I am not sure what some of you are telling yourselves that keep you believing that you can apply minimal effort and get maximum results. Nowhere in life is this the case. I mean absolutely nowhere. Every practice that looks easy to those on the outside, to those observing, represents thousands of hours and years of work for the practitioner.

I’m saying this, because we are at a point in the spiritual collective where we all must grow up, eat our vegetables, before anyone gets any ice cream or desert of your choice. I know your parents told you if you work hard, do good, and are good then life would, in fact BE GOOD. Ahem… no disrespect to your parents, but, that’s simply not the case. There are truly people who wake up everyday focused on how they can take more than they will ever need in a lifetime. Never mind they are taking it from you, your children, your loved ones, or, simply those who cannot defend themselves. Simply  put: they DON’T care. Some of them regard the idea of goodness to be a weak attribute. They do not see the collective as a place where we all belong. They see it as a opportunity for all of it to belong to them.

We’ve talked about ego so much over the years. But, clearly there’s still a disconnect. Greed has no excuse. Greed at the cost of lives, health, and well-being cannot be glossed over, ignored, or explained a way. There aren’t enough words in the known world that absolves anyone who would rather resources go to waste  than share them. And, your willingness to discount, dismiss and ignore the truth when it’s thrusted at you–when your stomach lurches when presented with it– your heart screaming in recognition of it– this too is you choosing ego over spirit, over all of us.

The majority of the world population still has the power to say no. It’s not a simple choice, an easy choice, or perhaps the safest. But, out of love for ourselves and one another, we MUST strongly assert our divine right to exist. And, that will be a lot of saying “No!”, setting boundaries and learning to defend them. There is no “getting along” with a system, that was designed to destroy you spirit, mind and body, while simultaneously demanding you pay to exist at all. And, there is no faith that I am aware of that tells you, you can be purely passive, and prosperous at the same time. On the contrary– there’s a lot written about understanding choices, discipline, when to speak and know that you are supported, and when to speak out as a support of someone other than yourselves.

Oneness is a concept that people like to think about in a lofty way. What’s missing is taking it from above our heads and bringing it into our hearts. Oneness means, if I hurt you hurt. It means if one group suffers, it’s only a matter of time before all groups suffer. It’s much easier to proactively look out for all, rather than reactively doing so. Why? Power in numbers, the volume of a large group speaking as one voice. And, if we can support one another when we see, hear or evil spoken– no one would ever have to feel alone in calling a thing a thing, or, refusing to be victimized by it.  How do you divide that which cannot be divided? Simple: lie. Lie to people. Tell them there’s not enough life-sustaining resources so, they will panic. Lie to them and tell them, the slightest variations of the human being create a hierarchy–and, therefore one human being deserves to exist more so than the other. When you really look at it– it’s a form of cannibalism. It’s spiritual cannibalism. Unnecessarily feeding off the life force of others, to propel your own to levels that nature never intended–yes, that’s cannibalism.

It’s funny how no matter how much certain people look to feed off of one another–history tells us that the divine spark in all of us, recognizes the threat, finds a way to organize itself and resists. This has happened time and time again, across the globe. Whenever threatened, free will rises in righteous anger and prepares to fight. But, this is a reaction– what if you chose to be proactive, before you are forced to react?

And, that is why I have been lately talking so much about every one of us rediscovering, sharping and using our intuition. Instinct is a divine birthright– everything in nature mounts a defense of some  sort when feeling threatened or under attack. And, then there’s the humans– using the power of the mind, to lie to themselves to refuse to see what’s in their face. Refusing to call out bad behavior in themselves and others. Doing the absolute minimum while being threatened or under attack, and expecting someone other than themselves to fix it. No matter your faith– the moment you agree that you, yourself were gifted with choice– you accepted that your creator gave you the ability to defend yourselves.  A simple “Yes” or “No” when threatened can start a wave of resistance. A simple “Yes” or “No” is an act of self love, it is also an act of defending us all. But, first– you must remember your intuition. You must choose to listen to it, act from it, defend it when it’s threatened. You must relearn how to trust yourself in times, when it seems the entire world is screaming for you to “give up”. Every holy person, prophet, wise woman and man had to learn this. They had to realize that in order to be in alignment with both themselves and the universe itself– they needed to nurture that relationship, trust it, rely on it, practice it, believe it, defend it! When no one will follow us, we ALL  must be prepared to follow our intuition, our inner I AM and lead ourselves.

Love Peace Happiness N One,





Photo by Vivien Pintácsi from Pexels

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