It’s so very interesting to be in a time where the visitations to the void become the norm–where the void is so close to the touch, that I find that I am in a constant state of awe, and I marvel at what is becoming. And, what is becoming? I don’t know–what do you want? 🙂

How was your Mabon?? Or, shall I say Autumn Equinox? Your harvest moon? Odd, right? Supremely, sweetly, warmly…odd.  For me, it started about five days early. The crispness in the air… the warm glow of the sun. And, the breeze that became the more aggressive wind. Slowly, reality began to change for me. Things started to slow down, yes… New York City’s frantic pace, became more of a stroll. I noticed it almost immediately… I always notice when Atumn energies come in. I was born in October. So, yes… on top of everything, a new birthday approaches.

What I’ve learned so far from this energy, is that if you allow yourself to flow with it. If you do not resist, and try to make things “normal” again, or, try to create a fast pace, when it is no longer supported by the energies around you– you will find things are easier than ever before. It’s funny how, we are returning to the wisdom of being in a harmonious dance with nature. When for so long, we were told that we were somehow above it, in control of it–beyond it. But, the truth is– nature is far more massive than the trees, the skys, the waterways, or the animals that call earth home. Nature, is the universe, and it’s massive body creating, destroying, collapsing and expanding in perfection. This kind of awareness, though not new to some, is gaining momentum, awarness and acceptance. In my quiet times, which in this energy is becoming more and more frequent. I’m “getting it”, like never before, and with so much ease, my ego, sometimes thinks–“No, no… we’ve missed something! It cannot be this simple!” But, I assure you… it is.

Along with the entrance of Autumn energies. Last week, I got a massive energetic download and a huge party visitation. I was trying to sleep– as per usual, I was interrupted. The  visiting crew was powerful, loving, and high vibrating. All of whom, I’ve met before, but, never at the same time. I’m constantly impressed, and educated at how Masters and Angels work so easily and well together to serve us. And, yet, here… it takes forever, for humans to come together to do the simplest task. Ah… the ego of it all. Anyway… who came to my sleep over party? Ah… let me tell you… My dear hearts, The Marys (The Mother, The Magdalene), Adamus St. Germain, Serepis Bey, AA Zadkiel, and holy Amethyst. Visually, what I saw was from above me, I was being given even more of both the Violet and Magenta rays. And, finally… more of the White ray.  And, after many energetic deliveries similar to this– I knew exactly what to do. What is that you ask? I consciously opened up my entire chakra system, and with conscious deep breaths, I took in all the beautiful energy that was raining down on me in the darkness. Yes, I could see it– I have the ability to see energy with my naked eye– it was beautiful waves of energy falling, falling on me. And, me, absorbing it all. So, for all of you who’ve had this opprotunity, and I “know” many of you have. If you’ve chosen fear, to remain afraid, than open– to ignore, refuse, or resist, the beautiful aid, that comes to us all. What you’ve refused was to download the tools, the energy that would help you upgrade yourselves. You’ve shut yourself down, to the energy that is there to remind you on a cellular level, that it is time to evolve. But, how does one know? How does one know that when they are “visited” by something, or someone they do not understand– how do you know its safe? The answer?? You trust your gut. You trust, that movement in your belly that says, “I’m scared, but, do it!”, or, “No!!! It’s not safe!”  You listen to that above the screamings, whinnings, and protest of the mind. The mind is a tool, it only knows, what we teach it. Though, when healthy, is always eager to learn more.

I was once told, that as a psychic, it’s not a good idea to alway be tuned in. That it wasn’t good for you– that, it could make you crazy. That person who said that– we disagree. We disagree on a lot of things. To me, you must be true to yourself above all others. That is the way of nature– of the universe, to be true to itself. So, I am “on” all the time. Though, the degree of depth may not be the same as when giving a reading. I’m saying that to say this: I have never had such as easier time “reading” energy than I have now. There are two reasons that I see very clearly.  The first: Me. As a conduit, I have spent a lot of time, effort and energy cleaning up my own shit. lol Meaning: I’ve been dealing with and healing from most of the slings and arrows of life’s outrageous fortunes– forgive me, I will be a theatre geek until I no longer breathe! 😉 I have spent my entire life working to be comfortable with my own greatness, my own light, the massive energy that is me. And, I’m there– and, it makes everything easier. The second reason is: The universe energetically supports me like never before. Why? Because I said, “yes”. We often ask for help. Hell… we’re ALWAYS asking for help… Through prayer, mantras, affirmations, chanting, begging… you name it, somewhere, right now… someone is doing it. But, ask yourself this?? Am I truly ACCEPTING the help being offered to me?  –No, not the help the way you want it.  Not, the help when its conveinent. Not, the help that strokes your ego. The help, the assistance, the service that will make you BETTER, GREATER, HAPPIER, and at PEACE. I’ll wager, that you aren’t accepting such help in most cases. So, if you’re feeling stuck, or in a rut. And, you are frustrated that help did not come, consider this: Help came, and I refused it. The good news is, help didn’t leave, it only waits for you to change your answer. 😉

So, in this wonderful time of the beginnings of contemplation of a new year, as we harvest the fruits of this one…  I’m happy to say, that life is sooo good. Everything thing I’ve done to get me to this now, I’m grateful for. All the choices, they were mine. And, I couldn’t be more pleased as to how I’ve turned out thus far. May the same be so for you.


Love Peace Happiness N One,






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