So, this is an interesting channel… I didn’t expect it at all. But, rarely do I expect them. They just call and I answer. The 7 Sisters brought with them the energies of my dear friend, Adamus St. Germain, and a beautiful energy named “Asha”. This is a heavy-hitting channel, and I expect I’ll be referring back to it many times.






We are in the thick of it now, aren’t we earth angels?? The great shift is upon you in heavy energy, and continues to get heavier,  as some of you play with it, figuring out how it works, how to adapt, how to manage, and lastly how to flourish with it. Good. And, blessings to you on this courageous journey. We are with you, rooting for you, pointing the way as it appears to us. Some of you even notice, that heaven sends its love through guidance, and way-showers, like our scribe… Others think the world is ending, but, it is only the ending of the world they knew. A world of darkness, as it lacked enlightenment. But, now, this darkness is being cracked, broken and pushed back into the void for its own transformation. When that energy returns, you will not recognize it, for it will return in order to help and aid you, not to hinder you in the form of ignorance, prejudice, and illusions  of separation.  No…the new earth is falling into place, and is doing so now. We rejoice here in the heavens. So excited we are, so in awe, of what is magical, courageous and more creative than you can quite understand.

Things are moving along as they should. No, it isn’t without difficulty. Change is difficult for those who resist it. In fact, it can be downright painful, for those who refuse to “go with the flow”. The flow will not ask you to go with it… It doesn’t need to, it is a conscious unto itself, and does what comes naturally. Just because you dam a river, does not mean, it stops flowing, it will push on that damn causing fissures and cracks, until one day, if it goes unnoticed, or repeatedly unrepaired—the river will break free and continue to flow on its natural course. This is no different than what is happening to humanity now. You’ve decided to ascend, to grow, to change to become more enlightened.  –To carry more of your divine selves in the physical body…and, to do it NOW. You’ve chosen now…after so many years (eons) of working for this moment, it is here! And, boy the world is listening.  What seems to be conflict in the form of what you would call “uprising” is really the many voices of the divine in individual form coming together to say, “NO!!!! No more of the oppression, no more misery, no more settling… We will stand for this no longer!! Life is not life, when it is not your own!” And, now, they move to correct the choices they made to go into servitude, in some cases solitude and oppression. They will no longer live this way. And, those who oppose will be overthrown. There is more than just the embodied spirits working at freedom of self…heaven is here, light beings far and wide are coming to the aid of those who asked for help. Whether that be a cry out into the nothingness of the air, to a formal prayer, to a wish spoken in hushed tones. We hear you, and as servants of source…we must and will answer. Do you understand that?? When you call for aid… it will and must come! You were never sent here to be alone. Never.  You never have been, nor will you ever be alone in your journey in life. You are loved, you are divine, you are immortal. And, your power is wielded in the choices you make. So, we ask you to stand in that power, stand in that wisdom and make this world a place of peace for yourselves and one another.  This is no easy task, but, it is already happening.


So, in the ages of violence, how do you introduce the balance? Enter the energy of the water dragon. We presented “Asha”, the water dragon to our scribe. (Note from Monica: I looked up the name “Asha”, it is a Sanskrit word meaning: “Hope”.) Her energy is feminine… Water is such a strong element. It is often underestimated due to  its nature. But, again…the river never stops flowing, the tide always comes in and recedes. Yet, water can and does find its way everywhere and into everything. Let this be a lesson to those who seek balance. You do not have to force peace…you can allow peace within yourself and effecting the world at large simply by allowing the change that already surround s you to become a part of you. It’s already here, it only waits for you to say “Yes”… and, it will cover you, you can swim in this energy and flow. By choosing to do this, you will become the strength, the wisdom of the water dragon…And, you will see that through a simple choice everything that you’ve wished for will find its way to you with very little effort on your part. Which is how it was meant to be, before you chose to forget your (divine) selves, so that you could take this journey of remembering through experience.

Go with it… Do not unnecessarily hurt yourselves by thinking you know the “order” of things. To know the order of things,  you must remember who you are, how the universe truly works. Nature is the prime example of the order of things. Even though your scientist believe they understand nature… they do not.  As, nature is flexible it is fluid, it answers to the same calling as your divine core…that of the creator. And, other than birth, life and transition…there are no hard and fast rules. A sapling left alone will become a humungous tree. But, who’s to say whether lightening will strike it, or, the birds will eat it before it reaches its prime? Who’s to say, some human won’t cut it down to build a home? Who’s to say, that a flood won’t uproot it all together? No one… No one… And, that is the beauty and the adventure of life itself. The tree is not worried about anything beyond now. Right now, there may be a termite problem that it’s dealing with. Or, a woodpecker tearing at its skin… The tree will aim to continue to grow despite all these possible challenges. And, it will do so… You are no different. The moment you resist the changes, the challenges, you stop growing… And, you invite the beginnings of transition…or, physical death.  …Our scribe thinks we are being rather “heavy” and “serious”, but, she doesn’t understand that this message must come now…  As, the time is NOW. So many are waking up, those at the front lines are breaking new ground and blazing new trails… Yes…NOW…

So, we will leave you with these insights, these observations, with the hope that you will take them in, and choose for yourselves how you will proceed with your individual lives. The time to step to the forefront of your own life is here… and, it’s critical that you recognize that. YOU are in charge… YOU are responsible… YOU call the shots! Whether you want to, or not! The universe doesn’t care what you choose, as you are going to be fine either way. This is about making you aware that you will always be in the driver’s seat—no one else. So…we ask you? Where are you headed?


As always…we are so in love with you, and hope that you will replicate and receive that love within yourselves.

Be Love, for you are love,

The Seven Sisters (et al)

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