I’ve been feeling for the past few days that my view is getting sharper. Energy ebbs and flows, and I think I’m embarking on a time where things are going to flow.
I’ve just started a new job that is exactly the kind I wanted for various reasons, I started back to the gym after a month of absence. And, I’m feeling ready to refocus on Hot Pies & Tarts, LLC. my company. It’s better than having clarity, I’m feeling the energy serge that will put things into motion.
A few years ago, my best friend Rob aka Yoda* got married in Lake Tahoe, and I went to his wedding. First thing you should know about Lake Tahoe–nature speaks quite loudly there. And, I’m blessed with some extra-listening abilitites. While I was meditation on a bolder in the lake, I was given an acronym that helps and will continue to help me. P.A.R. P= Preparation. A=Application. R=Reception. Whatever we want out of life can be had by applying P.A.R. I’ve been doing a lot of Prepartion lately. One might say at least a year. Now, more than ever, I’m ready for Applicaton. I expect that I’ll be doing that for the better part of this year. And, I’m excited. It’s funny, when I first recieved this message in meditation, I was going through a intense relationship with this guy that I couldn’t quite get a handle on. It’s like the combination of the two of us, has a life of its own, like it’s a whole other person. And, back then… I fought it. I didn’t like the feeling of not having control over myself or the situation. Now of course, I understand that for a person like me, that’s exactly what needs to happen in a relationship. Otherwise, I’d never do it again!  LOL
Today, romance is not in the cards. And, I’m glad. I know, I know, you’re not supposed to say that, but, relationships can be distracting when you’re trying to accomplish other things. And, well, there’s a lot of other things, I need to get done in this life– I mean  A LOT! There’s lingerie stores, plays and films to write and produce, performing, counseling…on and on and on. Hmmm…no wonder my mom is worried I won’t have kids–eh…well, they’ll have to catch me! LOL I’m only half-kidding. Truly, romance in my case is in the periphery. It’ll have to grow itself, and let me know when it’s ready–or is that my mate? Hmmm…probably the later. Truth is, I’m a real woman. Meaning, I have a good sense of myself, my likes, dislike, what I want and what I don’t. You know Scary-girl/Strong woman, so, I’m not inclined to be with someone to avoid being alone. Well, because, I actually like being alone most of the time. And, if I’m with someone, it’s because I’m truly interested in them. That point has nothing to do with romance, but, everything to do with people. I have to be able to have good conversation, period. Make me think– I challenge you too! LOL
Anyway, yeah…the focus is tightening around what’s just up ahead, and as always… I’m excited! The road looks pretty clear, save for a few things in the periphery–but, hey, they’re welcomed too!
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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