Sometimes I feel like a broken record talking about the dark side of ourselves, and why it’s important. But, once again, as I traverse my own journey, I’ve come to realize, some people are just starting to wake up to their own dark side. My patience… is and probably will always be an on-going project. And, I accept that. I encourage you to do the same. Some days patience will come with ease, and on others you may feel as if you’re literally breathing in fire, and attempting to transform it into a gentle breeze. And, you know what?? That’s okay! It really is okay, it’s important and it’s apart of the experience of growth.

I’ve been quite amused, and validated lately as I’m watching a lot of the spiritual community finally acknowledge that we do, and should have a dark side. That all the yammering about yin and yang aren’t just nice little pictures of black and white swirls with opposite color dots. But, it is symbol of you– your life and the life experience. I know some people have been completely turned off by some of my thoughts, words, and way of being. I know some people have questioned my spirituality, as it doesn’t seem to glisten all the time with sweet words, or oozing with palatable high fructose bullshit. LOL… If anyone was waiting for an apology,–I hope you enjoy your lack of oxygen… And, just know blue is a wonderful skin color! 🙂 Meaning: Never gonna happen.

Recently, the full scorpio moon affected me in a way in which my energy  was so sharp and high, that I purposely kept away from people as much as possible. I intuitively felt more comfortable wearing black with a smidgen of magenta. Dark Goddess anyone? Yes… she exist! And, her purpose is real, and critical. She protects herself, she calls things out by their true name, and she doesn’t suffer the fool. But, most importantly, she doesn’t worry about being nice, being liked, or being someone else’s idea of who she must be. There has been too much treading lately, on one another’s individuality, and I’m not having it. NO MORE.

I’m going to be forty this year… And, what always makes me laugh is that my human age in this incarnation, is used by others as ammunition or proof that I haven’t lived enough to know what I know. Or, that my experiences haven’t provided me with enough wisdom to see which way energies are flowing. It’s an ego thing. It’s what people tell themselves to make themselves feel better about their positions in life. And, you know what?? I let people think what they will. Playing the game of  superiority has never interest me– your life is your testimony, not your age, not your accolades, not the applause. But, the moment by moment choices you make. Your reactions to the inevitable difficult situations in life– that is telling of your knowledge, your wisdom…you. And, for a very long time, I’ve been me, without permission, apology, and with a shit load of criticism from the womb onward. And, you know what? None of my experiences make me special in my opinion, but, my choices?? That may make me different in the eyes of some. The consequences of my choices, which is my life in this now moment– that may set me apart. But, the truth is… when you acknowledge, honor and live your authentic self, you are always going to be set apart from the herd. That is, as it should be. That is the calling of the lightworker, the starseed, the spirit-warrior, the indigo, crystal and rainbow. You answered the call to shift the energy, disturb the status quo, and yes, that invites the bemoaning, curses and anger of the status quo herd, who has decided anything outside of it is “Bbbbbaaaaaaadddd!”

I think a lot of people thought spirituality was supposed to be a never-ending frolic into whimsy, smiles, laughter and faires all the time. I mean, that’s what the spiritual propaganda machine told you isn’t it? That abundance would be always be this glorious lovely experience, if only you use the secret properly. –That you would always enjoy your conversations with God. For the record: The conversations aren’t good or bad, but, are there to encourage you to develop your highest potential. Your reaction determines whether or not you find it enjoyable. And, you know what?? You won’t all the time! The spirituality machine  probably told you the high of happiness and joy are never-ending. And, hey, if you keep your four agreements, perhaps you thought– so would everyone else. My official response to that: ROFLMAO! Pray, tell me soul… how the hell does that make any logical sense in the realm of individuality and free will? Free. Will. –Not just for you and me… everyone! So, guess what?? Some souls will choose to be assholes. And, you must decide how you will react. Wisdom will be reflected in the appropriate reaction at the appropriate time. Appropriate isn’t always going to come out pretty either. Sometimes it will be just enough edge in your tone that the person knows they’ve gone too far. And, sometimes… it will be a can of whoopass, when they purposefully go too far! In neither case are you any less honorable, less magnificent, less angelic, or less… period. Spiritual awareness in no way means, “Welcome” mat. It means: I have my sword, I have my flowers — And, I’m not afraid to use either. 😉 It means we are dexterous– we have collected all of the tools and have mastered all of them!

There’s a major transformation happening at ground zero of the awakening process. We enlightened humans  are discovering there’s more to this consciousness thing, than wings and halos. There’s more to it than harps, and  cherubs singing heavenly hymns. There’s the righteous rebellion of self-love. “You will NOT walk all over me! I AM that I AM!” There is the sword of truth, and the shield of love. Forgiveness, doesn’t mean anything more than, I’ve accepted you as to who you are, and what you’ve done– I release the energy surrounding it. That doesn’t mean, I have to keep you in my life. Release means exactly what it says… “let go.” So, let’s not confuse forgiveness, with self-abuse, shall we? Forgiving is about balancing, and upgrading your signature vibration. What the other person does with their own, is their business. You can only live one life at a time–yours. Mind you, there’s going to be a lot of “spiritual” people who disagree with me. And, that’s fine… But, I ask you to look at the nature of the universe. The sun is beautifully bright, and yet, has been having a lot of tantrums in the last couple of years in the form of storms and flares. Is it less magnificent? The moon goes through many phases from light to dark, to shades of color in between. Is she any less sacred? Nature creates and destroys without care– the universe gives birth and dies in the form of planets and stars over and over– and we all watch in awe, because it’s natural. Natural… hmm… So, light and dark are natural. So, why are we being taught that our personal darkness, irritation, anger, etc are wrong and not spiritual? It’s funny… we always know the answer to questions like that… And, yet, too few act on this knowing. When the consequences of not living what you know kick in, we get upset. But, seriously, who are you pissed at? The guru, that got caught up in the game, or the God-self that lacked the courage to live it’s truth? –Don’t hit me, I’m just the messenger people! LMAO

So…it’s happening… Something we knew would, but, hoped we’d never see. The real nitty gritty of consciousness approaches. The awakening process just got REAL! And, our friends from yesterday, may not be apart of our tomorrow. Our partners in enlightenment are leaving us, or are we leaving them? It doesn’t matter. What’s happening is out of all these thousands that were called and answered, another call is being sounded in the realm of free will… The Masters are being called, those who choose to be the soul voice of truth in a sea of lies. Those who will defend their I AM, when the herd closes in to silence it. There will be those who claim to know what it is to be enlightened, while you are choosing to “Do the damn thing”! Oh yes… This is what change looks like… And, if you’re going to be apart of it… You’re going to get dirty!


Love Peace Happiness N One,



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