How about that super moon? It’s funny, I didn’t actually “see” the super moon, but, boy did I feel it. It was quite the experience, as I was in the interesting energy vortex that is Las Vegas, Nevada at the time. Everything leading up to this experience felt both high energy and fast paced. But, at the same time, it felt very slow and surreal. In short: I kinda loved it!

What I know for sure is that it felt like I was being sucked in by an undertow of energy into this beautiful wave of new energy. All of the old, the useless, the unhealthy energies and people in my energetic sphere were being pulled away. And, I, being the very good student that I am, let those energies go. And, what was I left with?? Me. –A beautiful, spectacular, more buoyant and happy me. She’s new, she’s never been front and center before, and I love her, before I truly know her. It’s hard to explain, but, I know that I’m different. I know that I’m lighter than I’ve ever been.  I don’t care about things at the level I did before. Meaning: I don’t allow myself to get emotionally involved in situations that aren’t mine. I may listen to a story, and feel absolutely nothing—which is progress when once upon a time, bullshit used to really bother me. I used to find it disturbing. Now, I’m not tuned-in enough to sometimes “find it” at all. If you aren’t going to do anything about your issue- only yammer about it…  I cannot guarantee that I’ll be listening to you. See, the truth is, you have a different frequency when you’re in action mode, than when you’re just contemplating things in your head. The frequency of action feels passionate, it’s a driving force. Whereas the energy of contemplation, feels like energy ebbing, it’s going in a circle and getting pretty much nowhere. I pick up those subtleties and respond accordingly. Some people love to go on and on about a problem, with absolutely no intention of solving, or resolving it. Yeah. Not my favorite way to spend my time.

This new energy I am experiencing is a calm knowing. It’s a level of confidence in my own I AM, that requires no affirmation, no reassurance, only allowing it to be what it is, and to allow myself to allow it to grow and me to grow in it. It’s funny, when we’re starting the journey of spiritual remembering, we use so many tools, that when those tools begin to fall away,  we realize that it’s not the do-ing that is the destination, it’s be-ing, it’s the allow-ing, and in some cases it’s the watch-ing. I don’t have the desire to keep do-ing spirituality. I’m very much engrossed, fascinated, and inspired by the living of my spirit. It’s an entirely new beginning.  Living my spirit is why I really enjoyed my trip to Las Vegas. It’s known as sin city, and I questioned that label while I was there. Yes, there’s access to excess in a very small amount of space. And, when they tell you it’s an energy vortex: believe it! That being said—I was able to have light, fun, laughter, joy, and love in their purest forms while in the midst of excess. It was interesting watching people attempt to lose themselves, their money, their problems and their inhibitions to the point of hurting themselves all because of a wee little city in the desert. Why allow yourself to sweep that many problems under the table? Why let yourself repress feelings, desires, fears, etc? Why do that just so you can sort of lose your marbles, up-chuck your dignity, and, sometimes your lunch, when there’s always been an alternative? Just be you. Just be authentically, unapologetically you, so that you can enjoy that in excess. 

I went to Las Vegas to celebrate my best friends 40th birthday.  It was a girl-trip with four of the smartest, strongest, most beautiful, hardworking women I know. All of them I’ve known for over a decade. It was the best kind of sisterhood one could ask for. We weren’t competing with one another, or discouraging, we weren’t being mean. We were there to celebrate, laugh, dance, drink and to enjoy each other. That’s it. If you want to have an interesting experience, try being in a group of beautiful women NOT looking for a man, NOT looking to one-up one another. We shared our beauty products,   made sure the others looked good, looked hot, and felt that way. We looked out for one another, and was always considerate.  This is the sisterhood energy that one hopes to have at the mid-point of their lives. So many women give up their girlfriends for men, only to be lonely when he’s with his friends, or he’s at work, or they divorce, etc. But, there were men, mind you. Men in heat, men being overly sexualize, men assuming that I was awaiting their attention, unsolicited compliment, or waiting for them to buy me a drink. That too is an interesting experience. The men being in Las Vegas, I suppose might have assumed I was looking for them, they way they were looking for me. Wrong. –Over the animal, low-vibrating sexual energy. It’s not sexy, its predictable and boring.

That isn’t to say I am not a fan of sensuality. I love the human body, the things we can do with it, the physical expression of all emotions. I am an actor after all! One of the highlights of the super moon Sunday was I saw the Cirque du Soliel show Zumanity. One word: Amazing! This was theatre that pushed the envelope of sex as a taboo subject, with beautiful people, beautiful dance, acrobats, and costume. It was everything! It was the sexiest experience of my entire trip. The rest of Sunday night was changed by the atmosphere of that show. We forget being human is a beautiful experience, but, it’s also an on-going one. As we continue to allow our human experience to come from our spirit rather than from our ego, and the mind, we will discover that for the most part, we, as a species have been living on the tip of the iceberg. And, now… NOW is the time to allow ourselves to go deeper.

Love Peace Happiness  N One,


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