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Raven Wings: Loving your whole-self

I think a lot of people thought spirituality was supposed to be a never-ending frolic into whimsy, smiles, laughter and faires all the time. I mean, that’s what the spiritual propaganda machine told you isn’t it? That abundance would be always be this glorious lovely experience, if only you use the secret properly. –That you would always enjoy your conversations with God. For the record: The conversations aren’t good or bad, but, are there to encourage you to develop your highest potential. Your reaction determines whether or not you find it enjoyable. And, you know what?? You won’t all the time! The spirituality machine probably told you the high of happiness and joy are never-ending. And, hey, if you keep your four agreements, perhaps you thought– so would everyone else. My official response to that: ROFLMAO!

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You get twisted… I’m chillin!

Is the world better or worse than it was before? I’m going to say, that’s negligible, because it’s not about the world… it’s about YOU. This is the “secret” everyone is avoiding. The world is reflecting us, back to us. And, until we own our own shit, it’s always going to look a certain way to those with no eyes to see what’s really going on. The world is a macrocosm, outwardly reflecting workings of the inner workings of the microcosm, you and me. I don’t know why intellect wants to make this more complicated than it is. Perhaps if it seems complicated, you’ll do nothing about yourself and someone will benefit off of your ignorance. That never happens, right? LOL

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No Voice, no dice: Paging Chakra #5

Lately, I’ve been looking at people and consciously realizing that I am seeing different expressions of God, creator, or whatever you want to call it. I gotta tell you, when I apply that level of awareness… Everyone become beautiful! And, then, I think… “Well, shit… God you’re walking around here in all these various forms, and not for nothing, but, this complaining shit is annoying, old, and pointless. Seriously, it’s time more of you remembered yourself, and speak things into creation!” Mind you, I cannot nor shall I impose this desire onto others– free will and all that.

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The Seven Sisters: “It’s Working! Keep Going!”

We would like to recommend that you do not try to label, capture, or “understand” all that’s happening now on such a large scale. It is much more important that you focus on your own changes, challenges, questions, answers and transformations. It’s all happening at once anyway, and while you have been given creator energy–it does have it’s limits, meaning… it’s limited to you. That being said, what you decide to create does affect others, as you do share this space, this planet, this universe, this now –with many far beyond your comprehension. So, we ask that you be present when making your choices… they ring out into the omniverse.

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What about your friends??

If you cannot have a heart to heart with the people you spend the most time with– you are going to starve. And, by that I mean emotional starvation. If you cannot speak from your heart, if you cannot have human dilemma/challenges/confusion/triumph conversations with another person– a. What the hell are you talking about? b. Why are you wasting your time with this?? I mean, let’s be honest–there’s few things that exact the kind of pain a meaningless, empty relationship does. When you have to work at a conversation with someone– this should be a huge red flag. If a person cannot divulge themselves to anyone, if they cannot show who they really are– there’s a problem. –Not your problem, their problem.

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Student No More: “Now, I’m the master!”

You know what would be cool… If everyone said, “Look… this is what I did. This is what worked for me. I’m sharing it with you, but, it doesn’t mean, it’ll work for you. Here’s some tools build your own I AM!” The rules—what freaking rules?! There’s no rules! There’s benchmarks, guide post, suggestions, expressions, but, there are no effin rules! And, this is why what has been, it having such a hard time, speaking to what is to come!

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Division: It’s a choice

In my refusal to be apart of the crowd, to be normal, or malleable, I annoy some people, and inspire others. And, while I could find amusement in both, I honestly do not put much thought into either. What I have learned in being myself without giving thought to the horde is— I am a better person to others, because I know it doesn’t take away from me being good to myself. Funny how we pick and choose who we are good to, who deserves kindness, mercy, respect, grace, goodness. My approach is until proven otherwise all in creation deserves my best, and in return I deserve their best.

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Shadow Self–there is no one to fear

People are so confused about what happiness is. They have been taught happiness is when you’re feeling high off of adrenaline, endorphins, and the ego is getting exactly what it wants, when it wants it. That is NOT happiness… That is an internal chemical high. It is temporary! While I stop short of saying do not enjoy it, I would say keep it in perspective. That is your body reacting to a moment in time of your life. Happiness is a state of consciousness that requires you work through all the falsehoods of yourself as an individual, to get to your essences… your I AM.

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2014 is bringing it! Are you ready?!

Lately, I have been feeling things jarring lose, pulling away from my personal energetic sphere. My aura is a little agitated, static, and my body aches with the releases of what I have been, so, I can expand into what I will become. I suppose if I hadn’t been through this so many times before, I’d be terrified. But, the truth is– I have. Many of us have. We know the routine, we know the discomfort, the lack of sleep, the body aches. We know that bedtime, is conversation time with spirit, with the angels, a time for getting instructions, support, or just to release in general. And, that’s what I’ve been doing. My human “mind” is taking the transformation better than ever. The resistance is minimal, the questioning almost non-existent. Of course the mind wants this to make sense. It wants things to fit into test tubes and petri dishes, unfortunately for it… I burned the science lab down long ago

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