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If you really want to help– STOP enabling!

Help means: You do your part, you make room, and allow the other person to CHOOSE to help themselves. And, guess what– you’re not going to like it– but, that’s not my purpose…THEY DON’T HAVE TO TAKE THE HELP! Tada! πŸ™‚ Hey, I told you–you wouldn’t like it. But, it’s the truth, and if applied appropriately, you don’t have to be hurt.

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It’s not you, it’s me. Or, me with you.

The truth is… a relationship with you and another person can only be as good as the relationship each individual has with themselves. So, if you are in denial about issues going on unaddressed within yourself, it will, can and must show itself in your relationship with others. What kind of relationship am I referring to?? Pick one, honey… They all apply! πŸ˜‰

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Transitions and Transformations: Who will you be?

Are you getting what I’m saying?? Energy first, transition second, transformation third, understanding fourth. That’s really the process. And, if you go with it, it will serve you well. If you go with it every time, and without struggle…it becomes very easy. And, it’ll be all you want to do, because that is the journey to enlightenment and, it can be as easy or as hard as you choose.

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Create balance, and stay balanced

Enough of this insulting, disrespecting of our talents, gifts, and that of others… Companies, do this all the time…and, look what’s happened to the global economy. And, the more they try an hold onto profits, without paying, or hiring the talent (people) to make more… the more they really lose. Sure, they may say they are doing better…but, the truth is… they can’t afford to tell the truth. The truth would make investors run screaming from companies, like the buildings were on fire. This something for nothing attitude is poisonous.

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Manipura: My latest transformation or new obsession with Yellow

As the new energies work their way through your chakra system and become intergrated into your energetic sphere, you are going to experience things that let you know you’re on the move. And, while I am usually quiet during these times, I thought on this chakra, I’d say something. Which is kind of strange given that the throat chakra is usally the one we speak with. But, when I found that I had to have yellow dresses, and shoes for summer… When I found myself wanting to wear yellow, I knew something deeper was going on. The truth is… I’ve always hated yellow.

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The Seven Sisters (et al) 2/25/2012

We are in the thick of it now, aren’t we earth angels?? The great shift is upon you in heavy energy, and continues to get heavier, as some of you play with it, figuring out how it works, how to adapt, how to manage, and lastly how to flourish with it. Good. And, blessings to you on this courageous journey. We are with you, rooting for you, pointing the way as it appears to us. Some of you even notice, that heaven sends its love through guidance, and way-showers, like our scribe… Others think the world is ending, but, it is only the ending of the world they knew. A world of darkness, as it lacked enlightenment.

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