It’s unbelievable, that people cannot for some reason accept that they have to DO something, put FORTH something, or PAY something, in order to RECIEVE something in life. This is life 101, and too many are still confused by it. What is wrong with you people?! How utterly immature for you to think that you are entitled to more than your efforts, money, or willingness affords you?! Stop it already, you look ridiculous. And, while the rest of the world may not put it to you this harshly… I have no problem doing it. As, I’m no longer going to allow you to waste my time, energy, or try an hustle something out of me.

This idea that the world is something for nothing is one of it’s main issues. We cannot sustain life if we do not take ownership for our actions or lack of actions in it. Do you like breathing clean air? I’m serious… do  you? Then why are rain forest being cut down? Why are we allowing pollutants to blow through the wind? Why are we acting as if we cannot do our own part in making sure we can breathe well? What about eating? Do you enjoy dining out, every once in a while? Do you understand that a restaurant calls for you to pay for the food and to pay the staff preparing and serving the food? If you aren’t willing to tip…don’t eat out! You’re wasting the time of everyone there! Many times, a waiter has to tip out to a bartender…and, if they are killing themselves to make sure you have a great dinning experience… tip them well. Otherwise… STAY HOME AND COOK!

People are happily ignorant of understanding that in order to benefit from life, you have to invest in it. Yes…you actually have to do something! And, if you don’t, then you must accept the consequences of that as well. Meaning: Not getting what you want, not getting results, and not getting ahead. I understand there has been mass advertising telling you that things are free when they aren’t. Even free things, have a suggested donation that they ask for, or, they ask you to advertise in exchange for their product or service. Or, they ask you to take a survey, etc. A free T-shirt, usually is an advertisement in disguise. So, did you get something for free? No…you agreed to be a walking billboard. Do you buy one and get one free? No, you paid for the second item while paying for the first–it was built in. Did something get shipped to you for free? No…it was built into your membership dues, or, the price of the item you paid for!  Come on…it’s dangerous to be that stupid. It really is!

I’m saying this because I’ll be honest with you… I don’t work for free… EVER. Even if it isn’t money, it’s bartering. Why? Because the universe works in balance. And, going against that will only bring you heartache in the end. Even when we say we are doing something for free we aren’t. Many times, we have expectation that our kindness will be remembered and returned at a later date. So, when it isn’t, we resent the person who received it in the first place. When, in truth, it’s ourselves we should be upset with–if you aren’t being upfront and honest, don’t be mad when you receive the very confusion you put out to begin with.

As a professional psychic, I get calls from people all set for a reading until they hear my rate. And, then they want to start negotiations. Um… no. There is no negotiation. This is MY BUSINESS. I don’t have to negotiate the pricing, the duration, or the style of how I do my readings. So, save yourself some trouble and me some aggravation, and read my services page. Emotional blackmail in the form of sad stories, whining or what have you, will not work. I mean, do you go to your job with these things, and expect to be paid? No?? Well, this is MY JOB… so…save it! Sounds harsh, doesn’t it? But, it isn’t. I deliver with my job, I use a lot of time and energy in my readings… So, for me to accept whatever someone “feels” like giving me, is me saying I’m not worth my rate–and, I AM. The truth is: We’re all working on, or through something! This is what’s makes us more alike than not! Therefore,  it should behoove us to be fair toward one another, not look for the angles to take advantage.

There’s so many people walking around under the delusion that they are the only ones having a tough time, a hard time, or whatever. And, my response: “Are you fucking kidding me?!” The entire world is going through major changes, from an individual and a global level. So, puh-leaze… get out of the mirror long enough to realize you aren’t alone in the good times, nor the not so good times.

We have an opportunity to be of service to one another. We have an opportunity to help one another get one step closer to individual happiness. We come into one another’s lives armed with changes, lessons, and teaching. And, for us to go into these exchanges empty-handed is insulting. Who thinks to go shopping for food, clothing, a home, or ANYTHING without money in some form?? In some cases, it’s a bartering fair… Okay, there’s no money, but, you’ve brought something you feel is of value to exchange for something you, at the time, you feel is more needed. But, guess what??? You know not to come empty-handed, or, you can expect to leave the exact same way.

Enough of this insulting, disrespecting of our talents, gifts, and that of others… Companies, do this all the time…and, look what’s happened to the global economy. And, the more they try an hold onto profits, without paying, or hiring the talent (people) to make more… the more they really lose. Sure, they may say they are doing better…but, the truth is… they can’t afford to tell the truth. The truth would make investors run screaming from companies, like the buildings were on fire. This something for nothing attitude is poisonous. So, when you employ it on a personal level, social level, or business level–expect to become sick from it in either body, mind, or spirit, or, in complete honesty… all three!  The universe works to balance itself. And, you are in the universe, and it is in you… If you choose to go against universal laws, you are choosing to suffer the consequences for such.

I don’t work for free. Neither should you… I’m worth more than that–aren’t you?!


Love Peace Happiness N One,


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  • This Is a timely message for me as I will be setting up an online store this year to sell my art. (working on my website now) I haven’t felt like selling it before but I do now. And I sure would not insult anyone by expecting their work for free.
    Thank you for sharing. And sometimes harsh/blunt is absolutely necessary for the message to be heard.

  • Monica 🙂 I find your expression, a breath of fresh air! Thank YOU…

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