I had to go outside, because the enveloping energy of Venus preparing to dance across the sun was overwhelming me. No, the cubical is much too small for this. So, I went outside to go get coffee trying like hell not to start singing to the top of my lungs–yes, I’m a singer. Or, to start dancing down the side walk–wall street isn’t use to such things. And,as I laughed to myself, I heard quite clearly, “The Goddess wants herself back.” I’ve reported this on other sites, but, I didn’t say who said this to me. It was “The Marys” both The Mother, and The Magdalene. I’ve been working with them for years to integrate my own feminine energy. But, they weren’t referring to me, but, to all of us.

Yesterday was a blessing indeed, for too long the feminine has been expressed in secret, not just in cultures, or societies, but, within ourselves. And, it’s time she come front and center, standing next to her counterpart, make us all whole. It is time for the mind to be balanced with intuition. It is time, for grace to be mated with agression. It is time for the womb to be allowed to take in seed and nurture it into fruition. It’s time for us to reclaim all of ourselves.

I have a “student” who has been the only male that has worked really hard to regain all of himself. By nature, he is a powerful energy, quite magnetic. But, for years he was unbalanced. Too much masculine energy, to the point, where it repelled rather than compelled. At our first meeting almost five years ago, I gave him a word, I said this word needed to be meditated on, and then integrated into his life. And, the word was “grace”. I’m happy to report, through his own efforts, determination, and commitment to himself… he has grace, and I believe this flooding of feminine energies will only make it more so. I have done no work for this soul, I only provided the cup for him to fill with water in answer to his thirst.

Last evening in my home, as I felt the energy of many Goddesses, from many cultures, societies, and traditions make there way into my home– I thought, “Wow its so crowded in here.” And, then, I heard giggles… a lot of giggles. The thing about it was, it wasn’t shy, nor timid, but, amused. All of a sudden, I felt an overwhelming feeling of relief and I began to cry out… “Oh my Goddess, its so nice to have you home again, it has been too long!” And, I continued to cry. Many, many lightworkers, many souls have been holding down the energies of the Goddess on this planet for eons, watching the unbalanced masculine energies move us farther and farther away from ourselves, and the creator. And, finally, we are off duty. We no longer must ground these energies into our beautiful Earth, inhabited by the beautiful Gaia. The galactic energies have opened the gate…and, here she is once more… strong, beautiful, full of wisdom, grace, intuition, passion, feeling…heart. Yes… this is a time to rejoice, indeed.

How is life created in this realm? Male and female…either in two bodies, or in one–they come together and bring forth new life…whether it be in energy or manifested in the physical. We all carry both within each fiber of ourselves. A man without grace, is an angry man, a confused man. A woman without grace, feels part of herself is lost… she feels out of sorts. A man with aggression has been told he can only be angry, and therefore has trouble feeling love. And, a woman with aggression, is told that she is attempting to be a man. Illusion… we are both, we are male and female. Aggression and grace… Action and contemplation… I say this because we spend too much time, trying to separate the male and female, yet, the truth is, we are and have always been one. When you can integrate your Goddess with your God, loving them both, in love with them both… Only then will you have the opportunity to experience love in its highest form.

Yes, the shift is in full swing now… Come, let us continue to prepare ourselves to bring home here, and make the earth, oursleves, and this world anew. Ascension…its already here. 😉

Love Peace Happiness N One,

Monica (Deevah)

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