I’m a type A personality. I know how to “make things happen.” But, I have learned that sometimes, this is precisely what I should not be doing. Part of spiritual wisdom is knowing when to do nothing. And, allow the universe to do it’s part in manifesting what we need. What I am saying is: We must learn when to let the magic happen.

Some people say they don’t believe in magic. I want to go on record as saying, I absolutely do. But, not the magic like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Or, trying to force things to happen by casting. I’m talking about the magic that happens when we practice manifestation. I believe in the magic of the universe when I work in alignment, when I have prepared myself energetically for what I am looking to manifest. Energy is important, as we do tend to attract or repel things based on where we are at a given moment.

I’m sure we have all had our version of an “overnight” success, which, in my experience means… I spent years learning, working, rehearsing and getting myself ready, for… “Oh my goodness, things just kind of fell into place.” But, did they? Did they really? Probably not. We tend to forget the power of being on P.A.R.

Now, the acronym P.A.R. is a message I received from the crew over a decade ago. And, since I received that message, I have been working it to some degree ever since.

P. Prepare. Are you prepared to manifest your dreams? Have you done your inner work? Have you researched, exercised, practiced, reflected, and truly worked on yourself? Have you shifted your energy, upgraded yourself, become more conscious about who you are, what’s working, what isn’t–who you are surrounding yourself with?

A. Allow. And, I’m not going to lie… this is probably the most difficult part. This is where you feel things happening, but, you cannot intervene to make it go faster or slower. You have to actively trust, wait, and practice the faith, so many swear that they have. Whether you’re calling this energy God, the universe, the creator, or what have you– what you know for sure is: IT’S NOT YOU. So, the only recourse you have is to trust, have faith and wait with all your might. Every inkling, desire, and twitch must go into the “allowing” even when you really want to “do” something. This is the point where we “step aside” and allow ourselves to get the divine assistance we will ALWAYS need in order to create. I feel like artists understand this better than most. No matter what we conjure in our heads, the result we are truly looking for isn’t an exact replica of what our imagination made– we are searching for a result beyond both our imagination, and expectation. We are looking for the “magic” in our own work.

R.Receive. Believe it or not, people still struggle with this one. You did it, you have been successful, and rather than being grateful, some people choose to feel guilty, others arrogant, and some actually feel ashamed. Interesting right? You’ve done all this work to prepare yourself for success, you figured out how to “trust the process”, and now that your garden has beared fruit–you feel negatively about the entire thing. Sigh… humans… we are soo complicated. It’s almost like we need constant struggle, drama, or pain of some sort to be… er… um… happy(?).

This is the process in a nutshell… It’s how we “actually” get things done. Mind you, I’m aware of the old adage, “When you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.” But, no one talks about the part where sometimes, you’ve just got to sit down, be silent, and allow the universe in all its many expressions– that includes: being in the right place at the right time. Or, those random people with the right words that make it all make sense. Or, the right event that needed to happen in order for your work to be complete… All of that is the magic that I speak of. And, if you try to push these things, I promise you will “fuck it up.” Because we are co-creators… never forget that. We are CO-CREATORS. So, on behalf of all those energies, beings and entities that exist only to serve light, that exist only to assist you… please, “step aside and let us do our job.”

Love Peace Happiness N One,



Stay where you are! It’s all shifting!

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