Interesting subway ride home. I was thinking in the ether very loudly about the increasing awareness of the level of violence we are living in as a world. And, I could not help but to feel frustrated that this isn’t being spoken about more regularly, and with more candor in the spiritual community. I was born an indigo child, and, if you know what that means, then you understand my frustration. And, even as my growth has given me higher and more refined vibrations in my auric sphere, I still look at the entire world and I see myself. I see my many selves in pain, in ignorance, in sadness, in oppression. I see them, just as I see many of my selves, in wisdom, in beauty, in happiness, in peace, in joy, in radiance. All of these souls all of us– We are one. So, why then when I read social media, all anyone ever wants to talk about is what’s easy? What’s convenient, what’s not controversial, what will not rock the boat? I didn’t understand, and that is because, that hasn’t and isn’t the way of the truth seekers, the way show-ers, the starseed. It just isn’t. So, I pondered these things as I stood on the L train home. 

Even in the midst of chaos, spirit can speak. I know this for sure. And, soon, I began to hear a response to my questions, and the response is from a group calling themselves “The Masters”. This particular group of 12 is comprised of 12 ascended masters, who ascended from here– earth. They were embodied, walked their journey have ascended. While you may know and have heard of some of these souls as many were very famous and often quoted–they requested that I do not name them individually, as the message below may be diluted by ego, and therefore not heard or felt as it was intended. So, if you are inclined… Keep reading.



The Masters

They forget we were the activists of our time–that the words they now quote came for a passion for freedom of expression. They get lost in the fluffiness of the words, lay down in them, finding comfort and then go to sleep. Our lives were not about being asleep to the injustices, discrimination and oppression around us. Those words were meant to stir the divine spark, to stoke it, breathe on it and whip it into a wild fire of consciousness! 

Have the starseed  forgotten why they came? Why they chose now to be here? It is not about getting high on the pretty words, or ignoring the shifting tide. On the contrary, it is about bending toward the shifting tide, and riding the wisdom to produce, speak and live your own words, to be quoted by those behind you, those who have yet to awaken, those who are in line waiting to be born. 

We advise you– look closely… Look closely at what your motivations are. Is it to be praised, worshiped or admired by those in your insulated worlds, your microcosms, your circle of friends? Or, do you work with the understanding that you are but, one pixel in a much larger, ongoing project we call “The Great Shift in Consciousness”. This isn’t just your small blue marble [Though it is quite pretty] that will be affected, but, all there is… The whole  omniverse. 

We speak to each of you all the time, tugging at your heart strings, and sometimes even your hair! Yet, still some of you fall prey to the idea of this thing you call spirituality, without the understanding that if it isn’t your life’s practice — you are hardly making a ripple in the ocean, much less a wave. Bringing the creator energy that lives in your heart center into your everyday life as human–that is what we are hoping for–for you to master the freedom of being yourselves in this lifetime, in this expression you call  human. It IS possible. Let  no one convince you otherwise. But, how can  you be a way show-er, if you allow yourselves to be lulled back into sleep, into silence, into indifference? What wisdom comes from that decision? None… none. Discomfort is a teacher. It teaches that there is still much to learn, to be and to grow. What are your words, our words, or words in general, if nothing has been experienced? And, who would follow, or be lead by anyone who could only get so far in their own personal journey  as to just speak words, while their feet never move? 

Your brothers and sisters, friends and allies, and even those you would call enemies benefit from your being your authentic self. Every time you choose to answer the call of the divine, you are benefiting not only yourself, but, every soul that you encounter. You are sharing your energy, by sharing space. Osmosis, your science calls it. But, we also know, that children learn by the example of their parents, even if the parent has prepared no class, or lesson plan to teach. You see, you teach by the way you live your lives. What is your life saying about you? How does your life speak of your wisdom, your spirituality, your conscious?? Enough with the words… everyone has words, few have the experience that truly, words cannot even begin to do justice.

Think on these things, those that answer to the name “starseed”. It is about so much more than just you… it’s about all of us.



So, there you have it. Is this message for you? Check your heart right now? How does is feel? If this message is for you– then, you already know.

There is so much courage in allowing yourself to be exactly who you are. But, first, you must allow yourself to discover who you are in the first place. And, that–that requires freedom. We all were born from it, so, it isn’t just for some, it’s for everyone. You do not require rules to be yourself, nor do you require permission. You only require to things: 1. Make the choice. 2. Committing to the choice. 😉

This isn’t the end, it’ barely the beginning.

Love Peace Happiness N One,



If you’re dying to see the other two words in the picture, simply click on it. The picture will expand so you can see the entire message. Namaste!



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