I’ve been watching this horrible phenomenon get worse and worse over the years. Anytime anything of value, gets “capitalized”, or, “monetized”… it loses meaning and power. Sadly, spirituality is no different. And, it really needs to stop. There is karma attached to this cheapening, and devaluing of the importance of empowering other souls. There are consequences to lying about the importance of the actual WORK, the PRACTICE, the DISCIPLINE. These pieces of the great puzzle that is your best and highest good are critical in spiritual growth. They are NOT optional.  And, sorry-not-sorry, you will NOT get major results in a weekend workshop, or, a quick online-course, or a weekend retreat. This is a marathon people! No matter how many times someone wants to sell you a sprint, or a relay race… You will spend a lot of time and energy, soul searching and wound-excavating on this.  This is how you heal. This how you earn wisdom. There is no other way. There is no short-cut, there is no instant gratification worth mentioning. The best thing one can work for is an instant shift in perspective, to then begin to work all over again in a new and powerful way.


Sounds funny when I say it like that, right? But, there’s a lot of wanna-be gurus out there ready to sell you snake-oil because they are aware of the fact that… most people are spiritually lazy! They want to read tarot, without pushing themselves to become more intuitive. They want to be reiki healers, with more blocks in their energy fields than rush hour traffic in Los Angeles… They want to give love advice, and their own love life looks like an on-going Shakespeare tragedy. They want to teach you to spell-cast, but, frequently violate the reade… In short: how the hell is a hot mess, going to show you how to be better?! Short answer: NOT TODAY, FAM! Or, ever, to be brutally honest. And, yes, I like to be brutally honest, know why? I am a messenger, and I do whatever it takes to minimize misunderstandings. You don’t have to love the message, it just needs to be given with as much clarity as I can conjure. It just needs to give you pause, implore you to think, contemplate, and if you want… react. I’m not really concerned with how you react to the message–its beyond my lightworker pay-grade. I cannot control that. I can control whether or not I choose to say what needs to be said, and when it needs to be said. And, I made my choice a loooong time ago, and against the objections of many–they are some still objecting right now and… I’m not listening to them. I AM THAT I AM.


Still, still people treat their spirituality like an outfit, an accessory, like it’s something they can take off and on. And, that is a tell that you still “just don’t get it.” Spirit is LIFE ITSELF. Before you were embodied, you were spirit. Before you had a human name, you were spirit. When you have a nameless ache that can ruin what should be the happiest moment, it’s an unsettled spirit. When you are spiritually unfulfilled, the world itself is uncomfortable. When you have every  material thing you could need, the perfect partner, the perfect home, car, children, friends and still feel empty as fuck– you are spiritually impoverished. And, there is no quick way to resolve it. I am speaking from first-hand, life time(s) experience. I am telling you what’s real, what’s true, what’s unpopular and what so many “New Age” leaders, teachers, gurus, coaches, etc. are AFRAID TO TELL YOU. This will be an ongoing, lifetime, journey with lots of peaks and valleys. As leaders, the best we can hope to do is assist, guide, speak truth, provide tools and hope with everything we have that you DO THE WORK, FIND THE STRENGTH and LOVE YOURSELF ENOUGH to keep going! At the end of the day– the results BELONG TO YOU. Yeah, a lot of people like to forget that part too. The results are not because of the efforts of the teachers, but, of the student! I know, I know… some flimsy practices, businesses, and hobbies will be ruined by this truth, but, honestly… poor foundations cause buildings to fall under pressure.


Fast-food and junk-food lack nutritional value and can make you sick. The same goes for fast-food/junk-food spirituality! Have you ever met someone who has just gotten back from one weekend workshop, or a retreat, who behaves as if they are a guru? They know everything about everything, they advise you on things they’ve only learned, but, never practiced. They like to show off how much they’ve learned, without being sure it actually works. I know you have, I’ve seen it… hell, in my early years, I may have even been that person. No shame over here… none. “When you know better, do better.” – Maya Angelou. Here’s the thing– a new student is much like a new born baby… vulnerable, curious, and excited to learn, try and fail without thinking of the consequences. But, ladies and gentlemen… parents, teachers, masters… are supposed to be looking out for these souls. So, why aren’t they? Why are they so eager to take their money, without making sure the practice, the message, the work is clear and being done? Why are they still willing to provide service to those who refuse to do the work, refuse to upgrade, or have every excuse in the book for why they’ve made little to no progress? Why? Because a lot of the times, the teachers are still struggling with these very issues. And, if they call their students out two things happen: 1. They can no longer claim to be leaders, because truly, what wisdom do they have to share? 2. They risk losing students and money by admitting that much like Rome, a whole being cannot be built in a day.

Can you imagine thinking you wanted to get in physical shape, but, you only addressed your diet and never exercised? Great you’ve lost weight, but, you’ve also lost muscle, because you didn’t build it through exercise. So, think about it– what good is chanting, if you never consciously change your behavior? What good is a tarot card reading, if you’re still unwilling to listen to the advice of your guides that speak through the cards? What good is being a reiki practitioner, if you have so many unresolved wounds blocking your energy flow? What good is pursuing psychic development, if you’re not strong enough to disregard every nay-sayer that tells you, “I don’t believe in that stuff”– especially, if the nay-sayer is YOU! How can you develop and skip over learning how to love yourself? How can you heal and still carry all of your spiritual wounds? I will not go so far as to say you cannot be effective, I will say you will be minimally effective. And, if you’re a teacher–your teaching will be minimal also.


Years ago, while talking to my crew, we came up with this question, “What’s the difference between a teacher, a preacher and a student?” The answer: NOTHING. There is never a time we aren’t all of these things. I learn from the universe, from nature, from children, from… I teach what I’ve come to understand, through PRACTICE. And, that’s an important distinction. At some point, you stop listening to other people tell you what’s serves your soul best. You stop buying the books, you stop going to the workshops,  you stop preparing, and you start to DO LIFE– applying the tools your teacher gave you. Finally, when you have something to say, that’s all yours, not a quote, not a affirmation, not a passage in someone’s book. But, your words, based on your life-experiences… then, you feel compelled to share. See, that’s the thing… I will speak whenever I am compelled to–not PAID to. Allowing money, popularity, and other ego-feeding things to dictate how you share your truth, teach your workshop, or provide your service is DANGEROUS to your soul because it will surely taint you, your practice, and yes… your students. How can it not? Who will admit that truth to themselves, and their students? It’s not like we haven’t seen it before, for decades… A leaders who doesn’t teach their followers to lead themselves, is setting themselves up for a major ego-blowing lesson. This is about ASCENSION. This is about MASTERING ourselves. This is about being a BETTER and more WHOLE version of who were yesterday.


I don’t care what your discipline is. I don’t care what your practice is. I don’t care what path you’ve chosen for yourself. All roads lead to a BETTER YOU, an ascended you. A you that you’ve MASTERED and then seek to enjoy. If no one has told you before– I am telling you now. That’s what we are doing here, learning to become better SOULS, SPIRITS… I AM(S). How could that possibly be taught in fast-food form? LOL… It cannot. It will not.

So… I’ve done what I was asked to do– give you the message. I’m free to go do the next thing. Whether or not you choose to heed this message… Well, I Am(s)… that’s an exercise in your free will. And, has no reflection on me. Namaste! 😉 <3

Love Peace Happiness N One,







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