When fear is the under-current motivation of our actions, we find ourselves acting out of desperation, we push when we need to allow energy to flow per the dictation of the universe. We do this, because we feel the sense of control slipping through our fingers, and this gives us anxiety. As this tumultuous year of 2020 comes to a close, I am feeling this power struggle more keenly. People are pushing… they want this time to be over, and no one could blame them for that–but, the truth is, pushing is the LAST thing we should be doing.  What would be better and more emp0wering even, is to allow the flow to show us where to go, rather than trying to tell it where to go. We forget repeatedly– we are co-creators. I say this a lot, and will continue to do so as long as it is needed. And, it will be for a very long time. We control our reactions to the universe–that’s the extent of our control. While that may seem like a limitation, the work in which we can accomplish within that framework is actually limitless. How will we choose to move forward as individuals? Will we lean into the flow the cosmos is dictating, will we resist and be dragged along? Will we reshape ourselves to be in alignment with the evolution of the universe, or will we desperately try to hold onto yesterday, and become living particles of dust that has all but settled into the past and corners of our memory?

I can feel it– the void coming more apparent into our reality– the unknown. “Where is this all going? Where am I going? How will it all end?” And, the answer has always been, “What do you choose?” I understand if no one finds comfort in this response, because it lacks security, and assurance of safety. It lacks the denseness of solid ground. It places us squarely in control of our decisions and consequences. And, though some of us claim to want this autonomy–as it becomes more clear that — that is exactly what the universe is pushing us to do– we are terrified. The dark secret is, we actually WANT someone to tell us we are “doing it right”, “It’s going to be okay”, “you are safe”, and, well… that’s never actually been the case. That is why institutions have for eons been so successful. They have manipulated us into believing that we don’t have to take responsibility for ourselves, that rules will make us safe, that the majority is right because so many souls have chosen to say, believe and act in the same way– never mind if they are telling us the truth, acting in our best interest–we have accepted the illusion of safety– and, 2020 took those illusions from us like a carelessly ripped band-aid from a wound that hadn’t even begun to heal. We sometimes forget that the harsh, exposed, vulnerable air of reality is in fact, crucial to complete healing. Meaning: you cannot wear the band-aid forever without risking infection.

I feel people are hoping, praying even for the New Year, to bring back old energy… and, it cannot– it wouldn’t. That’s never been how this has worked. Evolve. Conceptually this implies moving forward. Old energy means outdated thinking, ways of approaching life, ourselves, the universe. We cannot be what we once were– and, the more we choose to fight this, the messier our personal evolution will be–the messier the collective evolution will be. So, where does the power lie? I’ll tell you, our “Intuition”. Again, this is something I’ve been saying for a while now. Intuition is that etheric umbilical chord that keeps us attuned to the universe, metaphorically speaking all things have one. It is us, the human beings that choose to exercise our free will by ignoring this fact. And, to be honest… it hasn’t worked in our favor. With all the indoctrinations, the institutions, the groups, the mentality– the world is NOT in fact, a safer place. We are NOT in fact, a happier species, and we are STILL seeking… what? What are we seeking exactly? I would say we are “seeking” a connection with the divine. Consciously, or unconsciously we are seeking “home”. Home isn’t a place per se– it’s a state of being. It’s a state where spirit, mind and body knows it’s place and that place is connected to the only thing here– the universe. When we experience this state, which many discover through various meditative practices (physical, spiritual, metaphysical, mystical, etc.) we just simply “fit” and we “know” who/what we are, and we get a sense of “home”. Anyone who has experienced this likely describes this state as “bliss”, “peace”, “belonging”, or, simply “home”.

So, 2021 will be a continued push for us to remember, welcome and use our “etheric umbilical chord” and create our own connection to “home”– no intermediary, guru, dogma, policies, rules involved. And, if one really thinks about it–teaching us to think any of those things are actually needed is arguably the biggest crime we’ve allowed to proliferate in our species. We may need one another to remind, teach and remember the connect we have to the universe– but, we do NOT need to pay a toll, relinquish power, or have it translated for us. The idea of the “the middle” men/women will increasingly be revealed to be unnecessary– which  is why you see so many institutions tightening the noose on people waking up from this great deception of “civility”, “power” and “righteousness”… it’s all falling away. Even if you WANT someone to take your power from you and tell you want to do– the only outcome will be doom for you both, or, is no one paying attention to what’s been happening for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Every time we have tried to hold dominion over one another, the planet, or anything at all… we spectacularly FAIL.

Let this be the time, where we slow-walk, crawl, scramble, fumble and cry ourselves into a conscious ascension–which will NOT look the same for everyone, have the same speed, tools, lessons, etc. Rather than assuming authority none of us actually have–let us share tools, wisdom, lessons, knowledge, compassion and empathy– encouraging one another to “continue” whenever we can. It’s not easy, it has no manual– it’s life, it’s magical, complex and well, fucking exciting in its limitless potential. So, if you’re scared of the unknown, the lack of safety… I get it. Hell, I too have moments of pure terror–but, the reality is– the unknown is and will always be temporary–you’ve done it before. Fears have been conquered, challenges both accepted and overcome. You can do this, we CAN DO THIS.


Love Peace Happiness n One,


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