The status quo is an uproar… There’s been an act of racist Terror in Charleston, SC. And, Haitian immigrants and descendats are being deported from The Dominican Republic… This is now. All over the world, the status quo struggles to maintain itself… Struggles, to get the masses to go back to sleep, to be docile, to go quietly into their own deaths. It’s worked for thousands of years– it’s worked. A carefully crafted system of entitlement, of mind games, of hypnoses, of fear… It’s worked. But, now… it’s falling apart. What happened? Why is today different than those before it.

The truth is… The demise began at the inception of deception. Light has always chased the dark, though it may not have always been readily seen. We forget in our travels from spirit to embodied spirit, that the universe has it’s own very natural way of being, of maintaining itself, of maintaining it’s balance. And, we are part of that sacred structure. There is no separation from it, there is only illusion of separation. And, that illusion starts with human embodiment– the right to choose, to pretend, to play with the idea that we aren’t part of the great whole of all that there is– that we aren’t God also. But… WE ARE.

It’s been difficult being a lightworker, watching all the manufactured hatred, the death, the pain that we’ve created in our journey to remember ourselves and one another. It has been lifetimes, of watching this seemingly slow, painfully slow process as we– collectively like caterpillars, struggle with our collective transformation. The air gets thick, then thin… It’s hard to breath. The space feels too wide, and then so close, it seems there no space to move. The constant expansion and contraction of growth– it’s difficult. But, why? Why is evolution so difficult for us? And, the answer is simple– WE RESIST. Resistance doesn’t mean we’ve stopped time. Resistance doesn’t mean the status quo can continue in the face of change– it cannot, it will not. The universe governs us all… We come from it– it doesn’t come from us. Therefore, it has time to wait for us to stop resisting, to stop struggling, and to transform from an life on the ground to life in the air. We must release the ground of what we know, of what we thought we knew, of what was deemed safe, and take to the skies. In the skies we have more access to spirit, to consciousness, to awareness, to discovery of what is being created– and we have the wings to get us there.

No one has told me to “Sshh” directly. I think I’m too scary for that. But, they have said it in other ways… They have said it in their indifference, in their excuses, in their silence… in their attempts to divert the conversation away from the whole, and toward themselves. They don’t always know they are asking me to “Sshh”, they don’t know that in doing so, they are being selfish; they are protecting themselves from their own guilt and shame. But… that’s exactly what “Sshh” means. It means you don’t want to do the work of change, you don’t want to see or own your participation in the oppression of consciousness, and of evolution. But, regardless of your ability to accept it– you are still responsible… We are ALL  responsible, simply because we are ALL  here. And, because we are all responsible, we will all have to deal with the consequences of our decisions.

The truth is, I couldn’t be silent if I tried… I am a lightworker. Being a lightworker isn’t about complacency, it isn’t about being passive–it’s about being at the forefront of change, it is about stoking the spark of consciousness, and breathing it into a wildfire to cover the planet. It means, saying and doing all the things we’ve been afraid to do before, because we were afraid to go against status quo. Being a lightworker is a moment by moment practice of courage. I’ve been well equipped to live my life like this. I have thrived beyond hardships, social pressures to fit in, familial pressure to just try to get along. And, I’ve rejected all of it. I still reject all of it. Those trying to get along, trying to fit in, suffer greatly for it. Entire industries are built on the suffering of people: Religion, Medical, Psychological, Social, and yes… Wellness. Of course, no one looks deeply enough to see how their suffering feeds these industries that may or may not being actually trying to stop it. In most cases, they are trying to ease the suffering for a few moments at a time, but, never trying to free you from it completely. Without your suffering the social, economical and institutional systems of our world would not and could not exist. So, suffering is created, maintain and encouraged. In short– you’re being used to maintain a system that needs you more than you need it. Quite the mind-fuck, no?

I will be honest, my number one motivation for speaking truth, and living it– is myself. Being honest increases my happiness quotient. Being honest means more expansion into more freedom. So, my own journey is my number one motivation for speaking. But, there’s nothing wrong with that– I am an individual I AM. It just so happens, when I share my experience, it helps you to remember yours, if you choose. So… when you ask me, or anyone to be quiet, so you can stay in your coma of indifference, or ignorance, etc… Remember that they are answering the call to free themselves from a system built on lies and suffering. And, though you may not choose to free yourself at this time– you have no right to keep them from pursuing theirs.


Love Peace Happiness N One.





Special shout out to Rhianna for her awesome tattoo! Namaste!


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