I want to talk about something, perhaps a bit unsavory, but, at the prodding of my guides, I’m going to voice this. Spiritual discernment. Meaning: Listen to your divine self, and allow it to be your ultimate guide.

Why am I talking about this? I am doing so, because there are sooo many places to find information. There are so many belief systems that, while probably having the best intentions, aren’t always familiar with what you need to get you where you need to go. If you aren’t feeling empowered–there’s something off–period.

Seemingly, we are in a time of great uncertainty. I would argue, that we are in a time where the distractions of the world are being removed, and we are being given the opportunity to truly relieve ourselves, therefore the world, of what really ails us. And, what is that?? Our disconnection from our divine selves, and thereby each other, and the universe. In recent times, where there seemed to be a great amount of wealth–at least for some, there has been countless ways to distract ourselves from the loneliness, depression and insecurity one experiences when they do not feel whole. And, now, those distractions are being removed. And, yes–it’s painful. But, the goodness in all of this, is that we are being given a clearer forest in which to truly appreciate who we are, and to discard who we are not.

Spiritual leaders–the true ones, are leading by example, first. They have walked, and are still walking their own spiritual path, and report to you their experience, in order to provide you tools as how to navigate you own. It’s not always easy, it’s a daily commitment, but, the rewards are beyond expectation. It’s truly a journey of self-Mastery. So, I’m saddened by anyone who takes the time and energy to “poo-poo” on another person’s spiritual journey. Or, to speak ill of the methods and tools that have worked for them, should decide to share it with others. To do such a thing, let’s me know that the ego is more involved than necessary. There are so many people who would like help, and guidance. There are so many ways to reach the same destination. Meaning: Spiritual egoism, isn’t very spiritual, but, very egotistical. And, is of very little help, to the oneness of all.

What excites me is a person fully owning who they are. My motivation is to see everyone of us, own our divinity. It’s such a glorious thing to stand in the presence of the someone who allows their inner angel to glow. As the veil continues to slip, and our true selves continue to be revealed, my very soul sings… This is why I and so many are here. When you allow your signature vibration to call out to whomever needs to hear it–there’s always an answer. When someone prays, or simply asks for help–help always shows up. Therefore, it is unnecessary to speak ill of another, their method, or how they reach out to the masses. If, perchance the motivation of others isn’t in light, then it will not prosper. Plain and simple. I have faith in that–as, I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

I do ask that everyone, when looking for guidance, go inside first. Have that conversation with yourself, and your guides all around you. And, then–allow the answers to find you. Please. I, and many other souls like myself are here to help you help yourselves. I am not interested in being any one’s messiah. But, I am interested in helping you recognize the one already present within and waiting for you to simple say, “Yes, I am ready.”

Love Peace Happiness N One,


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