My entire life from as far as I can remember has been about searching, seeking, and remembering. It has been about answering this far away call from where, I didn’t remember. It’s tough being human, right? I mean, this whole incarnation embodiment thing… Who knew before we did it what was in store? I mean, what the hell were we thinking when we said, “Yeah, human… that sounds fun, let’s do it!” — Not once did we make that decision, but, thousands of times! LMFAO… Crazy much?! But, yes, I did… I did that, and, I’m doing this. I decided to take my infinite self and pour it into human form, hundreds of times over the span of thousands of year. And, I’m happy to say, I’ve got it! I’ve got the hang of  it now! “It” being me, of course. And, I’ve graduated myself once and for all. I am no one’s student any more, save… my own, and that of the universe.

I don’t know how many lifetimes I’ve been a priestess, warrior, philosopher, witch, druid, shaman, priest, and whole slew of other things. But, I’m going to be really real with you– I’m sick of the entire concept of studying! It really is time to “do the damn thing”! How many lifetimes do you really need, soul? After a couple of thousand, doesn’t this shit start looking the same?! Come one… be real, you know it does. In fact, in a lot of cases, its become downright predictable–even if you’re not psychic! So, why, why hang on? Why sit a the hem of some guru’s robe– why hang on the edge of the words of someone else? Why mentally consume every lesson, workshop, word, pose,  quote, pros, poem, painting, and expression of someone else? When really your discovery… what you truly came here to contribute was/is/ and will be YOU!

Signs that it’s time to move into you:

1. Every new age, spiritual book sounds like it could have been written by the same person.

2. The idea of workshops make you feel nauseated.

3. You’ve stopped panting in excitement to read the latest channel from anyone! –yes, me too! Hey, if I don’t make you feel inspired, warm and fuzzy. With all my love, and blessings… Get the hell out! 🙂

4. One more mediationy, sing-songy, structured thingy– and, you’re going to become violent! 🙂 People at sometime, you’ll develop your own style of meditation. And, that is perfectly okay, because if it connects you to you, and what you need to know… it’s doing it’s job!.

5. You really cannot effin talk about spirituality anymore, you’re so tired of talking! For you it’s about making your life the expression that speaks in a  language that is universally understood.

6. The “leaders” you once admired, got stuck, are wearing no clothes–as in not progressing, and don’t seem to have the same motivation to help create more leaders as they once did. –No disrespect to Oprah (I love her!), but, fame doesn’t necessarily equate wisdom or the ability to empower.

Those are just a few. If you’re experiencing those things, you’re not alone. If I just went over your head… that’s perfectly fine too. Maybe it’s not your time yet– but, sooner or later it will be.

Spiritual ego… Another of my… “please go away” triggers. Spirituality and ego… they should be partners, but, somehow, if I’ve worked with a million new age leaders, paid thousands to attend workshops, and can quote Ghandi… I’m more qualified to tell you about you, than you are! I’m more wise, more… right! –more… full of shit! Omg… did I just say that?! Yes, yes I did. Please all of you who can speak the words, but, have drown them in arrogance, entitlement and a slew of other rainbow-dusted, glittery bullshit. Do me a favor, have a sit and shut up! This is actual living, breathing work! This isn’t a spelling bee, it isn’t the SAT, the GMATs. The universe accepts every one, once they accept themselves, and live from their own I AM. Your opinions, are not needed! Your yapping is more destraction than instruction. And, if your students worship you rather than themselves…. You are out of alignment, and forgot why you started… Square one awaits your return! 😉

You know what would be cool… If everyone said, “Look… this is what I did. This is what worked for me. I’m sharing it with you, but, it doesn’t mean, it’ll work for you. Here’s some tools build your own I AM!” The rules—what freaking rules?! There’s no rules! There’s benchmarks, guide post, suggestions, expressions, but, there are no effin rules! And, this is why what has been, it having such a hard time, speaking to what is to come!

Seriously old-guard… Has it occurred to you, that if you do not find a way to speak to all these new masters being born, growing and hello…come in knowing more than you did at their age–you will become obsolete?!  Some of the older ones love to hear themselves talking so much, they’ve never noticed all the indigos, crystals and rainbows, left the room out of sheer boredom! These children aren’t children… They are masters on a path of remembering… Can we respect them as such? Can we talk to them from a place of partnership, and not authority?? The need for authority is an ego-flag flapping in the wind. And, honestly, who has the time or energy for this? While I’ve never been better in my life, I’m also exhausted, impatient with bullshit, and find my biggest project is myself. These transformations are no joke. They are constant, they are ripping things away, as new things are formed. So…can we all please show more compassion, and less arrogance?!

I’ve been very quiet about this for a very long time. But, recently, I’ve had the honor of hanging out with some ascended masters, who, by their presence let me know it’s time… “Be you!” Not every ascended master is the same, nor do they have the same approach, or way in which they work with us. I, as Master Monica have my own voice, my own style and my own expression. And, what I always stress from the beginning of working with someone is this… I will teach you everything I know, I will work with you as much as I can. But, when it’s time, and I’ll know when it is… You must leave my nest! You will go… Even if I have to throw you out! How refreshing… Guru’s saying to students… Enough… Get out! Go be your own Master! It isn’t cruel, it’s necessary, it’s evolution, it’s expansion. It is how the universe has always worked. Cells, split and form their own bodies, don’t they? Don’t they? So, how much longer are you going to hold on, when what you’re holding onto, at some point, must leave you in accordance with the rest of the universe?

You’ll know when it’s time– I know that it’s time for me.

Be the Guru, the Leader, the Teacher… The Master… YOU.

Love Peace Happiness N One,



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  • LOVE this. I feel EXACTLY the same way. I’m so tired of these holier than though wannabe “spiritual” types who think they’ve arrived because THEY said so. They look down on everyone else and can’t seem to see that their paving their road right back to a repeat of the same thing. It’s sad. Ego is something else.

  • Thanks Zaji! Yes… I agree completely. We are ultimately responsible for recognizing the master within, and doing what is necessary to live from the place–even it means crushing some egos on the way. There’s no omelets without breaking some eggs.

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