People have a serious misunderstanding about what it means to be awakened, a lightworker, or a starseed. They think we are the same folks who engage in whimsy, in the vague and irresponsible aspects of what it means to be a mystic, spiritualist or part of the New Age Community. And, while I adore meditating, yoga, hiking, dancing, singing and chanting– this isn’t what it’s about. Those things are used as a means of self love, celebration, and methods of maintaining spiritual alignment. But, oftentimes, people use them as escape mechanisms, places to hide, band-aids on a energetic open wound, or, ways to discount and dismiss people.

I’m going to be honest– I’m getting really angry with people who think that we are here to do nothing–to sell you feel-good spirituality, to enable you to be lazy, irresponsible, or, to deflect from your consciously taking action in your lives. I don’t care who you pray to, or, don’t pray to– I don’t care how long you meditate, how many crystals you own, how many astrological charts you erect, how many spirits you’ve spoken to… If you’ve missed the part where ALL OF THIS IS TO HELP YOU MASTER YOURSELF, you’ve missed EVERYTHING. If you think a problem can be solved only by positive thinking, without following it up with positive actions, you’re deluding yourself. If you think you should not, cannot, and will not engage in the social issues that effect the whole, but, say you are for oneness– plainly speaking… you’re a fraud. Everything we struggle with whether as an individual, or, collective starts with a an uneasy spirit… PERIOD. This isn’t something you can think your way out of– there’s no logical methodology that works or is full proof, when its the essence of your entire being screaming out in pain.

Oneness. Does anyone even understand this conceptually? We are individual expressions of one collective that some may call God, or, the Creator, or the Source, or the Universe. We are together, even if we refuse to accept it, engage in it, or, work toward it. This is why you cannot do something to one group of people, or animals, or land, or atmosphere without affecting EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE ELSE. So, to say you’re spiritually awake without consciously conversing about what that means in the context of racism, sexuality, ageism, gender, nationality, disability, or politics is BULLSHIT. I’m no longer going to mince words about that either. You cannot be spiritual aware and keep your unconscious biases. You cannot be spiritually aware, and comfortable with the knowledge someone is suffering and be immune to feeling pain yourself– your heart should be breaking, your conscious screaming, and yes, you should get all the feels.

“There is no hiding place…” Bob Marley said that, and he was right. There’s no place for us to hide in this world that allows for us to watch any aspect of the whole to suffer without feeling compelled to say something. So, those who hide behind their money, intellect, religious or spiritual belief system to ignore, refrain, or absolve themselves of responsibility really need to be questioned. We are not pies, libraries, or storage systems– we cannot divide ourselves, compartmentalize and put things on the back burner and call ourselves healthy or helpful. A healthy person is a whole person: body, mind and spirit. All of it is critical in order for us to make positive contributions to the world. Time and time again, it has been made clear that while you can have a less than healthy body, you cannot heal it without involving your spirit and your mind. All the the things spirituality offers helps us to do that. It helps us to maintain a healthy relationship with the individual as well as the collective. Is it mandatory, that someone has a spiritual practice, or, that we agree on one for everyone?? No. But, there’s also no need to discourage, judge, criticize, trash or disrespect those who feel that they are better equipped at managing, healing from, and thriving in this journey we call life. We are equal because we are one. So, let’s just stop with the idea that there’s one way to go about life, that there’s one way to awaken and sustain our spirits. This isn’t a competition (despite what egos will tell you), this isn’t and cannot be about who is supreme and be about oneness at the same time. So, if you’re going to call yourself lightWORKER or starSEED– you better be doing the actual WORK and you’d better be planting the SEED of enlightenment whenever you can. Otherwise… you’re a fraud. And, if you look at the state of the world, there’s no shortage of frauds. They aren’t helping, and honestly… neither are you.

As I continue with my personal journey, it becomes increasingly clear that the truth cannot be sugar-coated. It cannot be vague, nor said in politeness, or civility. Anytime people can ignore hard truths– they do. Anytime people can delude themselves, they do. Anytime an exit of denial is offered, expect a stampede. I don’t have time for this anymore… NONE OF US DO. So, if you have made a choice, do so again. If you have made a commitment, renew it. How many times? Everyday, every moment that calls for it. The testing of your resolve has only begun.

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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