“Always with you, it cannot be done. Hear you nothing that I say?” — Master Yoda



I hope¬† you watched this snippet of one of the most important movies of my entire life. “Do, or do not. There is no try.” –Master Yoda.

Today’s blog is about the lightworker, jedi, light warrior, shifters, wayshowers… US… And, those of us who answer to these names and many more… We know who we are. We know what it takes to be here in this now time, and to come forth and live our truth as we know it. And, here’s the deal… LIGHT UP EVERYTHING!!!!¬† The time to try never existed, therefore, the time to “do” is all there is. Understand? Do, do again, and do some more. And, in your most darkest, most weary moments… DO. Even if the do that you are doing, is nothing at all. Do it… Meaning: Rest, because souls there is not a¬†time that we aren’t going to be needed, called, asked for, sought after. So understand… once you are awaken… things shift for you. Your energy shifts. You attract light to help others remember themselves, and you attract dark, to… help them remember the light. And, you are NEVER TRULY¬† off duty. So… figure it out, and do it! No, don’t try… DO.

My crew started writing this blog as I was walking home from brunch with my favorite person… me. What you’re not your favorite person?? Sigh… please go back a few blogs and read accordingly. Anyway, the crew wanted me to mention that every opportunity, is an opportunity to spread light. Every place is a place to spread light. Everyone is a someone to shine light on. Do you understand? You must always be a lightworker, and live the wisdom¬† you’ve gained on your own life travels. We do not shy away from controversy, simply because we do not want to deal with it. When attempting to do this, you’ll find that you’ll attract controversy just the same–even more so, in fact. Why? Because you are a beacon, and beacons MUST be seen. And, therefore, you cannot hide anymore, from who you are and why you are here. Therefore, meet it… meet it head on like you have everything else. As, shirking, ducking and ignoring only brings difficulty, and the difficulty only gets worse the more you deny the truth.

Some spiritual people look to gather in clustered communities thinking they will insulate themselves, from the rest of the world who might criticize, ostracized, or look down upon them. So, they huddle up, thinking that they are more protected in numbers. This is not the way of the lightworker. Lighthouses, beacons, stars… they stand alone. And, they shine as if they were thousands… in a way they are. But, it is not our mission to act in groups with bravery, but, to meet the more difficult, challenging task of acting and shinning alone. And, doing so despite what others may say, think or feel about us. “Those with ears to hear, will hear. Those with eyes to see, will see!” — You know this to be true, because you got your own call and you answered. You answered, so that you may be the answer for those waking up right now… Not for those in the “spirit tribe” to mull over what you all already know. How will that bring the new earth? How will that support the ascension of us all? No, no… put out the camp fires, pack up your belongings… those you need, for you must travel light… And, carve a path, blaze a trail that will lead others to themselves. This is the lightworker’s way… Many call themselves this, but, do not live it.

There is no place that you cannot be whom you are. I work in a corporate office. Yep… In NYC, near wall street. Wall Street– a mouthful right there isn’t it? My presence in this environment does not in anyway mean I agree with the mentality of the happenings of either my company, nor, the corporate environment at large. Everyone who knows me, will tell you that I’m “different”, “odd”, “strange”, yet, very happy, mostly pleasant. They will say, that I’m professional, but, not one to be played with. They will say, that while I work well with others, if I feel like I’m being either disrespected or used, I will address it and end it–and, it will be felt. I’m a lightworker. And, I don’t stop being who I am based on a paycheck, peer pressure, or the other trappings of the ego. While some know I’m a psychic, and a reiki healer many do not. Does that stop me from giving a message if spirit is yelling at me? No. Does is stop me from offering wisdom when I’m asked? No. Does is stop me from sending healing to those who need it? No. Funny… a lot of my office friends have had¬†a few moments of reiki in a cubicle or office, to help them¬†calm down and deal with the day. Do they know what it is? Not¬†really. Do they know that it¬†works??? They feel better…my work is here is done.¬†I am a lightworker. And, while I support my other brothers and sisters of light, I am mostly concerned with reminding my other brothers and sisters that they too are light, they too are part of all there is, they too have the ability to change the world by changing themselves.

Are we ever off duty? No. No. And, yeah, um… NO. There have been days where I’ve been at home thinking in my safe haven, my sacred space, my little temple that I would rest, and be safe from answering someone’s call. Nope. This doesn’t happen. On those days, I get phone calls, emails, telepathic messages, people knocking on doors… etc. Why? Because so many are waking up right now, that lightworkers are and must be seen. If you as a lightworkers are thinking there must be some sort of sign over your head, over your house that says, “Help is over here!!!” You are right! You are being seen, all the time, everywhere throughout the universe. So… get used to it! The light doesn’t go out, it only gets brighter as you become better. ūüėČ Do I ever get exhausted??? Hell yeah! But, I rest. I realize not all things will be done on the day a “call” for assistance comes in. I always take care of me, first. Do you understand? This is NOT about sacrifice. This is NOT about being a messiah, or a guru. This is NOT about ego-stroking. This IS about being of service. I do this, because I love it. I’m passionate about it. I am blessed whenever I feel someone “shift” in the slightest. I’m in awe of watching the divine spark, ignite the beginnings of the sacred flame in a person. The light in the eyes of a soul awaken is like NOTHING else… It’s the one of the most beautiful things you can ever experience. For in that moment, eveyone is unspeakably beautiful. And,¬† you know from a connection like that– neither you or that soul¬† you connected to, or aided in their awakening process will EVER be the same. You can never truly go back to sleep again. You can try, but, it will be painful.

I cannot ride the subway, go to a restaurant, the grocery store, vacation, or… shit… ANYWHERE without feeling the pull to answer someone’s call. Not all encounters are pleasant ones. Sometimes, you’re attracting someone who is dark. Now, wait… why is that? They are trying to remember themselves. It’s a curious thing… It’s like speaking English for years, when you were born into a Spanish-speaking family. Somewhere you know that Spanish is your mother tongue, but, you cannot remember it. Until you hear someone speak it in a way, that disrupts your normal, that annoys the fuck out of you, to the point that you may think you hate¬† both the person and the language itself. But, no… no… That’s the soul filtered through the human ego. We act out, when we’re frustrated, when we’re angry. Especially if we don’t know any other way to react.¬† Remember in the clip above (assuming you watched it) — Yoda says, ” You must unlearn, what you have learned.”¬† If something is dark, that’s the language it knows, it speaks, it reacts with. And, then all of a sudden if finds a lightworker, and is now aware there is something else. In order to get you to¬†help, you can be bothered, annoyed, poked at, prodded, or attack by such energy–and, oddly enough, they are saying, “Help me!!!! I’m trying to remember myself!!!! I can’t remember! But, I see you– you are beautiful, you are radiant, and, you are¬†love… I vaguely remember being this way… Help me remember myself!” Crazy right? But, it’s true. And, when you have had¬†this experience over and over, you’ll realize it, show compassion, not take things personally (aka human), and you’ll be a lightworker, serve as needed and send them on their way.

Not everyone will love you, Lightworker. Not everyone will want to see you succeed… And, that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter. You have already succeeded by being here now, and, each moment you reach further within, to be more without… You have succeeded. In¬†each moment, you choose to shine on, no matter what, you have succeeded. You have succeeded, in each moment, you acknowledge, “Yes, I am a creator. Yes, I AM that I AM. Yes…I’m bringing more heaven here now, in this now moment, in this body, on this plane… NOW.”¬† So, it doesn’t matter where you are, whom you’re with, who signs¬† your paychecks. It doesn’t matter what trials you are going through, physical, mental, financial, etc. As, long as you answer every challenge with light, with the utmost intergrity for yourself and in the highest good of the whole– you are in alignment. You are doing the service you signed on for. You are serving light.

So… light up everything, leave no darkness in your wake. And, answer every call for aid that is ready to DO. ¬†And, once more with feeling…. “DO OR DO NOT. THERE IS NO TRY.”


Namaste… We got this! ūüėČ




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  • Wow Monica…..you sure turn my light bulb up a notch….you make me laugh and inspire the ‘hell’ outta me……jeez guess there’s just no hiding anymore….darn :))

    • meant to also say THANK YOU so much for being here – I always get excited when I see a post from you…..always both challenging and inspiring plus you do the number one thing in my checklist – you are light-hearted in all senses of those two words! Have a great day and Shine on x

  • ūüėČ My utmost pleasure to be of service. I think it’s important to be clear in the message, but, also have a sense of humor about it. There’s always room to laugh, even in the most challenging of times. Namaste! <3

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