So, here’s the deal…  As people wake up, they notice that their relationships start to quake, tumble, and sometimes fall apart. What do you want me to say?? Should I say that its unnatural? Unnecessary?

The truth is… a relationship with you and another person can only be as good as the relationship each individual has with themselves. So, if you are in denial about issues going on unaddressed within yourself, it will, can and must show itself in your relationship with others.  What kind of relationship am I referring to?? Pick one, honey… They all apply! 😉

There has been and will be, major shifts and changes in how we relate to others. Things that seemed minor have become mountains… It’s not sudden, it’s not overnight…it’s been building. The things we overlooked yesterday, or yester-year… the things we allowed, that we shouldn’t have are coming front and center to be resolved. And, if you won’t address it.–it will be addressing you.

I’m not telling anyone to be alone. I’m telling you that you cannot hide from yourself, by being in a relationship with someone else and using it as a distraction. It will not work. In fact, it can be as unhealthy as having a major addiction. Some people are addicted to their ideals of love, having no idea that love flows, love embraces, love addresses… If it goes clunk, clunkity, clunk, clunk… It’s not working in your highest interest.

A lot of people have to have “bad” relationship experiences to realize, that they keep attracting the same person, the same situation over and over again. And, then go… wtf?! Why do I keep doing that?? Well, it’s a clever thing you do for yourself– you’re a genius, you really are. You know there’s an aspect, an issue that you refuse to address. So, you go out there and find a mirror in the form of another person, and they take you to task. They reflect you to you. They push all the “wrong” buttons, and, then a power struggle ensues… You break up, call them crazy, swear to never engage someone like that ever again.

Here’s the opportunity that oftentimes, people skip over…. You’re alone with you, and it’s a perfect time to start engaging yourself, your issues, finding out what you want to change about yourself. This is the time to start a hot and steamy romance with yourself… date yourself, take yourself out to dinner and a movie– sit at home and read, cook, or do nothing… And, you know what most of us do? Start the process of finding “someone” again.

We’re in a time of the great shift where things are seriously falling apart. And, they are doing so– so that we are left with ourselves to depend on, ourselves to look to for support, ourselves to fix things… ourselves to love and respect first and best. Call it transformation…but, you’ve got to transmute that old you who was hiding, ducking and denying, first. The old you is leaving whether you like it or not. The energies around us are whipping by so fast that every time we think we’re safe in an illusion, a strong energetic wind, rain, quake, wave, or fire storm comes and destroys it all. Now, the wise soul would realize… “Oh shit… I’m gonna have to face the music, swallow the truth and live the wisdom I know I have.” The ahem… unwise soul, is going to be like the three little pigs with houses made of hay and sticks… “I’ll just rebuild again.” –same design, same materials, same — WOOSH! Wait, was that a tornado– Again?! Yeah, um… good luck with that strategy. You’re gonna be busy and pissed off for a long time.

So, Monica– what are you suggesting?

I’m suggesting you balance your own inner God/dess aka X and Y chromosomes. Hello?? — your action and contemplation?? Your male and female sides, people. I’m suggesting you go into your own unknown self, set up camp, like a good soldier, warrior, jedi, disciple… hey, pick something cool for yourself –and, you be in that place until you “know” yourself a bit better. And, don’t come out until you “know something for sure.” Why is that important?? One word: US…  When you emerge, the rest of us are going to try like hell to convince you that who you say you are– isn’t you at all. We will swear we know you better than you. We will tell you this new you is selfish, wrong, inconvenient… and, well, we’re not sure we like this new you. See? Sounds good right? LOL… If you aren’t completely certain and emboding who you know yourself to be… you’re going to take all those external voices, internalize them, and then “think” that those thoughts are yours, that those thoughts are fact, and, I promise you’ll become both depressed and confused, because there’s something wrong with you. But, seriously folks… Who the hell are all these other people, to tell you– who you are? How is it, they know you– a person they’ve never been, better that you– who you’ve been forever??

People mean well… uh… most of the time. But, the majority–  mean well for themselves, not you. So, its important that you develop love for yourself. –Not the word, not the concept, but, living the energy of it. Embody love from within, so, that its always reflected without.

For those of you absolutely terrified of being alone with yourself, start small and work your way up. Try going to a movie alone… and, move on from there. There are so many wonderful people in the world, there’s wonderful relationships to be had. But, if you have not developed a loving relationship with you first… your life will reflect that, as will your relationships. Which kind again??? Right…all of them. 😉

Namaste beautiful souls… you are so brave to be shinning now… Turn it up!



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