It’s been a very long spiritual journey from being a five year old, who first heard her spirit guides speaking to her– and co-creating my life into Monica. There’s been a long practice of acceptance: I am a psychic. I am a medium, energy healer and reader. And, yes, sometimes… I am human– all at the same time. That’s the extreme short list. I’ve spent so much time not feeling human, or, if I belonged here, but, the truth is– that’s the normal experience of every starseed I’ve ever met. We do feel out of place– all the time. We do walk between worlds, and reality. What the key has been for me is getting comfortable in this knowledge, in this “space”.

What I’ve noticed over the years is that the shift — the great shift no one talks about anymore– it was and is for all of us. But, especially for the so-called New Age, Spiritual community. It’s as though some people didn’t realize that we, too would have the wind knocked out of us, the barley shook and, the ground beneath our feet simply disappear. But, my crew warned me of this long ago. And, I spoke about it. I spoke about it when no one wanted to listen. I talked about the need for us to master ourselves above all else. I spoke about gurus who demanded to be followed, rather than following their own inner guidance and path. Some listened– most didn’t, and so, here we are– the enlightenment of the enlightened. People are confused, lead astray, arguing amongst themselves, and over-flowing with fragile egos, and hurt feelings. And, I have nothing to say. I only watch most of the time. And, I wait. The ascension is still very much in progress, and those who are just discovering what some have known, will have to reach a certain frequency before they realize– very little is new. The discovered has likely been known for at least a millennium, and you are probably NOT the voice, the rest of us have been waiting for. On the contrary, you are the voice YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. And, unless asked and paid for–other’s not only would rather you didn’t speak, they aren’t choosing to listen if they find your wisdom threatening in ANY way.

In the years of listening to guides, doing my own work, receiving counsel from Ascended Masters one thing kept coming up– sovereignty. Sovereignty requires you really explain to your ego it’s proper place. It requires that you lead when the only follower you have is yourself. It requires you to understand it’s not about building a business so much as it’s about building a BEING. And, that being is multi-dimensional, multi-sensory, complicated and autonomous. It means being ALONE with yourself, requiring no steady drips of outside validation. It means, building a strong relationship with the source of all things, nurturing and protecting it with all you have. It means, when you speak– it’s not to be heard so much as to be of service. And, there is no guarantee that either you or your worlds will receive gratitude in kind. Again…nothing new, just think of all the masters before you, and you’ll see this IS the path. This is the way, and the way IS narrow.

I’ve said it before, and will do so again– there’s no ascension accomplished in groups. Once I discovered that– all my frustrations with group mentality, group think, and group validation was instantaneously explained. It goes against the universal law of sovereignty. Any group no matter the origin or purpose can become a cult– ANY. Why? An unhealthy ego seeks power, validation and adoration. And, in it’s quests to satiate its insecurities, does and will become manipulative; siphoning off power, life force, and free-will from others. It’s part of being human. We are divine by nature, and human by circumstance. To live on Terra earth requires the vibrational density provided by the human form. In order to exercise free will , we must have choice– the ego helps the spirit maintain its balance here. The slippery slope is choosing to believe that human is all we are. To that I say… not even close. But, truly… don’t take my word for it– discover for yourselves.

Conduit of Healing–it’s more than psychic readings, reiki healings… it always was. The readings, and healings, lead to the Lightworker mentoring… It’s all tools to help my clients who’ve chosen to answer their own clarion call. And, the choices are constant, they must be made every day, several times a day. Each mentee is taking the blue print of themselves and re-creating it. It’s grueling, it’s painful, it’s hard… but, when you see your habits change, your thoughts change, your reactions to outside stimulation change… you realize… you can and should serve the soul/spirit of yourself first, not because it’s what’s been said, but, because its what fills you, it’s what makes breathing worth it, its what keeps you connected to… EVERYTHING. If there is a a such thing as invincibility– the strength gained by putting your spiritual well-being first is the eternal well from which it springs. Which is why, not everyone wants you to get there. How do you control someone who truly “knows” who they are? How do you hurt them? How do you make them doubt themselves and keep them in line? Well, you can’t. Nor should you, as that was never the destination for any of us.We are collectively made better by the strength of each spiritual being conscious of itself. Remember that. Anyone who leads, teaches, or is in service of light should be helping you lead you to you. Anything else… RUN.

So, while the path of discovery is both old and varied– the discovery itself is YOU. No one can give you the details of it– tell you what it should look like, or feel like for yourself, because you are co-creating it. The best we can do is use our own experiences as an example. The best I can do is offer you tools, guidance, observation and advise. So, if I cannot, or they cannot… keep seeking. Truth is loud, it is relentless, it is sometimes, uncomfortable, it is both heavy and light, and try as we might we cannot hide it, defeat it, bury it, or, destroy it. So, worry not what the truth is– it is within you, the key is remembering how to find it.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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