I don’t know how you ended 2015, but, I hope you tied up loose ends… I hope you released what was no longer serving you, and what had been trying to leave you for some time. I hope you learned to let go…

This isn’t going to be a “normal” prediction of an entire year, because the truth is… NOTHING is clear. The way is NOT clear, simply because now more than ever… YOU are responsible for creating your own future? Are you ready? I hope so! The best that I can tell you is this… The vision of the “future” I see is filled with bright light, it is filled with radiance and abundance, it is ready to encourage you to take the wheel of your life and drive into your desires. But, but… BUT! Are you ready to get it in gear? Are you ready to move forward? Are you ready to take responsibility for your actions? No?? Well, then… bright light can be blinding if all you do is stare at it. It can be intense if all you do is stand there allowing yourself to be exposed with no will to move forward, seek shelter, or cover yourself in any way. Is that a negative prediction? I don’t know… when you don’t take action in your life, and you get the results of taking no action… is that negative? Or, is that logic?

Now more than ever we are being supported to support ourselves. All this beautiful energy has been blasting at us from the cosmos for eons with the silent cheer of “You can do it! You can do it! Put a little power to it!” — corny, I know, but, that is what spirit does, that’s what your guides do–that’s what the legion of light serves… YOU. You in your ability to create, you in your willingness to live your greatness… YOU in your quest for self acceptance and mastery… It supports YOU.  The plan has never been to control you, dictate to you, suppress or oppress you. And, it’s sure as hell never been to be worshiped by you!  Yes, those energies are there in life and in the universe, but, if you look to find the origins of those energies, I bet you’ll find another ego at the end of it. An ego that has grown out of proportion, that drowns in fear, and lives its life in a mirror rather than in a community. An ego that is so powerless it has created a myriad of systems and institution that brainwashes people into thinking that powerlessness equals safety– and, majority means right. Those lies are being exposed and will continue to be exposed in 2016, thus… so much light for you to “see” by. 😉

I feel that for some 2016 could also be very, very exhausting. Transformation is. If you really didn’t let go in 2015 of things about yourself, your relationships that have been dragging you down, slowing your down, or slowly killing you… Expect MORE of the same this year. People… this brightness is either going to be pleasantly warm for some, or an inferno for others. You simply won’t be able to carry old habits, toxic relationships and small ounces of death with you now. Unless you really don’t want to be here. Birds must maintain flight weight in order to fly… they are constantly eliminating any “baggage” in order to do so. Without maintaining our buoyancy, our radiance, our shine– we are fading, we are tired, we are in effect dying. Whether you like it or not, accept it or not… the living of life is a personal choice. And, using traditions based in fear as an excuse to NOT take responsibility for yourself does not change the ultimate results.

Consciousness is so ready to continue spreading and covering the earth… Embodied souls are tired of carrying the weight of fear, of oppression and suppression. And, that scares many institutions, governments and systems because it’s clear change is imminent, it is inevitable, and for some… fear of death is not longer a deterrent, or a better option, than a living death. …A living death is what so many of us have been calling life for generations. We’ve grown tired of pretending “not that bad” is actually a good thing. We’ve grown tired of being happy for food and shelter, when we aren’t the ones who control these things! We are tired of being under constant attack by those who feel entitled to more than their share of life itself. WE ARE TIRED. And, there’s nothing like exhaustion to bring in transformation, inspiration, and yes… ACTION.  How many times has this happened in human history? What happens to the status quo when the people decide to no longer maintain it? It falls. And, that is where we are… The old is falling away. The lies are being exposed, and, the puppet masters are frantically trying to figure out how to not only keep pulling the strings, but, to keep them attached! How can you control something that you can no longer corral or contain? So, if you’re feeling an unnameable, unspoken panic in the air… that’s what it is. It is the fear of freedom, from those who’ve worked so hard to withhold it from us.

Some years ago, The Seven Sisters told me and I told you, there was no need to fear the unknown because the situation is temporary. It’s temporary! You will know what to do, when it’s time! Whether or not you’ll do it, is up to you! You are supported, you are loved, BUT you are NOT controlled. Choice is a huge gift– there is so much you can do with it. That being said, you can only make your own choices, you cannot do it for others–they can choose to comply, but, they really cannot give away their power of choice. What does that mean? It means, we are responsible for ourselves at all times–whether we’ve been educated on how to approach, use, respect, or honor choices. Our choices create our experiences… Our experiences creates our life. Your choice is your pen that is used in creating the story of your life. The universe has provided you with clean paper, papyrus, a wall, or surface of your choice in which to write. You have good light, you have good guidance, you have… YOU. Technically… you have everything you need for all that you desire. You need only choose to ACT.

I have no problem saying that I am part of the light crew that cheers you on… But, I cannot and have no desire to do your work, or make your choices for you. This is for and about YOU. You want freedom? CHOOSE IT!


Love Peace Happiness N One,



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