Some people are confused about what I do, and that the spiritual implications of becoming a client of Conduit of Healing means: You want to change your life.

Contacting me with regard to any of my services means you’ve felt an unrest, unhappiness, or stuck in your life. And, though you understand something needs to change, you may not have the tools or insight as to how to make these changes. And, therefore you contact me.

My business is based on spiritual integrity. I am not here to hold your hand, sugar-coat things, enable you… help you stay the same, help you cope with stuck energies, when what needs to happen is change. Changing of your perception, changing of habits, or awakening to the knowing that “YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU.”

This business is NOT money motivated. I am NOT interested in serving people who are looking for “spiritual” distractions, to their life’s pressures. When the pressures come from themselves, not external things. Whatever is “pressuring” you… is something you’ve said, “Yes” to, when you should have said, “No” if you didn’t want to deal with it.

Conduit of Healing is about empowering you. If you do not want to be empowered, this isn’t the place for you. If you want to blame everyone but, yourself for what’s going on in your life– this is NOT the place for you. Here you realize that the common denominator of what’s going “right” and “wrong” in your life is YOU. Here you respect a sacred space when you enter it by leaving your blackberries, iphones, and shoes off. If we’re on the phone, you’ve already been instructed to create a sacred space for your reading. Or, if its a distance healing–again, you’ve been instructed to make sure you are ready to rest and will NOT be disturbed. Am I doing this for myself??? No. This is for you– this is your time to rest, relax, reflect, be with yourself. And, if you cannot create this time, honor this time, and understand that it’s really about you healing yourself through a conduit aka me–then this isn’t the place for you.

My company isn’t about entertaining you– it is NOT about me telling you what you want to hear, but, what you NEED to hear. If you are under the impression that this is light-weight, that this isn’t important, that this isn’t serious… That you do not have to treat me, my business, my gifts with the respect you expect and require in your own life… again… this is NOT the place for you. And, I’ll encourage you to seek guidance elsewhere. Meaning: I will and do drop clients. –And, the loss of money cannot compare to the loss of spiritual integrity of myself, or my business.

This is an energy exchange program. I help you… help you. You commit to your growth, your healing, your ascension with your money aka energy. So, for all of you questioning the rates… that’s the reason for them. Commit yourself to your own healing, or, find someone who’s soley interested in taking your money. Find someone whose interested in making you co-dependent on them, someone interested in being your messiah, your guru, your parent, in short: someone to have power over you. I AM not interested in any of those things. Who’s your messiah? You are, with every choice you make. Who will save you?? You, with every committed choice you make. Who’s responsible for you, your behavior, your moods, your ability to show up for you?? YOU, not me. And, no amount of money, hoping, wishing, or denying will change that truth. And, the end of the day…it’s you.

Conduit of Healing is about promoting ascension, consciousness… providing tools to those souls who just “woke” up to their “divine” selves. And, while I have a sense of humor, while I am nurturing in nature. I am a lightworker, a standard, Shaumbra… I am my own I AM. Therefore, what I choose to do, will effect my own journey. Thus…if you are not ready to shift, to change, to grow, to move forward… Your money is no good here, and your presence is not desired.

Tough love? Maybe… Tough lessons? Sure. But, it is love, and it is an important lesson. But, most of all… it’s your CHOICE.  Show up for yourself here… or, don’t show up at all. 🙂




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