So, as I continue to discovery myself in my own Masterhood, I realize I just do not have the same reactions to the outer world as I used to. And, this is a HUGE blessing. The planet that we call world, is so cool, so beautiful, and unfortunately put upon, by us– the human being with all our choices, consequences, and ego… always the effin ego! We have misused and disrespected so many things on earth that now we feel we have to “SAVE” her, the water, the trees, the animals, the… :shaking my head: It’s got to be the biggest head game ever. You must “SAVE” everything on the planet, but, yourselves…. And, oh by the way, you’re the issue, so if you want to save everything, STOP being a selfish, self-absorbed ass! LMAO Yes, I really said that, because… honestly… that’s what it boils down to. Being enamored with your whining, immature, bratty ego. The unchecked ego… it is like a double-edged sword. Without an ego, our experiences simply could not exist, but, when its in overdrive, well, we create a world that is endangered!

At this point in my journey, my adventure as it were… I have developed a relationship with myself to the point, where I have also developed a relationship with the planet, and as you know a slew of other things, both seen and unseen. The planet… she’s fine. She’s been here before we had the bodies to live upon her, and she is doing what is necessary for her own transformation. Nature doesn’t need our help, its here as a reminder of what is, with or without our understanding, permission, or opinions. I love it immensely for that reason. Whatever changes that are taking place with the birds, bees, flowers, trees, and yes, the weather, aren’t always because we suck as tenants on the planet. A lot of it is evolution. Nature knows what it’s doing at all times; it’s changing, adapting, transmuting energy, and yes, transitioning. We on the other hand? We are changing, kicking, screaming, whining, crying the entire way. LOL

Humans hate change, it’s sad but true. Thank you mass consciousness, for spending hundreds of years putting egotistical intellect before spirituality to the point where we have absolutely no grace when it comes to what’s natural: change, evolution, transition. We have somehow convinced ourselves that change is bad, because we cannot control it, even though at this very moment, your body is changing– cells are splitting, joining, working together to physically keep you here. You’re resisting, what is natural, and they are resisting your stupidity– let us pause to thank creator for automatic self-preservation. Hahahaha…

Is the world better or worse than it was before? I’m going to say, that’s negligible, because it’s not about the world… it’s about YOU. This is the “secret” everyone is avoiding. The world is reflecting us, back to us. And, until we own our own shit, it’s always going to look a certain way to those with no eyes to see what’s really going on. The world is a macrocosm, outwardly reflecting workings of the inner workings of the microcosm, you and me. I don’t know why intellect wants to make this more complicated than it is. Perhaps if it seems complicated, you’ll do nothing about yourself and someone will benefit off of your ignorance. That never happens, right? LOL The advancement of technology has afforded us the hugest mirror thus far, to show us– we can be downright evil toward another, and justify it in the most mind-boggling, heartbreaking way. For example, it seems that abuse against children is at an all-time high. Is it? Or, is it that lies in the dark, don’t stay there because everyone is a journalist,  because of the internet? Or, is it all of a sudden we seem to care more than we ever have before? Some traditions have no such thing as child or domestic partner abuse, or alcoholism… Now, with the influx of consciousness, we are looking at ourselves and one another, and thinking, “Hmm… perhaps children and spouses aren’t my property after all…” Peer pressure to be more “humane” is changing traditions, belief systems, and affecting government policy. Wait… what did I just say?? I said, CONSCIOUSNESS is what’s affecting change! That is why you can change the law, the traditions, the books and education all around people. But, the actual change comes from people being conscious of themselves, and the inter-workings of us as a planet. Real truth: You own nothing, you control nothing, you have opinions, but, you don’t have a say on anything or anyone but, you. You may not see it now, but, what I’ve said is true freedom. There’s peace in knowing that your responsibility is you. And, yes, I’m talking to parents as well. The best you can do as a parent, is the best you can do. A child will grow to be their own person, and who they choose to be may or may not reflect your best efforts as a parent. Release yourself as soon as you can, so that you do not inflict pain onto yourself based on the decisions of your child. I’ve seen too many people lose themselves in the people around them, allowing someone else’s actions to define them as a person. Yes, society does that to us as well, but, look at society– Do you really want to give it a louder voice in your life than your own spirit? Um… I don’t.

Another thing people don’t get is… No matter how this all looks, it’s going the way it must! There has always been a seemingly big mess before the change. But, to be honest, the mess is the change in progress. Why must we always get up in arms about this? NOTHING is stagnant. It is always evolving. When you accept this, you emotionally detach yourself from the natural progression of our world. Things will always be born, and they will always die. Sometimes, it’s very hard on us to experience and accept these things. It is neither bad, nor good… it is natural. What is unnatural is the idea that we have the power to destroy that which we have never had the power to create. But, the consequences of such actions are always there to answer the violation of that universal law. We don’t trust the universe to know what it’s doing. Even though, we’re tiny little blips  in it. Even though, we came from it– it gave us, us… we don’t trust it. And, we suffer for this lack of trust. We really do. We’ve created a lot of mind “dis-ease” with our inability to go within, connect with what has always been and say, “Yes, I trust you– you know what you’re doing.” And, you know what else? A lot of people have profited from our inability to trust the universe and ourselves. The drug industry: both “legal” and “illegal” which are the same if you ask me. The self-help industry, religious institutions, fashion industry, plastic surgery, governments, and so on and so on.  Not trusting the universe and the universe within is costing all of us a lot more than we can imagine, because it creates fear. And, fear creates separation, and separation creates enemies, etc.

So, I watch this… I’ve been watching it. I’m affected of course. I get frustrated, I cry, I curse like a drunken sailor just getting on land. And, then… I remember who I am, what I am, and what’s really going on. I chose to trust myself with myself a long time ago. It’s been years now. I allow myself to express all my feelings about the world I live in, and then… I act on my wisdom. This is exactly how it’s supposed to go. This is what’s necessary for us to remember that we already have all we need within us. And, all the drama outside of us in its extreme is a nudge, a push, and huge kick in the ass to go inside and know your choice  to wake up, and remain awake is what this has been all about. Enlightenment is where we are in this evolution. It’s already here to be honest, and it’s spreading, and yes… it’s been a major upheaval, that I expect will only increase until it is no longer necessary. While the human in me may weep at times, the master that I am smiles.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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