From Monica:  Again… I never know when The Seven Sisters want to talk. Today they came in–in the form of my restlessness, I confess… I was ignoring them a little bit. Lol… Sometimes human me gets in the way! 🙂 But, then, I took a deep breath, placed my hands on the keyboard, looked at the blank screen, and let go… I love being a channel! Enjoy this spring message!

Love Peace Happiness N One,



The Seven Sisters:

In a time that is disguised as great calamity–light comes…

Greetings from The Seven Sisters…

We come to you in a time of great excitement, where the crack in darkness, in the mass subconscious, continues to widen, allowing more and more light–creator-consciousness, and universal awareness to seep into every aspect of your world. It is growing, and so are you.

It is true, in every corner of your world, from the finest grain of sand, to the most silent wind, the shift is happening, and happening, the changes seeded, then germinated for centuries are blossoming. The human being is in the midst of its biggest evolution ever–the conscious creator, the human angel; the I AM not only incarnated, but, aware of itself! Don’t you see?! This is the greatest time ever! Ever! For all of us. When this planet was nothing more than a ball of gas, cooling and waiting, many light beings watched and wondered what it would be like when they came here, and the “human being” expression began to take shape. This has been millions of years in the making. There were no rules, no guidelines, and no specific ideas. There was simply a thought in source that said–what if?? Which is always answered with: “And, so it is…” So much of source has been poured into the human being, which is why this species peaks the interest of those from far away places–places that some have never even considered or thought about. While others simply remember  [those places] as being “home” once upon a existence.

We would like to recommend that you do not try to label, capture, or “understand” all that’s happening now on such a large scale. It is much more important that you focus on your own changes, challenges, questions, answers and transformations. It’s all happening at once anyway, and while you have been given creator energy–it does have it’s limits, meaning… it’s limited to you. That being said, what you decide to create does affect others, as you do share this space, this planet, this universe, this now –with many far beyond your comprehension. So, we ask that you be present when making your choices… they ring out into the omniverse.

Our scribe fears we are rambling… And, perhaps we are. But, we wanted to let all those lightworkers who have doubted, struggled to find their way– who’ve wondered whether or not they’ve made any impact, any difference at all– the answer is YES. Yes, you have done beautifully, and some of you have done so well, that you’ve decided to transition and seek new adventures elsewhere  (The Sisters are referring to death here). Others, will be leaving in the next ten years. To some it may seem as if they are leaving en mass. But, fear not– there’s more little ones being born, ready and waiting to continue in your stead. They are quite grateful for the clearer path that those before have left. And, are most grateful to those who have decided to stay and guide them in their adventure of “being human”, while being aware that you are also the “Creator” or, “God” –some of you who enjoy that word.  A magical time, indeed.

We are watching, watching, cheering and squealing with delight. As, you know there are many of us experiencing the human adventure already–though they are quite old (“Old” is referring to the souls or essence of said person), they are there. And, more would like to come. You see– being human is the ultimate expression in the universe right now. It’s been called “Earth School” for a very good reason. It’s the place you come to–to experience life as cognizant, conscious creator. It’s the place you come to –to experience love  in the way humans created it– the hugs, kisses, the smiles, yes… the sex too. These aren’t things you should ever take for granted, they are beautiful, and not accessible to all. It’s a very human thing. The color combinations we see, hear and feel when people combine energies in love are truly divine. So, yes… some of us, would like to know what that’s like first hand.

So, our message is this… Do not stop. Please do not stop–it’s working, it’s happening, and the ripples have made their way back to source and as you change, it changes, you are creating a new world–whether you can see it right now or not–and, it is good. It is divine, it is the place to be to change all there is… Which is what the intent has always been: to change, to grow, to expand. Rejoice… all is well. 😉

We love you! We really and truly do! We are so proud, in such awe, and applaud your courage, your faith, your determination. Please continue to be love in all it’s various forms, for you are and have always been the love of the creator of all things!

Love and Blessings from all of us (and, we are many!)

The Seven Sisters

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