As someone whose been blessed enough to assist people in their personal and spiritual transformations; I have to say that I’m at a loss as to what it might take for people to realize we cannot, in fact, change the world without changing ourselves.¬† I get it– it’s an uncomfortable truth, but, it’s still the TRUTH.

After the non-stop chaos of 2020, one might think that people would be very passionate, inspired, and eager to begin to upgrade themselves by any means necessary. Upgrading doesn’t always have to mean major efforts, on the contrary, an upgrade can be minor efforts, consistently applied with major results. I’ve seen this in my work with my Lightworker Mentor clients. For example: journaling. It seems like a very simple task, right? To write down your thoughts, feelings, and monitor yourself on a regular basis. But, guess what? Regular journaling is one of the constant things I have to remind long-time clients about. Why is that? I’ll tell you the answer, you won’t like it. But, here it is… We would rather COMPLAIN about a problem, than RESOLVE a problem. I don’t mean my one or several clients… I mean, our entire species. But, when I’ve magically convinced people to commit to journaling¬† they find that it changes them quickly and deeply. It turns out, listening to your own thoughts helps you understand yourself better. It givesyou the opportunity to have empathy and compassion for yourself. It invites you to be mindful of the “Why” in the “Why do I do that?”.

Apparently, paying attention to ourselves long enough to resolve our own issues, is so rare, it’s thought of as a “leadership” skill. If that made you cry or cringe, I’m completely with you. The truth is several industries and governments are built on the idea that most of us, really have no interest in accountability, self-reliance, or resolving problems in general. We won’t admit it, but, we enjoy the “convenience” of paying someone to be a band-aid on our personal issues, rather than going within, excavating undealt with trauma and recurring problems.

The fashion industry, the real estate industry, the entertainment industry, the financial industry–all rely on our collective insecurity to be successful. Have you ever consider the impact we would have on the economy if we committed to ourselves rather than our distractions? Perhaps we don’t need the biggest house, the latest fashion, the biggest pay check to be a “success”. Perhaps being happy in your core, grateful for the people and things you’ve consciously surrounded yourself with is true success. Could success be having the time, energy and desire to live your life rather than going through the motions out of obligation?

My work is about healing–healing of one’s self, it doesn’t matter the service or the product. All of it is about healing yourself and upgrading into a better you. Conduit Of Healing is about aiding people in transformation. Seems rather straight forward and simple, doesn’t it? It’s always telling to me about the seriousness of a person’s commitment in investing in their own healing when they think my pricing is up for negotiation. And, to be honest, it’s disappointing. If we think about how much a person spends to look good on the outside to complete strangers who mostly are NOT paying attention, rather than feeling good on the inside about themselves–we’d likely shake our heads in despair. The collective cannot move toward peace amongst one another, when we fail to prioritize peace within ourselves. Looking like a million bucks and feeling like an empty bank account is what I think of as spiritual poverty. Spiritual poverty is so commonplace we readily accept it as normal, while pretending to be addressing it.

It is my hope that there will be more “unicorns”, more “outliers”, more “change agents” who are simply sick of themselves to the point where they will DO SOMETHING about themselves. People who realize the importance of investing in their spiritual well-being as a foundation for success in every form. 2020 stripped us of so many distractions, that the truth of what I’m saying is glaringly obvious. I leave you with this most uncomfortable question: When you say, “I love myself.” Does your life support that assertion?


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