For weeks, Gaia, aka mother earth has been talking to me about the snow. Autumn came in very beautiful this year. The energies were wild and beautiful. The leaves put on their very best colors. Halloween was beautifully dark, mysterious and down right sexy. I loved it.

Today, I woke up to the first snow of the season. It was wet, and didn’t stick, and doesn’t seem to be making a clear commitment as to whether or not it will be snow or sleet. Basically, it refuses to be one thing or the other. So, there you have it, take it, and take it again, because that is what will be. I’m talking about this now, because the end of this year into the mid next year will be a lot like this. The weather will continue to be keep us on our toes, keep us awake and keep us in accordance of what is, as opposed to what we would like.

According to spirit, everything will be happening next year. All elements will be making themselves known: Air, Fire, Water, Earth. And, all directions will be affected: North, South, East and West. I’ve seen visions of volcanoes exploding, the ring of fire will be once again erupting. The midwest will have those nasty snowstorms, while other parts of the world will have flooding like you wouldn’t believe. Where I live, the eastern sea board is going to have a very cold, and wet winter. We will have maybe one or two real snowstorms aka blizzard, but, probably more susceptible to a Nor’easter than a huge white out. No need for the Ground Hog to talk to us about winter, it’ll be a long one. LOL…

So, exactly what is going on? What’s going on is something we rarely consider… The earth is purging energy. We tend to forget that the earth itself is a living breathing entity. We forget that it has its own ascension, it’s own story, it’s own journey. The planet has been holding certain energies, souls and our history for eons… from the beginning. And, now, it is time to release those things, so, that new records, new energies, and new souls have room here. Like all things, when change occurs, it seems unnaturally disruptive. But, that is only our perception. Nature is perfect in that it always knows what it is doing, without our input, without our permission. And, though we as a species tend to become neglectful, greedy and disconnected from nature–this in no way keeps the planet from doing what it must for it’s own growth.

There has been quite a few blasts of new energy via the sun in it’s storms, eclipses this year. Expect more blasts next year.  The moon and her constant changing, and her eclipses has also taken part in this celestial evolution. All these energies are a constant wake up call, that the time is now. It’s time to change, it’s time to upgrade, and the universe sends it’s love, encouragement, and a gentle nudge to get us there. All of us, the earth included. This is the dawning of the new earth, just as it is the new human. And, the planet will answer this call by purging old energy hidden deep within its core. Deep under layers and layers of time, represented by the layers of dirt, dust, ice and water. It’s time to release what was, and allow absorption of what is to come.

I’m giving this message, because this will affect all of us, “weather” we like it or not.  And, we are supposed to be affected, and effected. Just as we mirror things to one another, the earth mirrors us to ourselves. The upheavals, the challenges, the beauty, the ease, the destruction, the transformations. This isn’t personal, this isn’t to make your lives harder, but, perhaps a reminder to be present in your lives. Food for spiritual thought, “should I be resting”, “should I be active?”, “should I ebb in my actions right now?”, “am I flowing with things?” , “am I allowing myself to transform?” These are things we sometimes ignore about ourselves and our planet, and the consequences can be uncomfortable at best, and flat out painful at worst.

You are apart of the planet upon which you are currently embodied. You are a small spark in a vast universe that is in constant movement. The universe is evolving, signalling the planet to do the same, and you of course… always you. So, take notice, breathe, and prepare yourselves for evolution, for ascension… Weather you like it, or not! 😉


Love Peace Happiness N One,




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  • Hadn’t gotten around to reading this till just now. Loved it. Our own snowy beginnings in Edmonton have basically been the same. A little dusting a while back, some melt, now rain/freezing rain. Good reminder of the changes and purging. So much of that happening in my own life right now too. So good. Easy and a piece of cake? Not a chance. hahaha But good.

    • Thank you, Jody. I’ve always kinda taken weather reports with a grain of salt. I have found over the years, that when I tune into nature directly, I feel more confident in how I harmonize my own energies with it.

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