Yes, honey yes… it’s time to cut it off, cut it out and let it go! All those situations, relationships, and habits that are keeping you from getting to your highest vibration–they are bothering you, hurting you, and pushing to be brave and put yourself first! You say you love you, the words are quite easy to say, to write down, and to think, but, can you actually DO it?! Can you love yourself enough to remove anyone and anything that is not working in your highest good?! If just the reading of those words made you break out into a sweat, made you gasp, got caught in your throat… I’m saying it… You are LYING about loving you. As long as we make up some excuse to stay in a situation that is killing us on any level, we are NOT loving ourselves first, and most. Lying, comes with consequences. And, the consequences, are in direct response to your choosing to put someone else’s well-being before your own. Oh…the martyrdom of it all. Ahem… bullshit! Suffering on someone else’s behalf does not, does not, DOES NOT help them in any way! Or, have you not be paying attention to the history of our own species?

Wise people share knowledge, they live it, they own their choices. Martyrdom is straight up ego-tripping! I do not need to suffer for you–you’ve got that covered–you chose it. In a moment where you were at a cross roads of doing what would move you along on your road, you chose to either to not move out of fear, or move backward out of fear. What would people say, do, think of you? Are you worthy of such good things, happiness, freedom? But, what about all those people who don’t have what you have? What about all those suffering souls who are going without? No disrespect, but, how the hell will your suffering along with the already suffering help?! People believe what they see–so, if you’re shinning your brightest light, if you’re living your core being on a daily basis–who’s going to miss that radiance? Who can ignore, that yes–it can be done, if it’s blinding them at every turn?! Who, indeed?!¬†— Those who choose to ignore it, and there’s not a damn thing any of us can do about it. We are all expressions of God, with our own brain, own choices, and freewill. Ever wonder why some people can’t seem to get out of a downward spiral?? They don’t choose it. See, change requires work, requires effort, requires going into the closet, welcoming out all your skeletons, and healing the situation. It takes big balls, and strong va-jay-jays to live the love you have for yourself. The words aren’t working anymore, the bullshit officially stinks, and the light is making the dark that much more evident.

So, if you’re feeling stuck on your path, if it feels like the movie Ground Hog’s Day has become your life–LOOK. No, really look at the big pink elephant in the room that you don’t want to acknowledge. Look at the relationships that you’re so loyal to, that are tearing you down, keeping your spirits low, and in some degree killing you. Look at them, and decide–it, or you! Sanity, happiness and love, or, drama and crazy. Life or death?? Choose, decide, commit and work it like your life depends on it–because… IT DOES! Life isn’t about surviving, barely getting by, or just getting over. That isn’t all there is. If you drank that kool-aid… spit it out! And, get yourself some champagne and salute yourself for loving you enough to live rather than survive–love, rather than fear! This is it people… the time was and is NOW.

If you will not choose to move beyond your biggest fears, your worst relationships… If you will not allow yourself to embrace change… you can go no further. And, trust me, you cannot go back either… What happens is the pressure builds, the situations get worse, you become more and more uneasy, and then the body will let you know in one way or another how short embodiment really is, how you shouldn’t take anything about life as a human for granted, and how YES it is all connected. And, then, the question will be asked once more, “Now? How about now? Can we love ourselves now?” And, no, it doesn’t ever go away, the questioning, the calling, the imploring¬† you to live your greatness now. It won’t stop, so, how about you joining in? How about you saying YES, how about you allow YES, how about you live YES!

The truth is… we cannot carry one another. We can encourage, we can love, we can cheer ( my personal specialty), but, we cannot carry each other. Each of us must choose to be conscious. Each of us must choose to love in the face of any and all fears–no matter how it’s wrapped, how it screams, how it threatens. Each of us must choose to LOVE ourselves beyond all other things, because you CANNOT truly love another without doing it for yourself, first! You are at the center of all things in your life, and there’s no geting past yourself.¬†Understand, needing, wanting, feeding, controlling ARE NOT love. So, when you say you love someone–do you? Do you really? If you cannot love you, forgive you, save you, help you–how can you possibly be equipped to do it for another? How can you teach your children about loving themselves, if you haven’t figured out for yourself?? How can we make the world better, if we cannot do it for ourselves? It is all connected. The world goes, as we go. Get it? So, if you look at the world and wonder what’s going on. If you are wondering what’s happening, and why? Find a mirror, look at yourself and know– the world reflects the individuals that created it. If you want a world of love– start with BE-ing love. Start with you.

I truly love me. I love me so much that I’ve ended relationships with family and friends a like. I love me so much that I will do whatever is necessary to enjoy life — MY life. The truth is…not everyone acknowledges love and happiness, nor want it for themselves. The truth is, a lot of people will choose fear because it’s familiar, it’s easy, and the truth is…they will suffer for it. So, what do you choose for yourself? How do you want the rest of your life to go? Be honest… and, go for it!


Love Peace Happiness N One,


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