The crew, along with all the light beings and angels I party with, compel me to tell you… There are no lines to living in embodiment. Meaning: Please stop assuming that everything you want desire and create is on some conveyor belt eagerly making its way toward you in accordance with your fearful ego. Please stop thinking literally, and  limiting yourselves by the ideas of lines. That is NOT how it has EVER worked. The patterns of the universe are fluid, beautiful, curvaceous, zig zaggy, spiraled and without definitive patterns, they intersect, veer off, transform…  There are NO FRIGGIN LINES! If you look at the the patterns of the flower of life, which most things adhere to, there aren’t any lines to be found, lots of circles, curves, spirals… but, no lines. So, our disappointment with things not happening in the way, and in the time that we would like is self-inflicted. The universe is perfect, the “timing” — if there was ever such a thing, is also perfect. It is the limitations we’ve placed on our imagination and minds that fail us, disappoint us, cause us anxiety, depression and fear. It is our lack of acceptance of what is, and will always be that causes our ego to go into the most dramatic tantrums, creating and wreaking havoc onto ourselves, and unfortunately, anyone stupid enough to hang out with us a those times. In short… it’s not life… life is perfect… it’s YOU!

I’m talking about this, because I finally can. Like many of you, I’ve been on this wobbly, whirling cosmic energetic trip. Feeling dizzy, out of body, disconnected from EVERYTHING. My vision saw the everything as surreal. I was here but, I kinda wasn’t. It’s a lot different then the spin cycle that we’ve all sorta gotten used to. Where everything was moving so fast, you had to keep running to catch your breath–except, the truth is, you should have stopped to catch your breath. All of these energies are here from the universe to rip away what’s not real, what’s not working, what’s not serving you,  or us, for our highest good. It must go! You cannot keep it, it’s no longer in energetic harmony of the coming of the new earth, the new human, the new you. Let it go, damn it! Yes, it’s scary. Yes, it’s risky, yes…. you don’t know what will happen… Yes… sniffle, sniffle, waa, waa, waa… Oh my God, what if, what if, and what if?!!!! Holy shit, I could lose my mind! I could go crazy, I could… Okay, after all the egotistical dramatics, that are quite human… You’re probably going to live! LMFAO!!!! Am, I laughing at you?? Well, of course I AM! I’m also laughing at myself. This is the most hilarious time of our lives. We are in the midst of the greatest evolution of our kind. We are creating a new level of consciousness, that will soon become our new definition of normal, of course I’m laughing! But, I’m also celebrating. I’m also happier than I could have ever imagined. And, as I continue to release, remove, and allow the limitations of life to leave—I am experiencing the truth  of what life is. And, it is… EVERYTHING! Do you feel me?! Everything! There is no, “I can’t!” There is, “Do I really want to?!” Those two kinds of thinking are at opposite ends of the universe. We taught ourselves limitations as a species to try to control our environment, ourselves and to understand the universe. Um… hello… it hasn’t worked. In the best way possible we are all falling apart. And, that’s a blessing. What is truly falling apart is the lie of the human being. Human beings are on the top of an imaginary food chain… Human beings are rulers, or should rule… Human beings are judges of one another… Human beings can control things…. Well, if that were true, why are we such a beautiful mess?! The freedom is in knowing that you are an expression of all that there is aka God. The same divine spark of energies that created all life forms in all of creation lives inside of you waiting for you to remember it. “Om mani padme hum!”  Which is sanskrit for: “Hail to the jewel in the lotus!” That jewel lives in your heart chakra people. That is the great I AM that is the center of your everything, and so many of you think going outside yourself is the way to find it. It ain’t out there, but, if you too scared to look inside the distraction of everything from church to workshops and pilgrimages are wonderfully expensive and entertaining. Not to say that all are a waste of time. In fact, many can be the inspiration for you to look at you, and into you. So… whatever floats your boat. But, some of us, actually want to go sailing… Just sayin…  😉

Believe it or not… I’m enjoying all of this. I spent two days dizzy, I got nauseated… I had diarrhea — oh, like it’s never happened to you– puh leaze! Anyway… I was detoxing… And, so are you in whatever way is appropriate for your energy. We are all DETOXING! Whether we like it or not. We are also all answering the call– whether we like it or not.  Now, you think that because you can think, you’re not answering. But, let me ask you this… Why does it seem that old tried and true methods aren’t working anymore? Why does it seem that for so many life is getting harder? Why are so many long buried lies finding light? Why are so many people feeling less trustful of government, churches, organizations, and each other now more than ever?? Simple: Your divine spark is answering the call… The God within, is answering the Creator of all. The source speaks… all things of source, which is all things…answer. The pain comes when the ego says, “No! No, dammit! I’m not doing it! You can’t make me!” Which is true, no one can make you change… Also true… no one of consciousness cares enough to make you change. We’ve all got our own journey.  I sure as hell don’t have the time, interest, or energy to make sure you’re letting yourself evolve. Love you… all of you, but… I love me more! And, that’s the truth, Ruth! Heehee… But, evolution, if you haven’t noticed, doesn’t stop. It never has, or will. And, well… neither will you. Feel free to choose crazy if you’d like. But, I hear it’s daunting, exhausting, and well… after a while, it’s also predictable. Oh, and lonely. Not many people are going to go crazy with you. Not to worry though, you’ll still have your guide and angels. They’ll be the ones drinking, cursing, shaking their heads, and supporting one another and you–hoping that you’ll make a different decision. Lol…

Per my last blog, you all know that the earth is also detoxing, and as I predicted 2013 into 2014 is proving to reflect the energetic upheaval that we are all experiencing. The new attitude is “Breathe and shift.” Everything is as it should be, though your ego may protest. The best way to deal with an unruly ego, is allow it to have it’s tantrums… alone. Like any spoiled child, once we realize we don’t have an audience, we usually lose interest in performing.

So, though you’ve been lied to about how life goes… Though you’ve been taught to create limitations… It’s time to let it all go. There are no barriers, no limits, no end… Breathe, adjust, evolve… The expression of fear is encouraged and honored, but, after that… get it in gear, and get yourself in flow. There aren’t any lines… there never were. Welcome to REALity — glad you could make it! 😉

Love Peace Happiness N One,



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