Ooo chile… what the what is going on?! Haha… Okay, so, congrats we’ve made it to September with most of our marbles! I’d say we’re doing better than most. It’s okay to lose your marbles, people–they were probably holding you back from your spiritual development. Let’s be clear, it is more important to develop divine intelligence, than it is to regurgitate the thoughts of someone “seemingly” wiser than you. Regurgitation of information, does not make you wise, it makes you a container! 😉

I have had a seriously intense year so far. So much has happened from feeling weird, to feeling curious, to not caring what I feel at all, because it can change at any time. What am I saying? Do not try and understand everything happening to you all the time. Sometimes, you just won’t, or can’t. So, there is no need to hurt yourself mentally, by trying to figure it out now. Perhaps now… its best to go with the divine flow, focusing on it, breathing it in, and allowing it to change you. Whatever the nuts and bolts of change are, will show up later. As, I’ve stated many times before–understanding always comes, it may be the last to arrive, in fact, it usually is. Sooo many energies have moved, grooved, been planted, cultivated and nurtured, before we finally “understand” what’s happened. It’s the natural way of things as a human. It’s just that we’ve not been taught to trust this process. Actually, we’ve been taught not to trust any natural process–thus, our constant state of alarm and confusion. Well, I’m tired of it… I don’t care anymore. I trust me, I got me here. And, you know what? It’s awesome. Here is great! Being me, is amaze-balls! Not only because no one else is or can do it, but, because I really enjoy being myself. I’ve given myself freedom to be me authentically, and I don’t give a flying fig, or a rat’s ass as to what that means to anyone else. But, I must confess… I think people are liking me more than ever! Surprise, surprise… when you truly like you– all of these souls come out of nowhere to confirm, mirror and join your personal lovefest!

So, here’s the thing… my tolerance for fuffy fuffy, puffy wuffy, illusionary, bullshit spirituality is at an all time low. Truly, I’ve developed a gag reflex to those spiritual “gurus” who are sooo image-conscious now that someone’s paying them a lot of money, that they forgot why they started doing what they are doing in the first place. Hello… your gig was to empower people! So, just because you wrote some books, got a few TV spots, are on some radio shows, and Oprah loves you— doesn’t mean the gig has changed… it may mean YOU have changed. Let me be clear, I am not mad at any of those who paved the way for me. My irritation is losing the message, distorting the clarion call for spiritual freedom, the recognition and release of each I AM walking the planet right now. My concern is that someone gets up on a podium to spread love, wisdom and light, and then they forget to have a friggin seat every once in a while. They forget, that they too are on a journey, and speak as if they are above those they meant to empower. That glitch, has undone many orders, societies, religions, movements, etc. If you drink your own Kool-Aid, you WILL get drunk from it! And, if you’re drunk on your own “ego”, you’re no longer selling empowerment, you’re selling ego, you’re selling well-packaged, well-branded bullshit. And, as the universe does seek balance— don’t expect the party to last forever. Just as an addict is always chasing the first high, this too can happen to a “guru”.  That being said, it’s not their job to make sure you discern the truth–it’s YOUR JOB. When you feel the energy shift in a darker direction, when you feel the air permeated with arrogance, ego, and just plain bullshit– you are solely responsible to get your own ass out of there.

What can I tell you about the new ones? The new babies being born right now? The little masters walking in the guise of toddlers, tweens and teens? I can tell you they were born smarter than YOU! I met a psychic baby named Evelyn recently. Evelyn is six months old! Evelyn found me in a coffee shop, and I felt her yelling at me via telepathy. I was getting coffee, and someone was yelling at me in the ether, when I turned around, I was looking at an infant across the room, in her mothers lap. Even through my sunglasses she could see me and when I took them off to look her in the eyes, she smiled. I had to share with her parents, she was highly psychic– they already knew. At six months, she is already waving, smiling, clapping, and is trying to stand! People… this is what’s to come! And, yes…she’s trying to talk already… though, she doesn’t like it very much. It’s hard to tell a telepath that words are necessary to communicate with people, given that they know that we were all born with telepathy. This is my issues with words… we as a species developed language, and yet, we use it too often to deceive one another. This cannot be done in telepathy— you can’t lie when someone can read energy, you can only tell the truth! Again… this is what’s up ahead.

The new souls being born, aren’t going to buy fuffy wuffy… they are going to call it what it is… BULLSHIT! Being conscious is not all flowers and rainbows, just as it’s not all rainstorms and dragons! It’s… ALL OF IT! It’s light and dark, NOT light vs. dark! A master doesn’t ignore their dark side, the dark side is beautiful, it’s powerful, and it balances out the light. From darkness… ALL THINGS ARE BORN! If you’ve ever visited “The Void” you’d know that. If you ever noticed the space between what was, and what will be– you’d know that. So, damn it! The darkness is NOTHING to fear! It is a place of creation, of solitude, of rest, of incubation, and germination. It’s a most active place. So… let’s be glad, grateful, and respectful of its existence! Whose going to tell you that, emphatically? Whose going to sit with Oprah, and say, “Your dark side is as important as your light!” Whose going to say, “The dark is a place for you to rest, while waiting for what is to be.”  Don’t hold your breath on that one. It sounds too much like magic–magic is scary… magic is frowned upon, but, MAGIC is exactly what it is! If I truly wanted you to be empowered, I’d tell you… “Your choices are heard by the universe, which exists to serve. When you request something, it moves quickly to energetically create what you want, and when things are in alignment… what you want (for better or worse) finds you! Yes, for you it may seem like a second, or a century, but, you’re just in the void–waiting. Therefore, you are a magician, a creator, a expression of God! Congratulations!” Hahaha!!!! Some would say that sounds crazy… I tell you… truth often sounds crazy to those unfamiliar with it! 😉

Conduit of Healing, is my creation, and at this point, I’m allowing it to become what it must. So far, we— the energy of Conduit of Healing and I, are in blogs, social media, reiki sessions, psychic readings, a book, and pretty much every conversation I’ve ever had. I LOVE that! Yet, I know there is more to come–currently, I’m working on a book. The book is about how I came to be Conduit of Healing–and, all that got me here. While I know it’s my story, I have a feeling it will be the story of many. And, those many need to know that this ascension thing, this evolution thing, this enlightenment thing– isn’t in a far off in space… it’s right here, right now, and it always was! It’s not for someone whose wiser, richer, smarter or prettier than you! It’s not for someone who comes from a perfect family, with the perfect parents… It’s not for someone whose more vocal, fearless, courageous than you– it’s for ALL OF US, NOW AND FOREVER. Again… has anyone made that message clear enough? Has anyone made it clear, that if it’s for the “chosen” ones… than, all of us are “chosen”. So, all this fighting, discriminating, separation, bullshit, is just bullshit, distraction and the result of egos inhaling too much hot air. We’re all going to get “there”, even if some choose the scenic path, while others are creating their own path. YOU WILL GET THERE! 😉 Whew…that’s a relief, isn’t it?

So…now that I absolutely feel none of the pressure I did in my youth, now that I not only answered, the call, but, I am part of “the call”… I am chillin y’all! When I’m tired… I get rest. When I want to dance… I dance with abandonment. When I want to laugh, I do so until I cry. When I want to engage in the stupidity of muggledom aka politics, religion, government, media, culture, education— you name it– I do so when I feel like it–which, is almost never. The unconscious are living in a deadly cycle of kill, be killed, power, withholding power. Control, no control… bored yet? I know I am. Under all these “issues” you’re going to find the same thing– withholding power from all the expressions of God– you, me, birds, trees, air, water, earth, ether–life force.  Don’t believe me??? Follow the branch of the tree back down to the root. Root cause:  overblown ego of God in human form, now thinks it’s okay to own and control everything. It won’t work, never has worked, never will work, but, will keep trying, because those small moments, fool us into thinking that moments can be forever.  In a word: DUMB!  Monica is over it. Monica will not be getting emotionally, mentally, and definitely not spiritually involved. I know what the end will be in the case of a circle. The end will be the beginning of the same circle in a different form aka the Obros, aka “The monster that eats itself.” I stepped out of that existence long ago. Don’t expect me back… ever!

So…this is indeed what’s up with me… I’m living me. I’m creating me. I’m enjoying me! Again…it isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Some days its heavy metal and black leather. Some days it’s chamomile tea, others days, it’s vodka soda with lime! Some days it’s a spring salad with roasted chicken, other days it’s fried chicken with biscuits and gravy… In other words… my life is FULL! And, I am whole and loving it! <3


Love Peace Happiness N One!




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