“What is this world coming to?” — We hear this a lot in the ethers.  Yet, we are sometimes baffled that you do not understand, that you are the co-creators of your realm. Your choices and decisions, determines what the world is coming to. You yearn for peace, so peace is coming, freedom of spirit is coming. –An awaking of spirit, of your true selves is at it’s peak, as more begin to see and understand the dawning of this new age. A time where the veil is so terribly thin, that when some of you see what’s truly there, you believe you are hallucinating. But, these sights, sounds, smells even…they’ve been there all along. Only not all of you have had the eyes and ears to know these things. And, as the shift becomes more rapid in its movement, as the energies wrap themselves around your planet, sometimes coming from the planet itself– It becomes clear, that truly, this is a time where adaptation is the only means, not to, as you would say, “Lose your mind.” Yet, it is your mind, or the mind as you think that you know it–that is precisely what must be lost, so that it can find itself anew, and deflate the ego to a size in which it doesn’t mistakenly think that it is in control of you. Or, that all your other selves must comply. Never have you be so conflicted within yourselves, that literally, the war within is being battled out, but, do not fear… All is well. Who you truly are will prevail, no matter how long you choose to fight this illusion of battle–you’ve already won. 😉

The time is becoming most critical for light workers, as many are going through rapid changes, and transformations–readying themselves to be of service to those who will follow the trails they have blazed with their own experiences, wisdom, sometimes sadness and pain. But, always, always the pay-off has been worth it, otherwise many would have left, given up, walked away. But, they have not… they will not, and it seems that there is something beyond them that says…”Yes, I will keep going!” But, it isn’t–it is their true selves, their own divine I AM, stating, restating, and literally pushing them forward, when all human parts shout, cry, and protest to stop. Again…all is well. Humans are resilient creatures of creation. They are beautiful, evolving, revolutionaries of the universe. They, with the high, heavy and beautiful energies of source poured into them–they will create a way, when it seems there was not one at all. We are constantly in awe and love with all of you. How utterly, unspeakably amazing  you all are.

We should mention here, our scribe is quite shocked that is seems our voices has changed. But, the truth is, we are many that speak as one. Today, we are clearer, firmer…and, perhaps a bit more direct than she is used to. But, a channel suggest the frequency, and those that choose to work with the channel, either is of that frequency, or adjust to it. She is both sweet, and firm, like a perfectly ripe Peach. Peach is the nickname her grandmother gave to her, from infancy. It is an appropriate assessment.

Alas… We have agreed to watch, mostly in silence, as this shift continues. As the human world begins stirring with it’s divine awakening… Many cannot place what is “off”, but, they know, suspect, or feel intuitively, things have changed. And, some fear that they will never be the same again. Other do all they can, to make sure, the change doesn’t come. They fight in vain, the decision has been made, the paths are lit, and too many have already awoken. It’s already over, so to speak… It now becomes, about how to get there–what we mean by that is, the divine selves have chosen, now the human selves must walk toward the finish line. When it is done with an integrated self, when the mind/brain has been allowed to become the tool that it is–change will be swift and painless. That time is coming, and for many its already happening.

So many question what the world will be like 10, 20, 100 years from now. But, the answer hasn’t really changed. It will be what you choose to create and act on. The only difference is now, you will understand, on a conscious level that it has been all of you that has been in charge, in co-creation the entire time. Things will not have to be as hap-hazard in the future. You will create from a place of joy, rather than of fear. You will not fear judgement, nor persecution, while radiating your signature light, or vibrating your signature song. How will life be when all of you are aware, and accept that you too are God? That God/dess was never lost, but, living well, and loving you —within you the entire time. “Hail to the jewel in the lotus.” It is a popular chant amongst some of you—yet, it is a gateway to the truth of who you, we, all of us are— The One thing, the only thing… All that was and will be.

The excitement in the universe is hard to explain, it would be the equivalent of what you would call a “cliff-hanger”. “How?”, we ask on this side. “How will they choose to get there?” What is so beautiful, is that even though all of you will remember who you are, what you are made of, and that your family reaches the deepest, farthest parts of the universe–each of you will create your own beautiful story as to the “how”.  And, it’s so lovely for us to watch it unfold. We are riveted to our “chairs”, “biting our nails”… We laugh, we cry, we are in awe, we wonder… It’s amazing really. If only some of you, could remember that you are playing a role, you are providing a way for those who will come after you. If only some of you would for a brief time, breathe and step out of yourselves, and reflect from the outside–surely, you would love yourselves and have more compassion. Imagine, this human life–it has no, what you would call, “owner’s manual”, it has no directions, no rules–regardless of what some institutions like to imply, implore, or force upon you. There is nothing that says, “You must do it this way”. If it were so, then how could you be a creator? You could not. And, it is this fear of being a creator, that keeps some of you very stuck in your lives. Regardless, if you accept that you are creating each moment, you are still doing such. It has been said many times, “If you don’t like the direction your life is moving… Change course.” One cannot truly do this, without accepting responsibility for where they are now.

Movement… Transmutation, Transformation… That is the energy all around you now. It is advisable that you answer this call with the attitude of flow. Our scribe has learned (sometimes the hard way), that flow, is the only place she will find peace. Once upon a time, she needed to “understand” where she was going before she began walking. Now, she trusts herself, and her God-self enough to just start walking. And, every single time, the mind catches up to her and says, “I’ve got it! We’re doing… We’re going… And, oh my God this is awesome.” As she is multi-dimensional, the responses come simultaneously, and vary. Everything from “Great, let’s keep going!” To, ” I so don’t care, I’m too tired to talk to you, let’s just keep going!” To… “Holy hell! Are you serious?!! Fine, whatever…let’s keep going.” –with her signature eyeroll. Which response is the most appropriate? (smile) All of them, of course. This is an experience, there is no wrong way to have it. (smile) And, we so love watching her because she is admittedly dramatic, but, again, this is her energy… she can be no other way, even if she tried. And, she has long since given up “trying” to be something she isn’t. It caused her both great difficulty, and great pain. As, we are sure it does so for many of you. There is no need to “try” to be who you are, when you need only “express” who you are. (smile) So simple when written in word. But, it is the placement of your ego, that will determine if the action of this expression will prove to be difficult. What do you choose?

God/dess, in all it’s forms is expressing itself through all of us. Pouring a dab here, a sprinkle there, a flood here (chuckle)–you all got the “flood”.  And, it’s beautiful. Your planet…is beautiful, with all its various species in so many forms, it’s wind, water, and fire. Appreciate the simple beauty of this expression you call human, but, do not confuse it for being who  you truly are. That confusion is where the trouble lies… You are NOT human, but, energy from the source of all things. Source at play… source exploring itself, source loving itself, and in your case, sometimes, hating itself. But, nonetheless… this is an experience, and you’ve never left source, nor has it left you. Spend quiet time, listening… listening, with no agenda, no intent, no thinking… just listening. Who knows what you’ll hear? There are so many around you at all times. Sometimes dropping by to say hello, to give you love, to show you support, to be of service to you in these changing times. Listen… Who knows what you’ll hear? You may even hear… Us. (smile)


Be love, for you are love.

The Seven Sisters

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