I write this blog in complete humbleness and awe, of a little lightworker I met today on the train. Correction, a little lightworker who demanded my attention. I owe her more than this  blog can offer…today, I owe her everything.  In a very brief exchange, she helped remind me of who I AM, why I’m here, and no matter what… KEEP GOING!

I’ve had some serious releases in the past couple of days–everything from stomach issues, to hysterical crying, and general feelings of wtf?!!! I’ve been navigating the choppy waters of relationships and family–never getting lost, but, perhaps slightly out of focused, and emotionally overwhelmed. But, today was the day, a fellow lightworker, in her gorgeous, beautiful, five year old, human form helped this 37 year old human-formed, light worker REMEMBER what matters, and, what doesn’t. And, the truth is…most things don’t matter! 🙂

When you’re psychic, you “see” and “feel” most things, all the time. And,  you will sometimes take take it for granted that in a sea of people, you’re one of the few who has heightened awareness. This morning, on the subway, on the way to work, I got lost in my thoughts of everything I’m currently going through, and the wisest way to proceed in these things. Little did I know that I was being watched quite closely. Out of nowhere, I “felt” the need to look to my right and toward the subway doors… And, there she was. She was a beautiful, light-skinned Latina girl, dark brown eyes, full of wisdom. Her hair was dark brown, long and she was wearing her catholic school uniform and her pink (Goddess, my Goddess) Dora the Explorer backpack. She looked deeply into my eyes, and without a sound mouthed the word “Bye”, with a smile that put the sun in shadow. I always know when I’m really being seen as it makes me blush. I smiled back at her and without words said, “Bye!” She then said, again without words, “Have a good day…” and, I replied–none of this was aloud– “What?” And, she repeated herself. And, I told her (silent) “Have a good day.” We looked into one another’s eyes… smiled…and, she got off the train and went to either kindergarten, or her first grade class. And, I, to work.

Watching that little master walking off the train, filled my eyes with tears… And, I sniffled to myself in awe of everything we are, and everything we are to one another… She shifted me in that moment… She added more love to my heart chakra in that bleep of time… and, I can only express my gratitude in the silent tears that form whenever I think about that moment… Oh my God(dess) how powerful, you have created us all–and, yet, so many walk around in complete ignorance of this gift within themselves and one another.

Just so you know, children like she are sometimes referred to as “crystals”,or “rainbows”… she was both. A crystal-rainbow hybrid. And, she and her kind will do my job much better that I, and much easier. For, I and my kind came here sooner for that to be the case. I’m here clearing a path, making way…and, mastering the human experience, so that the “new ones” as we call them, do not have to suffer the slings and arrows of an overgrown ego, of the darkness of ignorance, lack of tolerance, and illusion of duality of the human experience. This is what we are transcending and transmuting… NOW. And, I could not be more grateful, more blessed and more inspired to continue this journey… For today, I saw the  future, the beginnings of the New Earth…and, it’s gorgeous!

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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