12/29/2013… The last days of the year 2013 are upon us, but, I have been feeling the newness of 2014 for weeks. What does it feel like? It feels at first, like gentle whispers surrounding me telling me it’s time to let things go. What things? All things that do not work in my highest good. Things that aren’t serving me to continue remembering who I am, why I came, and what I choose to do with this life experience. Whatever cannot keep vibrations high, and ascension at it’s core, cannot stay. Period.

Many of you will fight this transformative energy… And, let me tell you now, you will suffer for it. You will call this resistance, problems, issues, drama, bad luck. But, no… it’s you. It’s you fighting against a cosmic tidal wave, and losing. You’ve been told many times that a great shift was upon you. And so it has been for many eons, but, now, it comes to the climax, the peak, the annex, as we begin to walk across the threshold into a great age for humanity. The thing about evolution is it happens naturally, without permission, and without thought. Therefore, those with eyes to see, and ears to hear understand that this is the natural progression of the universe, and themselves, will create the courage to release what is keeping them from evolving.

Lately, I have been feeling things jarring lose, pulling away from my personal energetic sphere. My aura is a little agitated, static, and my body aches with the releases of what I have been, so, I can expand into what I will become. I suppose if I hadn’t been through this so many times before, I’d be terrified. But, the truth is– I have. Many of us have. We know the routine, we know the discomfort, the lack of sleep, the body aches. We know that bedtime, is conversation time with spirit, with the angels, a time for getting instructions, support, or just to release in general. And, that’s what I’ve been doing. My human “mind” is taking the transformation better than ever. The resistance is minimal, the questioning almost non-existent. Of course the mind wants this to make sense. It wants things to fit into test tubes and petri dishes, unfortunately for it… I burned the science lab down long ago. I’ve lived too many life times, to rely on the record keepers of what has already been for thousands of years. So, my mind when it is calm, when it has completely tired itself, which takes less time than ever before–my mind will wait, because it knows, the understanding always comes.

Conduit of Healing will be transforming as well. I speak of my business as a separate entity because it is. I gave birth to it, but, it is it’s own energy. And, it is constantly changing. I have separated from doing monthly appearances on Journey Into the Light Radio for many reasons, the main being–it’s very energy consuming. Many people want readings, but, few actually do the work that is revealed in the reading. And, then wonder why their lives aren’t changing. This isn’t a judgment call on my part, simply an observation. We tend to continue to seek answers when we’d like to avoid bringing the solution into the now. While I will still appear on radio, television shows, etc.  I will be minimizing the dead-end  experience for myself and Conduit of Healing–I AM the pebble in the pond. And, I’ve said before that I “read” clients long before I choose to formally read for them. Yet, lately, I’ve been sought out by people who call me, but, aren’t committed enough to themselves to go through with the reading. Another psychic may choose to “sell themselves” to the caller, in order to secure the reading, and the money. I still have a day job. I’ve often wondered why that is the case. But, it’s become clear that I have other means of income, so that I can tell these clients, “No, I cannot read for you.” I have no desire to take advantage of anyone, even when they make it quite easy. Conduit of Healing, is about changing your life–not for right now, but, forever. Period. It isn’t about “Am I going to get that job, man, house, etc…” , it’s about “Am I going to get me?!” Getting yourself, befriending, loving, supporting and committing to yourself is the biggest challenge of a lifetime. I help facilitate that connection, I am the Conduit to help you Heal that connection. Anything or anyone around you is an lovely extraneous component to what you would call life. You may not know that yet–but, I do, and I choose to act accordingly.

In this year, I will be finishing my book: Conduit of Healing…. And, it’s been quite the adventure writing and remembering the major experiences that got me to here and NOW. The truth is, even when you’ve healed from traumatic experiences in your life, you still feel emotions when recalling it. As an actor, I know this for sure–some of the best roles ever played have come from the ability to recall experiences long past. So it has been with me in the writing of my book. Therefore, it has taken a lot more courage and grit than I might have thought in the beginning. That being said, I am doing it, because my story is the story of many. My story will and does have parts of every reader who’ll every pick it up, in it. That is why we love books. Books speak to parts of ourselves that relate to others. It’s a very important medium, writing. Words are magical, and a good writer is careful when conjuring thoughts with them. 😉

I sit here in the void–again, not really knowing exactly what is to come. But, this I know for sure. If it’s not in my highest good– it must go. If it’s not fun, I will not be inclined to do it. I am finished with proving who I am, what I do, and looking for any type of acceptance. I’m 39 right now. And, I’m more sure of myself, more in love, more confident than ever. No one outside of me can give me this–I know that for sure, and I am finished seeking it. I know that wisdom comes from learning from each experience. Not so much of how you got it right or wrong, but, did you make yourself better for it?  And, that isn’t a matter of event so much as it is a  matter of perspective.

In this time, I’m finding that I have become less and less interested in group think of all sorts. I’ve never been much into groups. I’ve always found it hard to breathe fully in them. More importantly, groups do not encourage individuality, rarely are they supportive of them. And, subliminally, groups form walls around themselves, boundaries, that you are discouraged from breaking down, or crossing. Many of my thoughts, have blown up imaginary walls, beliefs, and boundaries… I’m a blue sword, wielding, starseed… it’s what I do, and I confess… I like it! lmao… There’s nothing like watching the look of both discovery and horror cover a persons face, or impregnate the silence, when you’ve just destroyed their limited ideas of the world. I’ve never done it on purpose… but, I do–do it, and without apology. Many talk of “getting there”, of “mastering” of “nirvana”, but, I believe they talk about it, never really thinking it could happen, or that they could get there in this lifetime. I… I’m different, I think. I’m there, and, now… It’s about having fun with it, rediscovering, redefining, and just plain living it. Yes, I think that’s what people forget to do the most… They are so into studying, working at it, looking at it, they forget to LIVE it. But, that in itself takes a kind of courage some have yet to create. Ascension is for Masters, as is living said ascension… I don’t expect that space to be overcrowded, but, I don’t believe it’ll be quite empty either. All I know is… I AM ALL IN.

2014… leveling up!


Love Peace Happiness N One,



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