So, as I have mentioned many times before, I live in NYC. This week, it has occurred to me that there seems to be a dumbing-down of the human at such an alarming rate, that I felt I needed to speak on it. First–where’s your voice, people? Why aren’t you talking to one another? Why aren’t you talking to yourselves? Why are you so eager to complain to anyone who would listen, or in the case of social media, read your woes, but, when it comes to preventing them, you stay silent?!

I watch people in their zombie-mode, go throughout their day interacting with the public–bumping into each other, cutting one another off either walking or in cars. Showing absolutely no consideration for the people they must share public space with. You’ll see eyes roll, physical adjustments made, but, very few, myself being an exception, say, “USE YOUR WORDS! OPEN YOUR MOUTH!” We created words to better communicate what we want from one another, and I increasingly see people not saying what they want.  So, this is when I started talking to my crew.

Here’s the deal, if you cannot SPEAK what you want to create in your life for yourself, don’t expect it to show up! Thinking thoughts, it’s nice, it has its purpose, but, nothing is created in thoughts. Thoughts are there for you to figure out how to build your idea outside of your brain, into 3D reality. If you cannot say, “I want _______________”, how the hell do you expect the universe to move it’s vibrations and energies around to help you create  your “thought”? Saying what you want adds the vibration of conviction, of commitment, of creation. Perhaps that’s why so many of you do not actually say what you want, because you’re afraid you’ll actually get it. And, then… “Oh lawwwd, I have to get off my dreaming ass, and then, live my creation!” Oh, the horrors of being God also!

Lately, I’ve been looking at people and consciously realizing that I am seeing different expressions of God, creator, or whatever you want to call it. I gotta tell you, when I apply that level of awareness… Everyone becomes beautiful! And, then, I think… “Well, shit… God you’re walking around here in all these various forms, and not for nothing, but, this complaining shit is annoying, old, and pointless. Seriously, it’s time more of you remembered yourself, and speak things into creation!” Mind you, I cannot nor shall I impose this desire onto others– free will and all that. But, think on this… there’s billions and billions of people on the planet right now– and, figuratively speaking only a handful are consciously aware that they are an expression of God. What would the world look like, if EVERYONE knew and accepted this? Well, I can tell you one thing… there’d be a lot less struggling, greed, feeding, fear and war mongering. It’s very hard to take that much power away from large groups of God in awareness of itself. Ah… and, that is why fear is sooo intricate to power-hording. Not just fear people… but, fear of dying. It all comes back to physical death, doesn’t it? Funny how none of us were  “afraid” to be born, but, we’re terrified of “dying.” This fear of physical death, of pain of death, of pain in general has allowed enslavement of many kinds, on many levels, of many people. Now… what if instead of teaching we should be afraid of death, we were taught the truth:  “Dude… you can’t die, you’re infinite!” Mind you–I’m not talking about your body. Your body isn’t you– if you’re unaware of that– you can stop reading, this might make your brain melt. What you are has no true name, but, we use I AM, because the vibration of it works for this whole word/talking thing. But, what if you knew that “pain of death” was no longer something to fear, but, part of the story? What would that do to power in this world? Let’s see…


Predator: If you don’t give me your power, I’ll kill you!

You: I’m not giving it to you! You can try and take it, but, you’ll never have it.

Predator: We’re going to war, because XYZ country doesn’t want to do business with us.

You: You can do whatever you want, but, I’m not doing business with XYZ country– sounds like a personal problem.

Predator: I’ll kill you!

You: I thought you were looking to fight XYZ country?? Please focus your energies on one thing at a time. If you kill all of us, who will fight your war?

Predator: But, they’re trying to steal your freedom!

You: You’ve been trying to steal it ever since I got here! Puh leaze! Not playing this mind-fuck game.

Predator: You don’t love your family, your country, God!

You: I Am God, and I love me enough not to die for somebody else’s agenda!


See??? That conversation wears down those who seek to take power from others… The moment you say “NO!” It becomes a problem to steal your power from  you. Thus… a lot of systems, traditions, propaganda, and institutions have been put into place for thousands of years, to take advantage of you the moment you breathed your first breath of embodiment. Fear is taught, freedom is slowly given away, and the next thing you know you’re a miserable adult who doesn’t trust themselves with themselves. In a twisted way, it’s genius. But, it’s mostly just twisted.

In the last decade since “The Secret” was let out, everyone has been enamored with The Law of Attraction. Which is good, but, I think a lot of people have gotten stuck in the mental aspect of it. When I was around thirteen, I made my first goal list in puffy paint on my bedroom room mirror. I understood that a goal list was nothing more than a reminder. None of my goals were going to become my reality without saying what I wanted, and applying my effort to creating those accomplishments. Needless to say, I was a very vocal, and opinionated child. I got in trouble for speaking my mind a lot. I got in trouble for talking a lot. But, one thing has always been clear. I have never been a person to take things lying down. I have never been someone to be a willing fool, and I’ve never been someone you want to mess with. It’s just not worth it! But… believe it or not… I, too had to learn how to use my voice to it’s fullest extent. And, I did. Conduit of Healing is an expression of my voice, my I AM, of God, if you will. I made a decision to use my voice a long time ago, and I haven’t shut up since. And, I won’t! If you were hoping… You can stop now! It ain’t happening. By the way, my goal list?? I accomplished everything on it!

So, think on this… if your life is not reflecting what you want. If your creations in the ether aren’t making their way into the now… Ask yourself:

“Have I told myself what I want?”

” Am I telling myself the truth?”

“Have I told others what I want from them?”

“Have I been honest with those around me, about what my desires are?”

The universe can only answer: “Yes” to everything… I mean, it knows you’re God, even if you’re having an anxiety complex over it. But, if you don’t speak it?? Well, you’ll the get the results of not speaking… Silence! LOL

I’m looking forward to more awakening, more shifting, and more self-recognition of ourselves. I know I’m responsible for only myself, but, honestly… I have a gift of talking, so, if my saying this out loud, on this screen helps you remember… We’re all going to benefit from it!

Love Peace Happiness N One.

And, thank you God/dess for reading!





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