I wonder have you noticed, my disappearing acts? Sometimes it seems as if I’m constantly talking and then… POOF! I’m vapor. Why is that? And, what the heck am I doing when I’m not hanging out with you guys?

This is a time of so much energy, that it’s sometimes quite the challenge to catch your breath! The transformations of ourselves, and the world at large are so rapid, it makes you want to scream, cry, or both, at the same time even! How do you handle it? Well.. You go away so to speak. You disengage from the perfect chaos that is the shifting transforming energies of the outer world, so, you can fully participate in the reconfiguring of your own self.

I’ve said it many times, but, I’ll do so again. I’m in this with you. And, any lightworker, spiritual pirate, or guru who doesn’t acknowledge that truth is questionable in my opinion. This is REAL. And, we’re all going through it. It’s not always comfortable, okay it’s NEVER comfortable. It’s pulling, tugging, moving, pinching, rolling all over you. You just aren’t going to be the you–you were yesterday. And, to hold onto it, or try to is asking for a spiritual ass-kicking. You don’t want that! I like to think of my entire 20s as a decade of spiritual ass-kicking. And, you know what?? I’m good, I’ll be a good-girl (sorta) forever! Please universe, the answer is YES, just please, don’t let me keep resisting–it fucking hurts! ūüėÄ

It’s important that you go into the silence of yourself with a commitment to stay there, until its time to come out. There is no rushing to ascension, or enlightenment. It comes with each deep breath of acceptance. It fills the emptiness of each breath¬† released, that has the “old you” attached to it. There are no directions, so much as there is intuition. And, your mind has no idea what intuition is– it can only translate the feelings of intuition into words. Words aren’t direction, feelings are. And, feelings translate the language of energy. So, you can’t “think” your way in or out of this.

Why don’t people ever stop? Why must they keep talking and doing the same things over and over? It’s not like we aren’t seeing¬† that you’re moving in a circle, rather than a line. It’s not like we haven’t grown bored with your regurgitated “wisdom”. I mean really? Don’t you just wish you would shut up for five minutes, to let something NEW be revealed? Sadly… no. People are afraid of silence. They are afraid of being alone with themselves. Why? Simple: They don’t trust themselves. And, that lack of trust is the root-cause to a lot of ailments.¬†It can be nerve-wracking,¬†depressing and fear-inducing to walk around in the noise of your life, and never knowing¬†your silence.

If you never “check out” of¬†the “world”, how will you have the time, energy and quiet required for you to change? If you are constantly bombarding both yourself and others with all the things you “think” you know. How¬†can you be open to discover all the things you¬†don’t know, or have yet to become? How can you grow, evolve, enhance, change? This¬†process, though inevitable in all things, doesn’t have to be a painful one entirely. Rather than running¬†away from silence, and solitude–you could run toward it. ¬†

My first encounter with spirit was at five. It was my spirit guide, Satu. And, do you know where I was when I met “him”? I was in my walk-in closet in my bedroom. Why was I there? Well, I’m the third of four children. There aren’t a lot of places in a home with five people, where you could be alone. Today, I like to spend a lot of time alone. I like to hike alone, go to the beach alone. I love being alone with myself. How else would I know who I am? How else could I be sure that who I’ve defined as me–is me, rather than the perceptions of the world around me? How could I continue to develop as a psychic, a healer, a soul–if I never disappeared?

I’ve found that when you’re willing to go into the unknown, life becomes so much easier, funnier, beautiful. Each discovery is a reason to celebrate. Congratulations! You DON’T know it all! There’s MORE to you, than, you were first shown! The UNIVERSE is HUGE WITHIN AND WITHOUT! You are BEYOND POWERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, WISE, WONDERFUL, AMAZING!!! Being alone is the quickest way I know to fall in love with yourself. It’s also the quickest way to change what isn’t working in your favor. Habits can be broken if you understand why you do, what you do. And, if you are willing to work to mend the broken thought, belief, or feeling that caused the disruption in the first place.

I would love everyone to disappear for a while, so that they can come back better, stronger, and more radiant. For that reason, I don’t see my psychic clients too often in a year. I don’t cluster too many reiki sessions together either, simply because people need time to integrate the changes new energy bring. Things are changing and, too much too soon, doesn’t help, but, hinders the process. There is no expressway, there’s your way–and, that doesn’t cover all of us. ūüėČ

So, for my twitter followers, my Facebook friends, my Pininterst peoples… And, my loverly, spiritual pirates/MOFO Shaumbra… Disappear for a moment or 15… be with you, and allow yourself to reemerge transformed!

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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