Rarely, do I speak on these things, but, last night while doing my monthly appearance on Journey Into the Light, someone named Marylou said that  “she” was judgemental in her last conversation. “She” was supposed to be me, ladies and gents.  Perhaps she didn’t know I was in the chat room, or, that I wouldn’t allow a passive aggressive attack  on my character to fly. No. I am not that person, I am not that soul. So, I responded, “judgmental?” And, rather than pointing out a clear moment of how I seemed judgmental, or explaining herself, she told all of us in the chat room that we should listen to the show again. So, now we’re being sent on a treasure hunt to figure out where in the world Marylou’s accusation can be justified??  That in itself is an indication that your comment has no real basis or justification. I am not responsible for your reaction to my thoughts, words, or beliefs. I am a psychic on a radio show being asked questions by people who aren’t you, and for my honest insight in my readings.

Marylou… thank you! Thank you so much for helping  me to remember that when people are struck, touched or pricked by who I am,  others, like yourself will lash out with accusations that have no basis other than: I annoyed you, your belief system or your views of the world.  Your opinion of me matters not. But, I appreciate that you represent a lot of passive agressive people in the world who do not want their views challenged, and to do so means I put myself in a place to be criticized –which I am totally comfortable with. But, make no mistake, if you choose to hurl accusations, judgements, and insults at me– I will challenge you. I will ask you to explain yourself. I will keep digging and digging at you, until the real truth is revealed. You are projecting. You are attempting to make your issue my issue. And, I will not allow that.  This is why I do not read for everyone. This is why, I am very careful as to whom I’ll share my gifts with.  Some people cannot see clearly beyond themselves, because they refuse to see themselves. This is not the world’s issue to deal with, but, your own. And, I’m not taking it on to make you feel better.

Ladies and gents, I as a psychic do not have to share your beliefs, your traditions, or your ways of living. My job is to tell you what I see, hear and feel from spirit, guides, angels, and the universe in general, on your behalf. That is it. I do not make your decisions for you. I do not give much thought as to what you choose to believe for yourself. I have opinons and beliefs that guide my own life. And, when I am asked, I will share those opinons and beliefs. When asked about my opinion regarding the state of the world from a micro and macrosm stand point, I always approach it from a spiritual point of view. It may not sit well with you, it may challenge you to your very core. But, the truth is…that’s exactly what’s supposed to happen. That is what lightworkers, starseed, and spiritual warriors do. We challenge the status quo. We ask you to seek within yourself to make sure what you believe is true, is true within your soul, is truth within the divine spark of who you are. And, if it doesn’t ring true, we ask that you seek until you find it. If you refuse… :shrug shoulders: Okay… Namaste… And, so it is. But… understand the consquences reflect your choices. I, ultimately do not care. I am responsible for one life in this realm… my own. And, that in itself is a huge responsiblity.

But, this isn’t just my story is it? It’s the story of the human being. The moment we assert ourselves, the moment we emphatically, and strongly use our voices– our individuality, there will be someone, or, many there to accuse us of something. Whether it be, you’re “judgmental”, “selfish”, “mean”, “rude”, etc… There will be those who wish you would shut the fuck up, because you’re bothering them. You are giving voice to the insecurities, inadequacies, self-loathing and fear that they have been hiding from both others and themselves. Now, you must pay! You must be stoned, burned, shunned, yelled at, berated, criticized… Any of this sounding familar?  I’m willing to bet it does. But, here’s the truth… they are WRONG. Unless, somone’s definition of me meets my own, you have opinons of my character, you do not have the truth of it. The truth of who I am, is in how I live my life.  The truth of who I am requires no pat on the head, no kudos, no gold stars or acceptance from anyone who isn’t me. And, if this bothers you… Turn off the show, the tv, the computer, or my website, because the only energy welcomed here is positive, loving, inspiring and honest. Fear of change will be challenged. Fear of truth will be challenged. And, all attacks will be addressed and vanquished.

This isn’t whimsy, glitter, unicorns and rainbows. This isn’t a PC zone. This isn’t thus saith any holy book that you may hold dear. This is Conduit of Healing… This is Monica, and this is my I AM. If it doesn’t suit you… Namaste… and be out. 😉

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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