It’s been a while since I last spoke. When I’m in the midst of my own changes, and becoming who I’m choosing to be, I don’t talk about it for a while. And, the reason is simple: I have no idea what’s going on! lol! It’s true. Change…real change is the transforming of the spirit, that then transforms the human in which its housed. When we think human, we have to remember humans rely so much on their minds. And, when you’re in your ascension process… a lot of times… okay all the time… your mind is struggling to figure out what’s going on. It’s looking for the logical patterns. And, here’s the thing… logic doesn’t really exist. So, the best thing you can do–and, I speak from experience– is allow the change to happen, without your mind getting involved. And, when you’ve incorporated the latest change, all of a sudden your mind gets it, and the words show up. Now… you can explain your experience.

Are you getting what I’m saying?? Energy first, transition second,  transformation third, understanding fourth.  That’s really the process. And, if you go with it, it will serve you well. If you go with it every time, and without struggle…it becomes very easy. And, it’ll be all you want to do, because that is the journey to enlightenment and, it can be as easy or as hard as you choose.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, but, I’ve died many times in this life. No, not the physical death… that’s the physical transition. I’m talking about growth. Just as at some point several times in you life, your entire body will replace every single cell it has…your spirit, too will expand, evolve, transition, and be reborn. I’ve been keeping a diary since I was 13 years old. And, when I go back and read who I’ve been, I laugh my ass off! I really do! Because I almost do not recognize myself. I was in such a hurry, because I was so afraid I was going to be late to somewhere… Or, to something. And, now… well, now I know… time doesn’t exist. We humans made it up to measure our lifespan… to separate day from night, and to mark the seasons. We created time to explain the life cycle of earth itself. And, we got so caught up in this illusion, that we created an anxiety, a fear, that if we didn’t get certain things done at a certain time… we’d be left behind. And, no…that’s not true. You can be whomever you choose, at any moment you choose. While there may be an expiration date on the physical body, you–the real you are forever. That I learned by living, and pursuing my true self. And, today, I feel and sometimes look younger than ever. See, I died or transitioned to old ways of being and seeing, and allowed myself to be reborn, or grow into a better version of myself. Lord knows how many times I do that a year…but, I do it a lot.

Choices… what a precious gift we have in choice. I love choices… I’ve always loved them. I love knowing that my story can go a myriad of different ways depending on what I choose. Some people resent having too many choices… what the hell does that mean? What it means is… they hate taking responsibility for themselves. Oh well, unfortunately for you, that’s how the realm of Terra Earth works! You can say people force you to do this and that, but, in order for you to do something against your will…you relinquished your will to someone else. And, you chose to do so. So…guess what??? You’re still responsible. And, the only person you can truly resent is yourself.

So, why are people afraid to make choices?? Well, because someone started a rumor that you can get it “wrong”. And, no…you cannot. You can create experiences. But, are they “wrong”??  Probably not…not until you slap the “wrong” label on them. They may be dishonorable, despicable in that they are imposing on the will of another. But, does imposition mean “wrong”??  Or, does it mean disrespectful, a violation of universal law? Meaning: Each I AM, or expression of the creator, thus source, in the realm of “freewill” has the ability to choose for themselves. When they choose against their highest  interest, are they “wrong”?? No…they’ve made a choice to hurt themselves. When they choose what’s in their highest interest, they are choosing to love themselves. And, their lives, their demeanor, their physical bodies, and attitudes will reflect each choice. And, the energies of the universe support both. Hey…you’re going to get a lot angelic nudges,  and spiritual guidance to help you see potentials for your highest good, but, hey… you don’t have to listen. Lol! And, sooo many don’t! LMAO! And, if at first you don’t get it… wait a few minutes, the same lesson in a new outfit will show up in due time. 😉 And, perhaps, this time you’ll be paying attention! 😀

Two weeks ago, my beloved Aunt had her physical transition. And, the human side of me was crushed. I will miss the human interaction with my aunt. But, my Aunt lives, all the same. And, she’s constantly reminding me of that. I am soooo blessed to be tuned in to spirit. I’ve been on the receiving end of her assuring me she’s fine, telling me to check on my mother, her sister, best friend and one of her soul mates.  My aunt has stroked my head during some of the lowest moments of my grieving. And, I know that she was welcomed by angels and loved ones immediately when she crossed the veil. And, I know, that she is more empowered to be the loving soul she is without the hindrance of a body in pain. She can be with all her loved ones and help us become accustomed to our lives, our relationships with her…in her true form. She didn’t leave, she changed her outfit. 🙂 I speak of this because its important to know that we can transition now, we can evolve now… we can become who we always wanted to be NOW. There’s no need to wait, we can release who we were, and call in who we want to be…NOW. And, when we reach who we want to be, we will find, that the journey continues… Just as the universe continues to expand, contracts, so it can expand again… So do we.  It’s a matter of consciousness, its a matter of awakening to who you already are, but, perhaps have yet to embrace, own, and utilize. 😉

When the universe sends those winds of change, when the sun blasts those energies of growth… When you feel it so clearly, hear it so loudly… Go…leave who you were, transition…and, allow yourself to transform. There’s a whole new you just waiting to be born.


Love Peace Happiness N One,


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