Hey sexy…how you doing?! Do you know you’re the love of my life? Do you know I would do anything for you? Do you know you are more than I ever hoped for?! I’m so into you!

(Steps away from the mirror)

Okay…now that I’m done talking to myself… I’ll talk to you! lmao!

You probably thought there was something strange about me loving myself so shamelessly in front of you, right? But, what’s strange is…it’s not common place, and it should be. Why isn’t it we are taught to shamelessly love ourselves, for ourselves, as much as we’re told to do that for one another? Why are we constantly being pushed to put someone else’s happiness for our own?! That–that is strange. That is twisted, and the reality we live in is proof that putting others before you doesn’t work. Why? Because the backlash far out weighs the temporary rewards of being in someone else’s good graces.

Happy Valentine’s Day loves… On, this day, I remind you of the most sacred relationship you’ll ever have… the one you have with yourself. Be there for you, first… not in selfishness, but, in love.

The approval we seek from one another, is a feeble attempt to soothe the ache we have for our own self-acceptance. And, when you are void of you…there’s no one outside you that can fill that void. For you are what you need…you are what’s missing. So, it’s up to you to be that perfect love that you seek.

External love can be a sticky thing. We always tend to ask for more than our share from those we claim to love, and receive love from. We’re sooo scared of getting hurt, oftentimes, we ask others to deprive themselves, so that we can stave off insecurities, fears, and vulnerability. If you aren’t wise enough to see the manipulation in this scenario, an indication may be the resentment that surfaces within your heart toward both yourself and the other person. When you start selling out the stock of your own best interest for the love of another, expect your own heart, and I AM to resist it–not to mention kick your ass in one way or another. 😉

I am speaking what I know to be true, through my own life’s practice. Love is giving and receiving… meaning an exchange. And, while compromise is necessary (to a point), it’s not a compromise of souls, but, the insertion and assertion of flexibility in ideas, ideals and beliefs. The collaborations of two whole souls isn’t an easy task, now, imagine attempting to collaborate when one of you isn’t whole? Yeah…um…good luck with that. 😉

So, lover… what kind of lover will you be? Will you accept the challenge, the journey, the reward of loving you first, foremost and best?? So, that you may one day love us all in a healthy exchange? You can ask for what you aren’t willing to give, but, chances are…you won’t get it. Remember: The universe seeks to balance itself, and that isn’t something any of us can get beyond.

Happy Valentine’s Day, beautiful soul. We can scour the universe and I promise…there is no other like you! Muah!


Love Peace Happiness N One,


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