Good lord! I have to start with that exclamation because this Mercury retrograde has got me reeling. As if, the sun-storms weren’t enough. Let’s just say…I’m breathing a lot, shaking my head a lot, and trying allow myself not to become too overwhelmed with emotions… any and all.

Shifting kids…that’s what I’m talking about. I think there’s been a misconception that once you arrive to a certain plateau in your spiritual journey, that you can rest on your wisdom and stop. And, no–no you can’t. Just when you think you’ve gotten comfortable, the universe lovingly brings along a person, or situation  to knock you out of your seat, and implores you to “keep it moving!”

So, lately, I’ve been obsessed with yellow. And, well, I know it’s my Solar Plexus, or Manipura letting me know we’re upgrading. I’ve been having digestive issues, feeling emotional, a sense of loss…and, kind of lethargic. Sounds unpleasant doesn’t it? But, the truth is, this the constant experience we have before we move up to the next level of awarness. I’m going to include a link to this site for more explaination on this charkra because I think it does a great job of explaining it and it’s function: 

As the new energies work their way through your chakra system and become intergrated into your energetic sphere, you are going to experience things that let you know you’re on the move. And, while I am usually quiet during these times, I thought on this chakra, I’d say something. Which is kind of strange given that the throat chakra is usally the one we speak with. But, when I found that I had to have yellow dresses, and shoes for summer… When I found myself wanting to wear yellow, I knew something deeper was going on. The truth is… I’ve always hated yellow. I think it’s too girly, too feminine… too…not anything like me. But, that’s not true. I am sometimes, girly, I’m always shiny and bright in some respect and there are quite a few people in my life who refer to me as “Sunshine”. No…not kidding about that. lol! So, knowing those things, it’s time I expand how I think and define myself. Thus… yellow.

Another thing that’s happening is that my psychic abilities are being expanded and refined. My psychic “sight” is becoming even clearer, sharper, and I can see farther. My hearing is becoming more crisp. And, I’m remembering things about myself from lives past. It’s as if the tool kit I thought I had, has a lot of extended shelves and drawers that have a lot more tools than I first thought. I have to remember how to use these things. I have to become comfortable with them again. I have to allow myself to know I’m actually much grander, greater, and wonderful than I previously thought. And, while I have worked on this a great deal and am one of the most honeslty confident people I know–I also know that there’s still much, much more to me. Can you imagine that? Knowing you’re this massive energy, and trying to figure out: 1. How to be comfortable with your greatness. 2. Expressing it without worrying about all those who do not choose to express their own greatness.  The truth is…we have no say in whether or not anyone chooses to live their all their potentials. But, we do have a say, as to when, how, or if we will live our own.  We get so involved in how others choose to express themselves, so, that we can avoid our own expressions. Because being who you truly are can be your biggest struggle and hurdle in life–it can also be your greatest achievement.  And, in order to be the wonderful, divine, unspeakably beautiful being you truly are–you first must recognize you aren’t truly human, and that limitations are illusions. You are grand… you are an expression of all that there is. “Heavy is the head that wears the crown.” But, you were born with it, so, it’s not going anywhere. 😉 So… you might as well rock it!

Whenever these transitions of old energy leaving to make  way for the new to happen, I find that  I like to become quiet… My inner monk comes out, and I want to seclude myself. And, I know I do it to contemplate what’s happening. I do it to rest, to be with myself, and to yes… just go through it. I don’t have the energy, or the time to resist anymore… My hands are up, I’m waving a white flag… “Fine! I’ll go be even more amazing.  I’ll go be greater… I’ll go be the God that I already knew I am. And, I’ll do it while being human… FINE!’ Lol! Yes, I meant those caps… because sometimes, I’m still going to be slightly bratty about it. 😀  But, in the end… I’m doing it. Why? Because that’s why I came here; To help the transition from human to human-angel move along the evolution for the rest of the universe. I don’t have to think too deeply about it… I’ve just got to take the next step. You’re coming with me, aren’t you? 😉

So, hey…if you’re going through you’re own upgrade right now… don’t worry… just do what you need to–to get to the other side. And, allow yourself to bask in your own greatness. Serving you, serves us all. Namaste.

Love Peace Happiness N One.



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