It doesn’t stop… Do you understand? The journey to know, express, feel and be one’s self DOES. NOT. EVER. STOP. And, the moment you awaken, you come to realize, you’ve been on a journey from the beginning, whenever that was. And, the rest becomes about acceptance. Yes, I AM THAT I AM.  And, whatever I thought God was, or wasn’t–it is so much more. And, that so much more, includes me…. Sure, at first, it’s mind boggling, but, that subsides eventually–only to resurface, each time you “discover”, or should I say “remember” something new. Yes, you’re still God, the universe is still God, and it creates it self, and you create yourself, all the time–if there was such a thing, everywhere… Forever. Yes, forever. In some shape or form, you will always be… Just as you believed or may have pondered about the world at large. For, you are an individual cell, of the body of the world at large.

But, this isn’t my issue at this moment. If I could call this an issue–which, in the wisdom of myself, I cannot. But, the human, me… it’s having an issue. What is this issue? The issue is…I’m integrating quite quickly, and it’s causing what seems to be “emotional distress”. But, in truth…it’s only transformation. I’ve been going through a very intense, if not, subtle energetic change this week. A layer of what was me, is disappearing from me. A form of who I was is transmuting, or dying if you will. And, now, my abilities, are becoming more lucid, more clear, sharp, colorful, and the feeling of these energies is at times, overwhelming for the human aspect of me. So, what am I to do? Ha ha ha, well, suck it up and go through it, of course. –Allowing the transformation to happen, is the only way to go through it.

The illusion has always been that we are separated from one another, from the universe, from the creator. And, I’m finding my veil of separation is and has been… going, going, going. And, now, it doesn’t matter if I’m awake or asleep. If someone thinks on me too loudly in the ether, I hear them, as if they were sitting next to me. If I’m walking down the street, dogs drag their owners over to me, saying hello, and looking for a pat on the head. Young wise souls behind the eyes of what we would call children, speak to me telepathically, and look at me in wonder. And, I look right back, they are beautiful, the new one’s coming in… And, no matter where I am, I’m either found or looked for by someone seeking assistance. In so many ways, it’s lovely. But, again, the human aspect, is having a hard time adjusting this week. How do you feel what others do, without allowing the anger, sadness, or pain to consume you?? Simple: You remember it’s not yours, become the water dragon, allow it to pass through you, and remain strong in knowing who you are.

How do you see the signature of another soul, and not speak clearly on the truth you see about them? You remember, that help has to be asked for, not imposed upon others. Again, you breathe, and you remember, that your role is to be of assistance, not to dictate. But, I promise you–it’s not always simple, it’s not always easy. But, silence is necessary, where those who cannot hear you or see you, are concerned. I imagine, that the definition of being a psychic will be changing for me. As, this ability, isn’t just mine, or those who are like me. It’s the ability of all of us, we need only remember, activate it, and accept it. This is more about developmental abilities, than anything else. If you are part of the whole body of all that is, how can you NOT know what others are thinking, feeling, contemplating, or if they are calling out to you? You cannot–NOT know. You can only choose whether or not to acknowledge it. 🙂

The void calls out to me now… It’s been doing so for about a month or so. I’m told not many can go to this place, where there is absolutely NOTHING.  Perhaps that’s true. Perhaps, only the mages, shamans, and people of “magic” over the ages… Perhaps they are the only ones that hear this call, and answer. In the past, these trips required some sort of aid. Be it incense, plant ingested or smoked. Or, cards, mirrors, crystal balls, tea leaves, bones… you get the picture.  But, NOT ANYMORE. At some point, in your journey, it becomes as easy as thinking it–and, then there you are. I’m sure this is the result of consciously working to reshape, remember, and re-imagine yourself. One, day, no day in particular,  you’re in the trenches of yourself, and then BOOM–you’re in the void. This is the place where everything is born, and goes to be transmuted. I like to go there and watch–I wish I could tell you all that I see, but, I’m afraid, articulating it doesn’t come easy to my mind, as it doesn’t understand. What I can say, is–it’s magical, first there’s nothing, and then there’s a spark and it’s “kicked out” and allowed to travel the universe attracting energies that are either of the same frequency or compliments it–and, then it changes, and grows… And, becomes whatever it’s meant to be. –Much like how our human bodies come into being. It’s amazing!

The wonderful thing about the void, is that it isn’t stationery. It isn’t in one place–but, many places. It’s within us, around us, above and below us. In our choices, we, too create a spark of creation in our void, and then allow it into our lives to travel attracting whatever it needs to become whatever it will be. And, then suddenly–we have inspiration for an idea to make something of substance and matter. We do this all the time, but, do not think about the “how” and the “where”.

As I change, my practice is changing… What started out as simply a healing service, seems to want to become more. I have my practice, my youtube channel, my store… and, all seem to want to grow and be more. What will they be? I have no idea. I only know that when called, some aspect of Conduit of Healing will be there to answer. Whether it be a reiki session, a psychic reading, a youtube video, or a quote on one of my cafepress products. If you call for aid–I’m going to answer you.

So, while I sit in the midst of the void, watching things become… I’m very aware that in it, I am also watching myself become. And, while the human may have some discomfort–she wouldn’t dare stop this process, as she looks forward to all the blessings that transmutation brings. Minor discomfort in exchange for a life that is magical, blessed and as bright as the sun itself. –Yes… I’ll take that. 😉


Love Peace Happiness N One,





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  • WoW that was simply beautiful! Thank you Monica for so eloquently expressing my own similar experience right now. You’re a shining star!! With love, frances.

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