Okay, so, right I may or may not be attractive to some people. And, sure, I’m flirtatious, comfortable with my sexuality and the like… But, I’m none of the following: Promiscuious, easy, or a nympho! Don’t get it twisted!
Recently, I took one of those personality test, that asks you to say what the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a certain word. One word in particular was coffee. My answer: good. It was later on that I found out that coffee represented sex. Therefore, I think sex is good. But, in no way am I addicted to sex or coffee. As, I do not have an addcitive personality. I have coffee up to five times a week when I go to work. When I was married, the same could be said for sex. But, I’d like to say, neither coffee or sex are a necessity! I can live and flourish without both… I just happen  to think their both good.
Another part of this personality test asks that you arrange some animals in the way they appeal to you most. The animals represent aspects of life. So, okay in the order of importance to me: 1. Pride (myself). 2. Family.  3. Career. 4. Money. 5. Love.  And, I agree with this. I do. My happiness is my biggest priority, my family and friends, my career–or, in my case careers, and money (or, the ability to take care of myself), then love…meaning relationships. To me, everything needs to have meaning or, I shouldn’t bother with it. A painting doesn’t actually do anything practical, but, we love art because of the feelings it conjures. Right??? So, if I’m having a meaningless relationship, or an encounter…well, chances are I’m still in my early twenties, which by the way, I’m not. So, I’m not doing it.
I’m done with the novelty of sexual relationships. After 6 1/2 yrs spent married, I know that it’s the depths of your feelings that improves the sexual experience, not how many moves you know! Hello, am I the only one who got the fact that Chris and Dana Reeves hadn’t had sexual intercourse in like a decade before they both died? Yet, if you paid attention to the energy between them, you’d think otherwise. And, I’m sorry kids…that’s better than any kinky fantasy I’ve heard, or scenario, or book, movie…etc. It’s the energy that never empties, unless that’s what the people involved want.
Promiscuity??? Yeah, never understood that. Maybe because most people bore me, with their invitations to the shallow end of their lives, for me to even bother. Shallow, isn’t sexy to me. And, since I’ve met enough attractive people in my life, pretty pictures don’t do much for me either. I’m busy…no, seriously busy. Please, I ask you to go back to all the things I’m doing before thinking about love. I’m working on making myself better for me. I maintain my relationship with my family, pursue career(s), pay some bills and then…maybe then I can think about love. And, gosh darn it, if I’m going to think about it–it’d better be worth it! Otherwise, I’m annoyed with the amount of time wasted when I could’ve been doing more of the other four. I have a huge family! And, I’m multitalented… so, no guys… the usual suspect, I am not. If you have allergic reactions to: emotional commitment, commitment in general, monogamy, deep conversations… I’m sooo not your girl. I may look like her, but, trust me… not it. So, in case you haven’t listened before, listen now. SEX isn’t everything. It’s icing on a cake, but, cake taste great even without icing–not to mention, icing can be very fattening. Heehee.
Love Peace Happiness N One,

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