So, I know it’s been a bit hectic for a few months (okay, years). It does seem like the world around us is losing it’s grip on reality, or, is it reality that’s losing its grip on itself?  Maybe it’s both. But, here’s what must not change– your focus, vision, and commitment to being whole. Stay grounded.

What?! Stay grounded when the very ground has given way? How?!

Okay, let’s start with what it means to be grounded? The meaning has changed, or, evolved, if you will–and, we must evolve with it. Yesterday, being grounded meant staying connected to the earth. Keeping your feet flat on the ground–taking the chakras in your feet and digging deep in the earth. Not so anymore, kids. So, if you’re been having difficulty with it– you’re not alone. Things… shifted. Grounded now, means grounded within. So, darlings… if you never bothered to dig through your personal bullshit, persona(s), false-aspects, shadow-self to find the core of you– to discover, meet and embrace your personal I AM–you’re not grounded. But, not to worry, you still have time. As a matter of fact, that is what all this chaos has been about–making sure you have a unshakable relationship with you, with source, with (as some would say) the God within.

Om Mani Padme Hum (Hail to the jewel in the lotus!)

I bring you one of my favorite mantras that presented itself to me many years ago. I know not everyone has mantras chanting to them in the ether, so, I’m especially blessed, that I do have that experience. This mantra reminds us that within the lotus, in this case, the heart chakra, there is a precious jewel– YOU. The real you, your essence of being, your spirit, your core. Have you met this energy? Seriously, have you ever really met your authentic self? So, yep… this is where we are.

Now, I’ve said recently (it was in a video), that what’s happening now is spiritual warfare– the battle for your free will. And, believe it or not, those who would seek to take your power from you are actually LOSING. Again… I tell you what I know– these power grabs, up-tick in violence, unsheathed attacks against personal freedoms are the acts of a losing “team”. Who but losers are so blatant, unapologetic, and crass in their actions?! Who but, those who are actually losing their grip on “power” would create such a global storm, that forces every soul to decide how much it will take before, all there is comes screaming to the surface of our conscience?! It’s all going to come to a head, but, for now, what say you, for yourself?!

I find it interesting that the very building blocks of life, or to sustain life are under attack like never before–at least in my life time. Jobs are becoming more scarce globally–and, those who are working are told to be grateful for low wages, less work-life balance, more job abuses, less benefits. Hmm… starting to sound familiar. Food is becoming harder to find in its purity, adequate quantities, and accessibility. The weather has become more violent, dangerous and unpredictable–the air is getting harder to breathe. Clean water is harder to come by, and for some, not available at all. Do you not see the pattern? No??

If I were attacking you, trying to force you to give up your free will to fight me, overwhelm me, stop me, tame me, and beat my particular evil out of existence… the first thing I would do is ATTACK EVERYTHING YOU NEEDED TO LIVE in the first place. If you’re so worried about how you will eat, live indoors, breathe, and well… physically exist in general… then, I can (and, will, and have) take(n) advantage of the opportunity, gather more power for me, my greed, my evil and most of all my EGO.

Do you see it now? This is how you behave when you’re losing… it’s like playing a game, or taking a test– when it become obvious you’re out of your depth, that you cannot win by honest means… CHEAT. And, when caught cheating do not forget to: finger point, blame the victims you’ve cheated, spin the truth, and purposely misinform. The lack of the collectives practice and teaching of discernment has left us, the human species open for charlatans and malignant energies in the form of people and self-destruction.

Knowing that times are changing aren’t enough–it is up to each of us as individuals to decide to fight for our own sovereignty. While it may seem easier to be passive, pretend its not happening, and in some (very annoying cases) misuse spirituality to create excuses to do nothing–this is not a game, this is LIFE, and the stakes are very high.

The lures to abandon resolve will be many… from money (mostly crumbs), to power (not even close to the power the giver has), to fame (how many famous people cannot actually stand themselves?). Basically… your EGO will be seduced in every imaginable way, but, it’s the spirit that will not allow you to be at peace with selling yourself, or others out. So, it’s time to be clear with yourself and others. It’s time to examine “Right” and “Wrong” again. Is it right if you’re okay, and other’s aren’t? Is it wrong if only a handful of people decide the fate of all people? I know it sounds basic, but, it isn’t–things have become intentionally complicated to keep us as confused as possible. So, it’s time to go back to basics.

Expect to be tested at every turn. The moment you’ve decided who you are, what you believe in, and how you’re going to live your life–the moment the energy of balance, peace and resolve start to show in your energetic field, your aura, your daily life… the tests come to ask you over and over, “Are you sure?” But, I promise you this–if you take one step off your path, the bottom drops out, and it’s like you’ve slipped into an alternative reality–there is never enough money, power, adoration, or stuff to give you the peace you forfeited. So, if you have figured out who you are, and what you’re about during this torrential, chaotic, ever-shifting reality– STAY WHERE YOU ARE! The rest of the world WILL catch up soon!

Love Peace Happiness N One,


Adjust and reconstruct: Things MUST change


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