Spiritual Poverty: No investment, no gains

Apparently, paying attention to ourselves long enough to resolve our own issues, is so rare, it’s thought of as a “leadership” skill. If that made you cry or cringe, I’m completely with you. The truth is several industries and governments are built on the idea that most of us, really have no interest in accountability, self-reliance, or resolving problems in general. We won’t admit it, but, we enjoy the “convenience” of paying someone to be a band-aid on our personal issues, rather than going within, excavating undealt with trauma and recurring problems.

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Now Approaching the Unknown: Flow with it

So, 2021 will be a continued push for us to remember, welcome and use our “etheric umbilical chord” and create our own connection to “home”– no intermediary, guru, dogma, policies, rules involved. And, if one really thinks about it–teaching us to think any of those things are actually needed is arguably the biggest crime we’ve allowed to proliferate in our species. We may need one another to remind, teach and remember the connect we have to the universe– but, we do NOT need to pay a toll, relinquish power, or have it translated for us.

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You cannot skate through, the ice is breaking!

Oneness is a concept that people like to think about in a lofty way. What’s missing taking it from above our heads and bringing it into our hearts. Oneness means, if I hurt you hurt. It means if one group suffers, it’s only a matter of time before all groups suffer. It’s much easier to proactively look out for all, rather than reactively doing so. Why? Power in numbers, the volume of a large group speaking as one voice. And, if we can support one another when we see, hear or speak evil– no one ever has to feel alone in calling a thing a thing, or, refusing to be victimized by it.  How do you divide that which cannot be divided? Simple: lie. Lie to people. Tell them there’s not enough life-sustaining resources so, they will panic. Lie to them and tell them, the slightest variations of the human being create a hierarchy–and, therefore one human being deserves to exist more so than the other. When you really look at it– it’s a form of cannibalism. It’s spiritual cannibalism. Unnecessarily feeding off the life force of others, to propel your own to levels that nature never intended–yes, that’s cannibalism.

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The B Sides: Light Casts Shadows

Being a lightworker, a starseed, a radiant one, does not mean you get to skip over the trappings, challenges and feelings that come with being human. If you thought that while on the path of ascension, you’d be leaving your “human” behind– you are WRONG. If you thought you could sweep them under the rug, ignore them, or put them on the back burner… you are WRONG. If you thought, you could EVER be in service to yourself, light, your client, or, anyone and not have any access to your human aspect, you are wrong. We are a symphony of energy, we are our own collective, and therefore all instruments are needed, are critical, and the song that is your life will not sound complete without them. There is NO HIDING PLACE when the light seeks you.

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Discovering the discovered: Keep it in Context

If there is a a such thing as invincibility– the strength gained by putting your spiritual well-being first is the eternal well from which it springs. Which is why, not everyone wants you to get there. How do you control someone who truly “knows” who they are? How do you hurt them? How do you make them doubt themselves and keep them in line? Well, you can’t.

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