One of the hugest misconception about my people, the lightworkers, is that we walk around all day, everyday thinking fuzzy thoughts, with huge smiles on our faces… And, that we just can’t wait to talk to you, help you, and use all of our energy on you. WRONG! These days the average lightworker has so much edge, that you might cut yourself just by speaking to us. We no longer are interested in revolving around helping those, who do not look to help themselves. If you aren’t into doing your own work– don’t look to anyone else to do it for you. Call for that session, that class, that gathering– but, be warned, if you’re there looking to be coddled, pet on the head, and felt sorry for… You’re setting yourself up for a spiritual ass-whooping! The days where your mentors held you up, carried you, and measured their success by your awareness are long over. Those methods do not, nor have they ever worked. They stroke egos, they feed horde mentality, and they are disempowering. Show me a leader that says to you— “I lead myself, so, that you might do the same.” And, I will say to you– That is a light worker! My people, my soul family… And, they make me proud to be apart of such an extraordinary time in this universe.

Those that are interested in empowering you, have no interest in necessarily being your “friend”, but, that does not mean that they aren’t being “loving”. Love is giving you the tools, so that you might discover, learn and create pathways to loving yourself. Every soul planning on ascending, and evolving will and must walk that road for themselves. No matter how many cheerleader there are, coaches, or teammates, you and you alone will be doing the work. Every step, tumble, crawl, tear, scream will be yours, just as every laugh, skip, jump and jig will be. Will it be easy? No. Will it be short? No. Will it be painful? Since when hasn’t a complete overhaul of yourself NOT been  painful? With all that being said, I ask you this? Are you worth it? If you choose to be fully awake, functioning on all levels that being both infinite and human in this NOW time offers, YOU WILL CHANGE. Your life WILL CHANGE. Your relations will CHANGE. But, in the end… it will be better, brighter and EASIER than it ever has been.

I make no apolgoy for being a sweet, hardass divine human angel. I make no apology for enjoying expletives, metal music, sex, and a good shot of tequila. I make no apology for loving me first, best and foremost. I make no apology that who I am doesn’t meet the expectations, acceptance, or judgements of others. Some people have heard that you can no one can make you happy, if you aren’t happy with yourself. And, some of us simply live it! If you want freedom, you have to create it by tuning out, walking away, removing people and setting boundaries. The boundaries will be tested– you can almost set your watch by it. People will test your self-love, by doing everything from judging, to literally pushing at  your boundaries. Some people, odd people love bumping into me for no reason. It’s almost as if they on some level are testing whether or not I’ll revert to the ignorance of old– the ego reaction that has long gone to sleep, and giving up the controls of me. I AM, that I AM– and the rest of me is here to serve it. So, no matter the test, whether it’s a push, a shove, a snide remark– I’m not moving out of center. And, I’m not shying nor shrinking away from challenges to my love for myself. I will turn the other cheek to show you a mirror, I will speak what I see. If it  is my message, your message– our message– I’m telling the truth. So, if you  are allergic to the truth– do not seek me, nor any lightworker out.

Light and dark are natural. All things in light, have shadow, both are appropriate, and necessary. Out of nothing, all things are born. When you balance your light and dark, you’ll realize how beautiful life really can be. You’ll realize that many judge because they cannot balance their own light and dark, masculine and feminine. They will tell you who you should be, because they are on the run from answering the calls of their own divine selves to be known and expressed. It’s a personal decision, and I’ll be honest… I don’t care what you decide, unless you’re asking me to assist you in your remembering of your true self. Other wise… there’s a lot of gurus, healers, therapists,  teachers, coaches, clergy, etc that are so egar to have you stroke their ego, boost their bottomline, by keeping you trapped in school, and never giving you what you need to graduate from student to master. And, admit it, sometimes you need a smack on the head, a foot up the ass, or the clear view of the many before you, who not only did it already, but, aren’t looking back to see if you’re following. That is not to say, a hug won’t be offered, or kind words, and doesn’t mean I won’t shed a tear on your behalf. I have done those things, and probably  will again. But, the difference in being a master and a student, the difference in being a leader and a follwer is this: Having the wisdom and the tools for every occassion, and trusting in your intuition to guide you to do what’s appropriate.

So, if you hear me screaming fuck a lot… possibly accompanied by some Metallica, System of a Down, or Korn. I’m in the midst of moving energy and transformation.  Frustration is good for you, it means you’re done with the spot you’re in, and it’s time to move on. If you hear me screaming, hell yeah! Dancing in the rain (with clothess or without), listening to Led Zepplin, DMB, Erykah, or Jay-Z –Yeah, I’m having a great time. I may have a drink to celebrate life, or, I may have cake–doesn’t matter. What I do, how I express myself– is my story, my creation, my I AM. Yours will be how you choose. And, while I, and many others are here to be a living example– we cannot, will not, nor would we– have the time, energy, or patience to do it for you! Our journeys have no end, limitation is an illusion. Get on with it! 😉


Love Peace Happiness N One.




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