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2016… Now what?! So whatchu want?!

We’ve grown tired of pretending “not that bad” is actually a good thing. We’ve grown tired of being happy for food and shelter, when we aren’t the ones who control these things! We are tired of being under constant attack by those who feel entitled to more than their share of life itself. WE ARE TIRED. And, there’s nothing like exhaustion to bring in transformation, inspiration, and yes… ACTION.

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The Hermit: Why being a recluse is necessary

The hermit allows us to stop, rethink things, reassess, remember, and recharge. I’m sure you’re wondering what I’ve learned from this particular sabbatical. Truth is: change is still good! Growth isn’t predictable in how it will be expressed. And… God, do I love me some me! Oh, and most importantly… I’m not done yet! There’s more, there’s more of me to become. And, at these times, the fear of “Do i have enough time/energy to complete everything?” is really seductive. I mean,” I’m effin tired! Is there enough me left to finish creating the me, that I want to be?” And, the answer is always, “YES!” I need only allow the short time of rest, so, that I can recharge and expand what it means to be “Monica”. It already meant so much, but, if I allow it… It can mean sooo much more! This is how I prepare myself for levels of my personal greatness… I willing go into becoming a divine hermit. I come into my precious, sacred home: The Lilypad. And, I sleep, I eat, I rest… I do nothing and become potential to be everything.

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No… You Shh!

No one has told me to “Sshh” directly. I think I’m too scary for that. But, they have said it in other ways… They have said it in their indifference, in their excuses, in their silence… in their attempts to divert the conversation away from the whole, and toward themselves. They don’t always know they are asking me to “Sshh”, they don’t know that in doing so, they are being selfish; they are protecting themselves from their own guilt and shame. But… that’s exactly what “Sshh” means.

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Starseed Transmission: 4/10/2015

Even in the midst of chaos, spirit can speak. I know this for sure. And, soon, I begin to hear a response to my questions, and the response is from a group calling themselves “The Masters”. This particular group of 12 is comprised of 12 ascended masters, who ascended from here– earth. They were embodied, walked their journey had ascended. While you may know and have heard of some of these souls as many were very famous and often quoted. They requested that I do not name them individually, as the message below may be diluted by ego, and therefore not heard or felt as it was intended. So, if you are inclined… Keep reading.

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