I don’t know why it is, but, I have been affected by every single solar flare this year. And, the most recent one on Aug. 17th is no exception. I have to admit though, this one is having a different effect than others. I never have an immediate reaction to the solar flare, I have a delayed one, or, perhaps I have one when the magnetic energies on the planet are disturbed.  So, Saturday…I was tired, but, fine. I did a reading/mentoring session, which usually leaves me on an energetic high for a few hours. Yesterday, I managed to clean my house, which has been quite the challenge with all the rapid transformations that has been 2012 thus far.  I’m telling you… there has been highs and lows, tired and energy for the entire year.

It’s not just me, but, my cats as well. My cats spent last week transforming. Surely, you didn’t think humans were the only thing ascending on earth, did you? Um no… everything is. Explains a lot of strange behavior of animals and nature in general, doesn’t it? Alas…we are one… yes, still! 😉 Anyway, poor Oracle and Zealot have either been irritable or immobile for almost a week. Zealot, literally slept on the couch all day yesterday, he didn’t even want to eat. Given that I’ve been through this several times already this year. I just pet him, told him to breathe and that he’d be fine. But, it’s hard sometimes… so, you just rest as much as you can.

Interacting with others during this time of extreme “blankness” is hard for me. Solar flares result in my being irritable. I didn’t sleep a wink last night. And, I really wanted too. But, the energies were too darn high. It’s hard to explain, but, I just feel “blank”, slightly apathetic, and like not all of the me that I know as me is here. Part of me, has definately left to go be transformed on some other dimension… I actually can feel part of me napping, even though physically, I’m totally awake.  Times like these explains all the times you do not hear from me. Transformation requires quiet.

Another thing, I’ve noticed about today is my emotional detachment from just about everything. Part of me really doesn’t care. I don’t care about food, politics, working, thinking…especially thinking, or, what’s next. I don’t care… Sorry, I just don’t. Not today, at least. And, I embrace that. Do you know how exhausting emotions can be? Think about anxiety and depression–those experiences suck the lifeforce out of many on a daily basis for years. It’s an energy imbalance. Or, what about too much excitement?? Have you ever met an andrenaline junkie? Yeah, they wear me out just being around them. Again, energy imbalance.  So, while I feel… well… nothing… I’m pretty grateful for it. It’s kind of like being in a space of nothingness, and waiting for the something to find you. I guess I could decide to worry about it, but, that would require something I don’t have right now… A desire to care! 🙂 If I had a desire, which I’m pretty sure I do not, it would probably be to go to sleep. The only issue with that is… it wouldn’t work. It didn’t work last night when I attempted it, and I’m pretty sure, the sandman wouldn’t be able to locate me now, either.

What I am going to do is some yoga. I find at time like these, when your mind is gone away without you, physical activity helps bring you back into yourself. So, walking, yoga, dancing…yeah those are good.

Ah… it just occurred to me that babies go through this experience while they are developing into themselves. So, I suppose you and I have been through this thousands of times before, we just weren’t conscious enough to realize it. So, transform you explorers of the new earth, you pioneers of change, and pilgrims of new consciousness. It may be nothing today, and you don’t care, but, tomorrow, it’ll be everything, and all you care about.  😉

Love Peace Happiness N One,



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