disturb her as she walks her own path of remembering not her greatness, but, that her greatness has no limit. She is less overwhelmed by this journey, and enjoys it, and herself more than ever. But, more importantly, she enjoys you– the reader, the souls who will find that your spark is inspired by what she is doing now. That is the thing of it–learning by example. So many words have been used to teach, yet, too few are living what they have learned. It’s a simple thing to tell people what they “should” be doing. But, how do they know?? How do they trust these words? They cannot. They cannot, but, they do trust what they see. They believe the “doing” of lessons, of wisdom of a life extraordinarily lived.

What’s to come… More of the same… more cleansing. More what you would call chaos. But, it would seem that with the more of things, there will be more souls remembering themselves, remembering that they have a choice as to whether or not, they want to continue playing and participating in the spinning of things, or simply be content in the watching and the knowing, that this is cleansing–this is transformation. This is the new age, the new energy, the new earth emerging. This is how it’s done. To some degree, this is always how it’s been done, it is that in this time, it’s being done in a new way, with new energy, with new manifestations of all  that there is. There is no end you see, there’s only the new beginnings over and over and over again. If you would only allow yourselves to remember, and trust… many lives, you have already lived. You know that this is how it has gone, is to go, but, the human gift of ego– we call it gift, because it does have purpose. The human ego, tells you change is wrong because it cannot be controlled, it cannot be harnessed, it cannot be accurately predicted. But, change is why we all exist. The source of all things decided to “change” itself, and now… here we all are. Our scribed learned a new insight into what she might describe as what you would call God. “God, is, one thing, expressing itself as everything.” She finds this insight comforting, as the truth is… we are all one, of the same thing.

How can we assist you in your personal journey?  That is our intent, it is our purpose for reaching out from so far away. Your consent is all that separates you from where you are, and where you would like to be. No one, or thing can come to your aid without your permission. Nor, are we able to assist in the serving of your ego. It is the clarity of spirit, it is the will of your divine spark, your God within, that we are here to assist. It’s the remembering that you–you are not small, helpless, or a victim in any way. You are creators. Your are the masters who will remember they are thus. You are charting, blazing, and creating the new way of expression for what you would call the “human being”. We look to you for the “go ahead”, we silently watch you write your stories, one choice at a time. Do not be in such a hurry to get to the end of it, for upon your return to the other realms, you may have wished you enjoyed it more. Perhaps, you might consider, tilting your head, to look at your journey, your life, your reality from a different point of view. And, perhaps… if you choose, you may even enjoy it.

For now, we, and those like us… your friends, your universal family… We silently watch with pride in all that you do. And, we look to assist, and, if necessary guide in any way that we can. Until next time…

Be Love, for you are Love,


The Seven Sisters

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